Saturday, 30 December 2017

Sogyal Rinpoche and the abuse accusations rocking the Buddhist world

This is revolting. But I keep telling people, you are your own guide.

You do not and should not have a guru, master or any other ego telling you what to do. One would have to be brain dead spiritually to get in to this rubbish. Stop buying books on how to be YOU.

Stop throwing your hard earned money away. You do not need any of this garbage.
Listen to your own heart, for heavens sake. I do not advocate buying these books or any new age books, they are a money making racket.

I have no intention of writing a book. Anything that I have to say can be found here for free on my blog.  I just share what I have and what I come across. I m not out to exploit. I am here to teach you, to take your power back.

You are your own master and your own guide. Stop giving away your own spiritual power and spiritual authority!

Why are you allowing others to walk all over you and dictate what you should think and how you should act?

This is no different to any other religion. It is about control, nothing more. I will not say any more than that. If you have spent any time reading my blog and do your own research you will get my point.

I for on will not give away my power, sovereignty or any thing else to an other human being nor anything else in the non physical (unseen) world.

It does not cost anything to be spiritual nor honest. It does not cost anything at all to use your own head. Trendy  retreats are a money grab. Trust me, these do nothing other than give a slick warm and fuzzy feel and money grab. Not any better than organized religion.

If people could see what I see they would not be doing this at all. Do  you think you are going to heaven by doing this? Errr WRONG! it makes no difference, but your definition of heaven and mine are vastly different.

I am not fooled by the slick BS, I know where I am going at the end of this incarnation and I can assure you  these individuals will not be able to go there, nope they will just end up back in the soul tap back into the soup mix.