Friday 27 March 2020

Universal income
I have been aware of this for a few years. I am rather sceptical of the real meaning. Because from the information that I have seen it is basically you will never work again and it is to keep us from revolting against the government and the 1% that rule this world.

It smells like a communist plot and seeing the unions and leftie communist nutters here pushing for it really just confirms to me that the scum at the top of the union movement are in bed with the 1% doing their bidding to subjugate the masses into accepting this piecemeal. Knowing they will never have the chance to escape poverty.  One world government or New World Order, it is the goal plan but there is also social credit coming too. Mmm mm, smell that communist take over already.

Sold out by those you put your trust in for $740 a week. Try saving to buy a house, a car or put your kids through school. Yeah right! It is a con job and enslavement of the masses, add the digital currency to this and a bigger picture is forming. I honestly cannot see this being successful either, because this is a lot of money to be paid out to everyone, it would be unsustainable for pay millions of people year after year. At present the government in the UK and Australia are trying to stop paying pensions and benefits to people, by making it very difficult to qualify for a payment so what the hell is going on?

If you have been reading the Wes Penre papers he also pointed this out and the AI push to remove people from the workforce. Do some research on this issue because it is not really for our benefit. When it is offered to us we need to examine what is really going on and think wisely. Not just going with the herd as the government wants, it is not in our real interest but for the 1%.