Sunday 29 March 2020

Boosting your immune system could help you survive the Coronavirus. Why isn’t the government talking about it?

Please read this, it is very important. I have blogged about Olive leaf extract a few years ago. Surprisingly many people just cannot be bothered about taking responsibility for their own health.
Do so at your own risk.

Vitamin C is also vital to our immune systems, it cannot be stored in the human body so we need to take it every day. I would also read upon the importance of zinc and magnesium as most people are actually deficient in these vital minerals.

My auto immune system is not good so I am being very careful to make sure that I stay healthy. I try hard to keep up with these vital vitamins and minerals. One of the first signs for me is the chronic fatigue and the aching arms and legs when I a low in magnesium.

Make sure that you take Olive leaf extract from the beginning of the flu season and right through early spring. Buy from your health food store and not supermarket stuff as the good quality Olive leaf extract will only be available in a health food shop or perhaps a chemist.

Note: I  am not a doctor nor a naturopath, so I do not intend this to be professional medical advice. However it is wise to be informed of things that help boost our health and immune system.