Friday, 2 September 2011

More on Green Lipped Mussels

Just letting readers know about an other brand of Green Lipped Mussel. Musselforte by  Wagner.
This is a New Zealand company that produces this brand. They are the same as Mobicosa brand.
120 capsules of 500mg GLM. you can buy them on line from some pharmacies. ore at  They retail for around $30.

I find that I need to take 4 capsules morning and night with a low dose of voltarin, Should I forget as I did yesterday, I start to feel the pain coming back again. On a scale of 1 to 10, when using these capsules I would rate the pain as 1 or 2. Without the capsules the pain is about 8.

I do hope people start getting in to this. It makes life a lot easier I can tell you. I did see Blackmores version in the Supermarket, wow it was expensive and not as many capsules. There version has a different name Just shop around for a price that you can afford to pay.