Sunday, 23 July 2017

Alex's Encounters With Famous People In Spirit

I am more surprised than any one and can't explain to myself, why I have had a few famous people in spirit come to me. It is not the normal sort of thing to experience as a medium. Most definitely not for me any way.
I was pondering this today as I have had many spirits come to me over the years for various reasons. It first started off when I was 17 having a dream about the Shah of Iran passing to spirit back in 1979.
Then nothing until I started working as a medium. My first famous person to visit me in spirit was Sir Mark Oliphant the Physicist. He lived in Canberra from 1950 up until his death in 200 at the age of 98.

My encounters with him were rather weird, I would be driving along the Tuggeranong Park way on my way to the spiritual church twice a week back in the early 2000s. As soon as I got half way down the Parkway right next to the National  Zoo and Aquarium, Mark Oliphant would just appear in my car. At first I thought I was imagining it. He was wearing a WW2 Officers Uniform every time he appeared in my car. He never said anything, he would just sit there looking straight ahead. I would be shown a vision of two military officers walking up the front steps to the Australian War Memorial, just off Anzac Pde in the city. To this day I have no idea what that was about . I can only assume he was rather patriotic and held the war memorial in high esteem. Which I do myself, but for slightly different reasons to his I suppose.
As soon as I pulled up at the church Mark would disappear. This bizarre event went on for a few weeks, every time I got close to the zoo, Mark would just appear in the passenger seat and hitch a lift in to the city. I have drove that road at different times of the day and night and never had that experience again since then. I have no idea why he chose to visit me, I have no interest in physics. He had a background in Theosophy but still that is not what I believe in.  I used to mention Mark's appearance to others at the spiritual church and they were just as puzzled about it as me.

After that I started getting the odd historical spirit lob up so to speak. I had a military officer from the 17th century, that would bother me when I was in my garden. He kept on mentioning a family friend over and over. The name of this 17th century soldier was Augusts Stewart, his energy felt like he was nobility from his own time. This man was warning me about a friend's health. This friend did indeed have health problems at that time.

Suddenly after this I had clients contact me for help or a reading and I have seen Royalty in spirit and passing on messages, that I would have no way of knowing about for the client. But seeing these people really blows me away.

I have seen James the 1st of the UK (6th of Scotland) , who would insist that I called him Jamie. He would appear in my house just before I went to visit a particular client, as would Marie Antoinette.  This ladies house would buzz with spirit energy. There was a lot of sadness there,  and these were spirits related to her in some way, that would pop in to see her when she was distressed.

I would get a good look at these historical beings and the clothes they wore. I feel very fortunate to experience this sort of  thing as I realize not everyone has this ability and I value the experiences dearly.

I have mentioned on my blog Simon Gipps-Kent, the young actor that came to me in spirit for help. I still see him from time to time on a personal level. He is a lovely person and has kept in touch with me from the spirit world. I am most humbled and honored to have this privilege.

I have had the late Bonn Scott come to me for several years, he is a very persistent individual and I do not like his energy. He comes through as a selfish person, and I have had to tell him to leave me alone. I have spoken to a friend of his, to have things confirmed. I will leave it at that , as I have no wish to upset or offend his loved ones. I have told Bonn to try someone else or keep trying to contact his loved ones personally. I am not comfortable with what he wants.

Just because a person on the other side of life comes to you for any number of reasons, you are not obliged to help them or speak to them. Free will must be respected. He did not respect my free will. I put up with him for a few years up until this year.

The next interesting historical people I encountered were Anne Boleyn and Henry the 8th. The reason being a client of mine has a very close friend that is a blood relative of these people. Time and distance when dealing with people in spirit means nothing we are talking dimensions and energy. But holy cow, I could not believe this. These two turn up often with this particular client.
Anne has a rather interesting personality, imposing. Henry doesn't tend to say anything just turn up and observe, finding it all rather amusing.

I have had Phil Lynott  the musician come through in spirit for a client, this client had no idea that he was a relative on their spouses side until he started giving information that the client could confirm.
Lately I had Johnathon Cainer, the English astrologer pop in for a client.

These are examples of things that I experience with clients and sometimes without clients. I had no idea that this would happen when I started to use my gift. It never ceases to astonish me. I am just a regular person with a rather special gift to share. Perhaps this is why I have these experiences I just don't know.

The gift is not about me, this is for the clients and those that are on the other side of life. I am nothing more than a humble family person getting on in life ,with what life throws at me. My life is most definitely not a walk in the park, there are many bumps and obstacles and many, many heart aches. Just like other people, I just do what I do.  I try to keep myself grounded in order to be true to myself and those that need me.

Go in peace, keep it simple and keep it honest is my belief. It is just who I am, so maybe that is why I have these extraordinary experiences who knows.

Copyright Alex Fulford 23 July 2017