Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Labor is accused of 'putting paedophiles before Australian kids' as it BLOCKS law that meant all child sex offenders serve long prison sentences


It is not just Labor that are abusing kids, they all do. How else does one control a government? It is world wide and won’t be stopped. Because powerful people control this filth. Do your research on the fact, also google British politicians that have been arrested and take a look at the charges.

Scott Morrison rubs shoulders with the Hillsong pastor who’s father is an accused peadophile also, what does that tell you. Just google that, then the. Queensland MP that’s son is a peadophile but said he can’t go to prison. You can see that one in my blog as I have the link to the news article.

Dutton knows this will never get through parliament, because of the evil corruption right to the core of our government. This disease of the soul is just about impossible to stamp out, and more people are being caught every week, but they are at street level of society not the upper level. No they have too much power to be arrested.