Thursday, 18 June 2020

Wes Penre: VIDEO 126: Q&A SESSION #52

Listen to the short video and read the comments as they come in.

I agree with what he says about the NPC, just take a look at the people around you and you can see this clearly. That is why I like to keep a low profile among humanity, I just do not want that evil and negativity near me.

As for the Pleroma I am still very wary as they still allow evil to continue over millions of years. That to me speaks out loud and clear of their complacency. I can do without the religious BS making excuses, there are no valid excuses as far as I am concerned.   No matter how many times you polish a turd it never changes it is still what it is.

I am not fooled or swayed by the "spiritual" explanations. I will judge that for myself in the afterlife and be very cautious as to what is presented to me. Reason being none of the people that passed on this information have been there to back up what they spout, only taking hearsay or channeled information. That is not worth the paper it is written on. I want actual proof and not hear say thanks.

Why allow so much suffering and let the demiurge and his creatures away with crimes like this for millenia? That to me is a crime, aiding and abetting.