Friday, 12 June 2020

Worldwide Chaos & Mass Hysteria Explained - Michael Tsarion Update (Truth Warrior)

I just wanted to share this as food for thought. I am not a fan of either of them, I do feel there is a possibility of either one could be part of the “  team A v’s team B”.

There are so many information/disinformation agents all over the internet and media these days, one can never be sure of anything. But there are two forces vying to control the world and it has always been that way. At this point in history this is a major shift in world affairs which affects all of us worldwide.

I have referred to the change as the changing of the guard ( not my own term originally), but I feel that that just means, one team overthrows the other. But it is business as usual with the rulers of the world. 

Only names and faces change. I do know things are getting ugly. But nothing kicks off unless the astrology is right for the teams to change. That is just how they all work. Humanity being used as a football yet again for the elite power struggles as always through the centuries.