Friday, 19 June 2020

Communism’s internal meltdown , by Michael Tsarion

Bear in mind Michael Tsarion’s father was a communist. As he said he grew up around it. 

Interesting times ahead alright, let’s see the government get the idiots in Seattle back under control.

I feel they let this Seattle situation get out of hand, now look at the state the US is in, what an embarrassment. 

Time the media and all the leftist morons were shut down and put out with the trash. If not this is going to spread outside the US.

People are sick to death with all this crap going on. We want proper leaders without links to cults, crime and filth. There aren’t any men or women of true substance to lead any nation. They are all owned by evil cults and big businesses. They don’t have morals or ethics, so is it any wonder the masses are acting like animals For the record I did mention in a post a few years ago that the former Austrian prime minister Julia Gillard is a Fabian.