Friday, 15 May 2020

We are all in this together....No,we’re bloody not!

The continuous  COVID 19 advertising of the  “ We are all in this together “ is really irritating me . It is nothing more than propaganda programming complete with the Luciferan hand gesture of  “as above, so is below”. Two hands, one above the other, one facing down and one facing upwards.

The celebrities get in on the act with this occult spell /ritual sublimely programming the masses of the world with these adverts. I wonder how many celebs are members of the Luciferan ranks. I personally have no time nor respect for the people taking part in this propaganda or any occultism.

The hand gesture of  “as above, so is below” is a very old one, used in secret societies and in the occult/ New Age teachings. It is about polarities  or dualities. The spirit world and the physical world.

You may see this in banking adverts or financial and insurance adverts, some of which you will find on YouTube, including current COVID 19 adverts and infomercials. This is an in your face shot at the masses by those behind this great evil. It is not just China behind this as I have already commented on lightly in an other post. There are Western “interests” involved here from the get go.

I do not want to get involved in this other than to say all is not as it seems. And no we’re are not all in it together. The rich and powerful and celebrities have absolutely nothing in common with the rest of us. They are not doing it tough like us. It is downright naivety to believe this offensive nonsense they spout.

It must be wonderful to be self isolating in a multimillion dollar mansion on acreage, rather than a council flat without a garden. Imagine that if you have a young family and you are in lockdown. How on earth can these rich propagandists be able to sleep at night or look ordinary people in the eye , knowing full well, we have nothing in common with each other and never will.

Most of us are struggling through this world wide event and will suffer more with unemployment and the Depression induced to bring us down. This is no accidental Depression it is pre planned like all the others in human history. To believe otherwise is utterly stupid and naive.

UPDATE Just to show you how out of touch with the public the rich and entitled really are. Who in their right mind or has any sense of decency and compassion says such a thing?

It is best to keep your stupid mouth shut and let people think you are an idiot, than open it and prove you are an idiot.