Monday, 18 May 2020

High speed rail link back in the news

I was just thinking about this high speed rail link this afternoon. Funny now that Covid 19 is coming to an end, this pops up in the news. Several months after the bushfires have gone, but people have not forgotten all the talk.  People are still upset and that is understandable, some are still homeless  and waiting for payment to start life over again. There doesn’t seem to be much news about what is happening with the bushfire victims at present, other than the Rural  Fire Service court case about the money raised by Celeste Barber.

We seem to be left in the dark and the media are so focused on Covid 19.  Meanwhile the high speed rail link has been out of public attention until now. I am very interested in what is going on here, and where the rail link will be built, as in will it go through where the fires destroyed homes and bush land much needed by our wildlife. This rail link is still going to happen and link up to Brisbane no matter what the media say. Watching the path it takes will be what many people will be doing that’s for sur. Who’s pockets will be lined also.