Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Dream of civil unrest in the US from 2014


I was just in the kitchen washing up and this popped into my mind. I remember also warning the audience on A1R psychic radio back in  May 2015 that something bad was coming to America. Sad to say this could be i or at least the beginning. 

I was wrong about Hillary, but just take a look at how America has turned since that election that Trump was not supposed to win. Very sad times indeed.

I feel the  US government will lose control and this will get really ugly. But it does not have to be this way. This is the result of the limited amount of free will that humans have and a lack of true spirituality in this world. There never will be real true spirituality in  the third dimension, that is impossible. This place is geared for evil and always will be, we must lift ourselves, one by one out of this reality and not return. 

Human consciousness can only go so far and then it crashes and burns, and a reset has to happen. All through our history there is evidence of this.  We are in crash and burn mode now.

How that pans out and over however many years does not really matter, it is preprogrammed in the matrix/ false spirit world. We have to ride it out.  I sure as hell would keep a low profile and avoid large populated areas as much as possible.  Humans are unpredictable and when they lose it, they really lose it.