Monday, 15 June 2020

Report says progress being made on health culture but bullying must be addressed

The bar was set low a long time ago. I call this a piss poor effort, the system is an ongoing train wreck that no one wants to fix.  This has gone on for years and ticking only six out of twenty in the box is not good enough, it is failure. How the hell can mr Reid call this great progress? 

When you vote in morons continuously this is what happens. Andrew Barr and his party couldn’t run a bath, never mind the territory, and neither could any of his predecessors in the Labor party. The ACT Labor government has let us down for many, many years. But idiots keep voting them in and then whine when they cannot get proper health care. 

If the voters can’t see what the problem is then they are clearly unfit to hold the right to vote. This is Stockholm syndrome by the voters to allow this to keep happening over and over since 2001. 

However this culture of bullying and harassment is down to the minister and the manager of the hospital to stamp it out. This bullying and harassment is from educated people, that have received training on workplace bullying and harassment. There is no way on earth they were not trained on what is and isn’t bullying or harassment. There is no way they don’t know what they are doing is wrong and illegal.

Every public servant has to be trained on that. No doubt highly educated individuals are the perpetrators and no one is prepared to stop this. Nothing short of legal action will stop this going on. Victims must push for legal action, and some of the victims are people that hold a university degree, how on earth are they so weak that they do not fight this?  If the manager of the Canberra hospital and the health minister cannot put an end to this with in 12 months they need to be removed from their positions and put people that are better suited to replace them. 

Yes, I know what it feels like, I have been through this as a federal public servant, and I was very young and pregnant at the time and the laws were in place then to protect people. 

But this here is many staff involved, so why are they not taking out a class action? This culture does flow on to the patients too, because of the staff being stressed. That is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

We have the ACT territory’s elections later this year, and I know without a doubt the ACT  
Labor will be back in, why? Because we have undereducated morons that are allowed to vote. Nothing ever changes in Canberra, it is a safe communist lovers electorate for all the lefties and undereducated masses. Yet these individuals will bitch and whine about the poor medical care, go figure.

Getting proper medical care in Canberra if you have a serious health problem, needing a specialist or heaven forbid a psychiatrist is almost impossible. I am speaking from experience and serious illness too. People need to go up to Sydney because our town is a primitive backwater, an embarrassment for being the capital of Australia. Things are worse at present due to COVID 19, so more people will become sicker while having to wait for medical treatment. 

If the chief minister could actually do his job and actually put the minister of health on notice along with hospital management etc, we might get a result......well may be in an alternate universe definitely not in this one.