Tuesday, 23 June 2020

The Great Global Reset - Spiro Skouras (Truth Warrior)

The masses don't want to know the truth! So be it, This financial meltdown started before COVID 19. He is full of crap on that one. Yes the virus is man made between deep state in the US and China, and it won't be eradicated. 

This is now the changing of the guard I have said is coming. Done deal because the masses did nothing to stop it. They are too programmed into leftie ideology.

These things are planned longer than what he said. Christ I can recall the rumblings of this as a kid in the late 70's as my father used to talk about it often. Who props up these "experts" on all of this conspiracy stuff. We never get to find out, but I am pretty sure they would be controlled opposition. Same shit different shovel really.  I do not trust any one, to me all these so called truth seekers are setting themselves up as little gods for the woke. Ya aint spiritually awake though, lol.

Oh and by the way the Chinese leader is a high ranking freemason, watch the hand shakes and gestures. They are not real enemies if the world is run by leaders that are freemasons, just think about that.

One face for the public and one for behind closed doors.  Just do a little google searching and see who is a high ranking freemason in world leaders and powerful people world wide. The vast majority are, or they don't get the rewards.

http://alexfulfordclairvoyantmedium.blogspot.com/2019/10/psychic-predictions-for-australia-in_23.html  Now scroll down to my first comments on the UPDATES,  " could this be he plan China is supposed to take over the world?"   Communism is the new normal folks  because the masses sit on their dumb asses and allow this world wide.  

Meh! I give up on humans, they ain't worth the effort.