Saturday, 16 May 2020

Spitituality is not a marketing tool

Spirituality is not a marketing tool, but it sure gets treated as one as a means to make money, by those that have no real spirituality. But they manufacture what is deemed by the spirituality unaware as the real deal. This is a huge money maker world wide and it is not coming to an end any time soon.  Many genuine people are attracted to teaching spirituality however real and true spirituality comes from within, it cannot be taught.

Understanding what spirituality is hard unless one tunes in to their higher self, it comes in a clairsentient or claircognisant  form. The clue is in the first part of the word spirit - uality, as in non physical and not of this world. It can for some people be a difficult and often lonely path, as others may struggle to understand what an individual is experiencing. Many humans are not capable of making this journey, it is far easier to be fooled into following trendy unicorns and rainbows into dark empty nonsense of the Luciferan path which controls reality in this world. 

Sadly many are willing to pay their hard earned money to be deceived or sit in a religious building regularly to be misled in the wrong direction, going externally rather than internally connecting to the higher self. They will not accept anything other than deception and half truths of this world. They have absolutely no chance of true spiritual awakening which is really sad thanks to the programming they accept by organised religion and or those that peddle fake spirituality.  If you have to pay someone to tell you what spirituality is and how you should think and feel then you have no chance in this world of really spiritually awakening. All the books in the world will do nothing for you.

How can one person or an organisation have the answers to an individual's spirituality and what that soul and spirit needs without being in that person or souls body? The answer is they can’t. Only you the individual knows what is right for you and what your spirituality is. It is deep and personal experience and only for that individual, it is not of this world and as I said, it cannot be taught, it is felt or experienced  silently within . It sure as hell is not marketable as a product.

Many people are genuinely seeking spirituality at this point in time and it is perfectly understandable, we are living through so pretty difficult events right now, with no way of knowing how things will turn out. People are seeking clarity. They are vulnerable and there is no saviour but our higher selves to guide us.

One must be responsible for one's own spirituality and never allow someone to tell you how to be spiritual or how to do it right. External influences must be avoided, be your own guide and do not permit your personal spirituality to be compromised by others with a vested interest. Learn to just be. Listen to your true spiritual heart and be mindful of what you take on board.