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Wes Penre: Gnosis part 10 Where the soul and spirit go after death

Wes Has sent an email to all his readers stating there is an arror in this post, hew has gone in and amended it today 4/5 June 2020.


ANNOUNCEMENT! Revision Made to “Gnosis 10!” Please Review!

by Wes Penre

by Wes Penre, June 4, 2020

People have asked us why we need to go back to Earth again after having exited the Grid and gone to Orion (8th or 9th Heaven). I did now explain this very well in the original article, so I added a revision at the end of the article (start reading at "Revision." The rest of the article has not been revised. Please also re-download the PDF file, which includes the new revision, and toss the one you might have downloaded already.

Sorry for the confusion! If you have further questions about this article, please address them in the comment section below "Gnosis 10."

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Wes Penre

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Just for the record as I have commented on othe posts about the Orions. I intend to stay the hell away from there. These beings still have blood on their hands. No way on earth are they good gus. I highly recommend that people read or re read the Wes Penre Papers and stand alone articles. That Orion queen is as Wes has said in the past a reptilian. En-Lil is no saint either. Now look at what Wes has also commented o about Jesus and Thoth being one and the same. The Christ energy here I feel is also a construct( I could be wrong about the Christ energy but I won't take a risk).

I am of the opinion they are all part of one big experiment and we are being duped. Personally I intend to go somewhere alone to heal. After that I will know what I want.  But to come back to earth definitely not.  Pause and think about  returning back to earth , with Artificial intelligence implanted in those that are still here and all the plans for war in space and globally how is that going to work. I honestly don't think it is a very smart option, lets remember too many people will not be able to reproduce either.

Then if you do incarnate here ther is no real proof of the amnesia will not be enforced, or you being trapped in a body that cannot leave or spiritually awaken. Trust nothing and just do not reincarnate. You do so at your own risk. Do you think these beings controlling this actually care pffft, not a chance, you are just loosh to them. They are terrified of humans awakening and refusing to play ball. Archons are terrified of not eisting. Don't play the game simple!