Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Tarot card of the month, Death, July 2020

Endings, Elimitation, Transition. Inexorable forces 

Well there ya go, the card of the month DEATH. I kind of expected something like this, with the way things are going. The number 13 breaks down to 4 in Numerology. Basically it is about stabilizing power positively or negatively.

Notice all the subtle symbols in the card. First thing that I see is the flag with the house of York white rose on a black backing, duality. The tarot cards use a lot of medieval images when you look closely at the clothes people are wearing and other symbols such as the colours, gray, yellow, white, black and blue. 
The king in the card could be one of the Edwards given the cards are in medieval style, I need to google that and post at the bottom of the post.

Notice the King is lying dead and his crown has fallen off. A loss of power to a higher power. A child looking up to the horse and the knight riding the horse, the knight symbolized as death itself . The child is innocent and naive and understands nothing. The woman cannot look at death, she turns her head away facing the left hand side (feminine side)  The bishop is pleading for mercy before death, the great leveler.  Can you see the little cross on the back of the bishops hand?  His crozier or shepherds crook ( Kundalini energy or serpent energy) is lying on the ground, even he is defeated by this powerful force. Is this an end to the age of pieces?  The bishops hat is the crown of the fisher king and relates to the age of pieces.  

Then in the background is a golden sunrise between two pillars.  In your face occult message right there, and it signifies the change we are facing right now as a human collective.  The two pillars are a common symbol in Freemasonry ( establish in strength) as is the sun (solar deity).  There is also a little boat in the background too, a messenger perhaps, or a collector of souls. Notice the trees are bent as if a strong wind is blowing them, this is a sudden change.

We are now entering  a new age where we leave the past behind and accept the "new normal"   people do not know what to expect at this point. They will just follow the leader if you will.   Just when things seemed to be easing a sudden curve ball hits us. We need to stay focussed on what is happening worldwide right now because it is very crucial for all of us.  

Things will change from here on in, we know that and have been told to accept this by the government. This is a strong power moving us along. It will be so easy for the masses to be swept up in the changes, because they do not  read the signs along the way. I am just looking at the card again and notice three people are left standing after the king is dead (deposed) Three levels of society left, three levels of consciousness.

Yes, you could say there is a spiritual element to what is happening right now in the world. It has been foretold after all. However if one's eyes are open to the spiritual realities the  message is very different to what the average person reads in the signs and warnings. I don't think this is the start of the proverbial Golden age that is often mentioned. No one can tell us when that actually is or perhaps it could be they are not willing to tell us when it starts. I find that rather odd.

One thing I notice is the Death tarot card related to October 23 to November 21  (Scorpio) so there for ruled by that zodiac sign and planet it is assigned to. I have never looked into the dates on cards that much to be honest but if you go on line you can find websites that tell you which tarot card correlated to what date, time, season etc. I do have all this stuff  printed off, for my own personal use, however I go with feeling when I read the cards for a client. I see an image for the time of year such as cold weather clothes or hot weather clothes on a person, trees with leaves on/ off etc. 
So I don't generally use the dates relating to the individual cards.

I often hear the month or feel it claircognizantly just the same as other things when doing a reading or even just in my everyday life. I get a knowing of feeling of things and make not of it.   

Now back to the card of the month, I do feel the protests and unrest will be put under control soon, but I feel we have some more strife to come. 

After this I feel a crack down will happen. I cannot put an exact time on it but in the warm weather this year, that is Australian time, winter for the top end of the world.
 If you are smart keep right out of it. This is a battle between the lefties and government and the usual thugs.
But those individuals are working for your enslavement make no mistake about it. You are being led into the change whether you realise it or not. I can tell you these idiots have no idea what they are bringing on themselves, they are being used. Ever heard of useful idiots? Well that's them, the joke is on them. But the punishment is on the human collective.

I do feel this year will just keep going down and down from here on in. I keep right out of all of this other that pass comment on my blog. I will have no part in evil. I advise sensible people to keep out of this too and focus on your loved ones including your fur babies.