Thursday, 13 July 2017

Nestle Using Genetically Engineered Ingredients In Children's Sweets

Today I picked up a packet of Nestle gobstoppers in my husbands car, and was horrified to see on the back of the packed the wording " produced with genetic engineering 43730715". The front of the package had the wording "Non artificial flavors". Given the the fact that this  product  has GMO contents that is rather absurd.

I have never seen anything in the shops with such labeling. I assumed that the Australian government had not permitted such things. This is an item that people give to their children remember, safety is paramount.

I for one think this is totally unsuitable for human consumption, yet it is freely available for anyone to buy and give to their children.  I would like the government to step in and have a look at this, as I feel people have a right to know why this product in sold in shops in Australia, or any where else in the world.

I feel this is rather irresponsible of Nestle, and this could have very serious effects. Bear in mind there is corn syrup in the product which is a proven neuro-toxin which is in many foods and beverages.

I urge parents to be mindful and always read the ingredients of sweets/ lollies/ candy that the give to their children. Please teach older children to read the ingredients of food stuffs so that they become informed and choose healthy foods and goodies.