Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Mobicosa: Arthritis Treatment, Follow Up

Well I have been seeing some results from these tablets already. It is not a dramatic change, but there is definitely a positive change taking place. The pain has eased around my neck, base of my skull and elbows. My fingers are still aching, but not as bad. I can get a decent sleep at night now. On a scale of one to ten, I would rate the pain as a five or maybe a four.

The first 10 days of taking this stuff is to put a dose into your body to kick start the treatment. After that, the idea is to reduce it to a comfortable dose. I do notice the pain returning as the night time dose is due.
Especially after doing anything strenuous. I am happy with the results and shall keep going with the smelly little tablets. Lol, Boy do they stink.  The smell when I open the bottle is disgusting ( very appealing to cats I must add). I try not to dry heave as I take the tablets, I then swallow some tea to mask the taste. I must admit it is a small price to pay for pain relief. 

I shall give an other progress report in about a week or so. Sitting at the key board is not a good thing to do for a long period of time. It does aggravate the condition. So If you are like me, small doses at the Computer. Yes, I know it is hard as we all love to play with our PC's. We just need to take it  a bit at a time. For me Computer/PC withdrawal is tough going. Little miss have- a-chat.