Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Top 5 Foods For Beating Depression

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Cast your mind back prior to the 1980's, Do you know anyone that was suffering from this disorder back then? I don't, I seems like a bolt out of the blue. Suddenly everyone has it. I wonder why this is. Poor nutrition sure does cause depression, any doctor or nutritionist can tell you that. So the next thing to look at is our food habits. Then the quality of the crops that we grow, which are sprayed with chemicals.In some countries, the soil is also depleted of nutrition, in which the crops need to grow. Well all this and junk food all adds up to the health that we all have now. The Agricultural industry chiefs are out to make a huge profit at the expense of our health and come out with all these chemicals to spray our food supply. Then we wonder why we are all sick, and why our children are suffering from horrible illnesses. This is all preventable.