Wednesday, 10 June 2020


Wow this is a powerful message right here. Wes is right on the money with all the distractions too. TV is one of the worst  form of mind pollution along with being addicted to porn,  gaming  etc.

I am more concerned about protecting my spirituality than anything else in my life. The physical body is not meant to last. In fact it is a prison by intent, we were duped into accepting without knowing the real consequences. 

As for the second coming, I have trouble believing that, I guess I have just become so despondent with the world that we live in and the wickedness of many humans. Hope just seems futile but yet I must persevere right to the end. May be there will be a change, somehow I do not feel it is in our lifetime. 

What also troubles me is Wes has warned us of the machine kingdome (AI take over) being implemented at present. How will a second coming be of any use at all?

Don't forget to scroll through the comments on each of his posts. Extra information is there too, including clearer explanations of something that you may not have picked up on.

I would like to thank Wes and Ariel for working so hard on getting all of this information out there for the public for free. It is  a very generous and loving thing to do and I am truly glad to be able to share his work. Yes, I do have his formal permission to share this information. Wes would like as many people sharing it as possible.