Wednesday 18 March 2020

Tarot Card of the month; April 2020, The Emperor

Star sign:  Aries
Planet: Mars and Venus, child in harmony
Animal: Owl and Ram
Plants :Tiger lily and Geranium 
Deities: Athene, Minerva, Mars 

Key words: Authority, Structure, Fathering, Regulation

Interesting card to pop up for April. It represents Authority, government, structure, religion etc. Which is interesting because Scott Morrison is a member of Hillsong.

The Emperor card represents a fatherly and authoritative figure, who is well meaning and wise. But he is no ones fool.
He tries to guide us in ways that he thinks are best for us. The Emperor has the years of wisdom and knowledge to back up what advice he gives us.

 The Emperor can be a religious person and this is seen by the symbols on the card. Such as the ankh held in his right hand (male energy) which is the ancient Egyptian symbol for life. In his left hand (female energy) he holds an orb which represents his royal dominion on earth.

Sometimes the Emperor holds a scepter with a fleur de lis on top which symbolises the flower of light or the heraldic lily, emblem of fire and royalty. The fleur de lis is also known as the crown of Nimrod.

 The ram's heads on the throne represent the first star sign Aries which is ruled by the planet Mars. 
The Emperor card is ruled by the number four (4) and the consort card is the Empress card which is ruled by the number three (3). The number four stands for solidity, earth and form, authority, government, regulation, suppression of hostility and rebellion.

Notice the throne on which the Emperor sits is very solid and heavy looking. Frim rulership on a firm platform, no ifs or but's. His feet firmly planted on the ground and he is wearing a suit of armor under his robes. No on will mess with him, is the message he is sending out. If push comes to shove he will settle things once and for all.

Do not be surprised if during the month of April there are very strict regulations enforced on the public to keep law and order.
We could see a stronger police presence or military presence if people are going to start fighting over food and other commodities. It would be very unwise to do anything stupid right now because the full force of the law will come down upon you.

More restrictions are coming because of the current situation,  But remember when it comes to Scott Morrison, love him or leave him, he is the prime minister,  but he is only as good as his advisors. 
If he is given poor quality information, he is the one the public turn on. Not the people that gave him the wrong or poor information.  So Mr Morrison may be best to fact check things for himself before making a public announcement, some factions within the ranks may try to make him look foolish and this is why I say he should fact check and trust no one. 

Basically we the Australian people need to listen up, shut up and follow the rules or it will bite us on the bum.  Keep things harmonious and help our fellow man. No trying to buck the system or deliberately not following orders. Ignorance is no excuse either. We have the news updates world wide at our finger tips. So no one on this planet cannot say they didn't know the score, that does not wash in the current situation. You have been warned and the times are changing fast. 

I would like to know when these tests were done. It just seems fishy to me.  Here we go, military now deployed to watch those supposed to be quarantined. If the idiots will not obey the rules then pay the price.

Enjoy paying the fines too.