Thursday, 20 July 2017

Spirit possessions and other issues

This is a rather interesting article. I don't fully agree with it. But in essence it is good.
The things that I would like to point out are.
There are about five types of entities that attach to a person

 1.) Beloveds: a deceased human

2.) Shape-shifting demonic entities: tricky evolved demonic force which are earth bound so they do not come from a heaven or hell. Basically they are a pool of negative conscious energy that take on a life form of their own. So there is no soul. Think of everyone's negative thoughts, hate, anger,  jealously, revenge etc.

3.)  Dark ET's: These are the ones that work with the military, governments, religious institutions and individuals. Think Pine Gap and area 51, the gray ET type etc. The small grays are hybrid hive mind beings. There are literately hundreds of different ones that the US government know of and work with in the TTP.

4.) Fallen angels or Nephalim: (Nephalim are associated with the Sumerian Anunnaki)

5.) Inter-dimensional entities , including dark ET types, demons, and fallen angels.The term "fallen",to me is a rather iffy one. I don't buy into that whole angelic thing.

Yes some entities exist with out a soul, and they come from the dark side. There are some humans that are soulless (Soulless organic portals). They don't have compassion or even understand compassion and empathy. They can commit a crime and not bat an eye lid. Think of someone that is a psychopath or a sociopath.

Reincarnation  is a trap as is Karma. To keep humanity trapped in a never ending cycle of life , suffering, death and rebirth. This was created purely to keep humans in the third dimension by beings that harvest our spiritual energy/ emotions for their consumption.
Soul contracts and agreements can be cancelled at any time by the individual too. I have done this myself.

There is a hell of a lot of information out on the internet to read these days, to educate ourselves with. Knowledge is power and the key to setting ourselves free. That is why I write my little blog posts, keeping them as simple as I can. So that anyone that is interested can find useful information and quality researchers of note, that I mention to assist the individuals.

I believe in keeping things simple,  as life is not meant to be difficult nor is your spirituality. Neither must be compromised or disrespected either.

I do not recommend invoking "gods" of any sort, as they are an artificial construct, created long ago by egotistical individuals for personal gain. We are talking energy harvesting and taking your free will for granted. No respect given to us humans what so ever.

Much of the information about the soul trap was not available to many people, until the internet came along and thanks to some generous researchers sharing what they discovered, it make things a lot easier for the masses to access on line. We would not be this lucky otherwise to assist us in our spiritual education.

As for the spiritual " light" that is referred to, that my friends is not the true spiritual light. This is what is sometimes called Lucifer's light. Better known to researchers as the soul trap. An artificial spirit world and not the true spirit world which uses electromagnetic energy to pull the soul in. We are basically electromagnetic energy. So it works like a magnet.

This link  above may be of interest to anyone that is searching for answers on the soul trap. But do go through my blog for other links and posts on the subject. as for entity attachments, you will find a post on my blog about me watching an entity removal being done. Please research these things with an open mind. Nothing is 100% in this world.

Just before I post this, I again wish to remind people reading this post, we humans are divine spiritual beings. We are unique because we have the one true spiritual fire/light/flame within us from the divine feminine.
I urge you to read up on this for your own welfare and not for any other reason other than to know truth and stand in your rightful spiritual power. No other star race in the universe has this within them. It is encoded in our DNA and only our real creators know how to access it.