Monday 24 April 2017

Anzac Day 25 April 2017

Kalbarri ANZAC Day 2015

In memory of all who fought and died fighting for what they believed in.

ANZAC Day is a very special day to all Australians and New Zealanders the world over. It marks something special with in  every one of us.

Thursday 20 April 2017


Rider Waite tarot card pack    $40
Tarot colouring book                $20
Illumination Mandala colouring books $12
Sunseal Decals $8
Mini Charts       $3
Wooden ash catchers $2.50
Incense sticks $2
Incense cones $4
Om mini candles $3
Smudging feather $9
Smudge Sticks $ 4 small $10   large
3 Kings charcoal blocks 10 in a pack   $6
Himalayan Salt Lamp, T light holders $10
Plug in Himalayan mini salt lamp for PC $14
Himalayan Salt Lamp 2 to 4KG $30
Tibetan scroll $10
Tibetan prayer flags Small $5
                                     Medium size $10
Silver elephant plate for incense sticks $8
Hexagonal silver plate for incense $6
Brass Bells $8 small $10 big (5 bells)

These items are for sale at time of consultation only.

Saturday 15 April 2017

Alex Has Posted Updates For Predictions For 2017, Both World And Australian

Here are some of the predictions that have come up on both World events and Australia. Oh do watch events on the world stage for May2017 I have a very bad feeling of more terrorism, and I include what the US and her allies have done in the middle east as terrorism. This is utterly disgusting and a very evil blight on humanity.  Scroll to the bottom to see the updates please.

See the updates at the bottom of the post. I will update as events unfold.

Peter Dutton

Saturday 8 April 2017

The Wes Penre Discussion Board/Forum

I just thought of adding this discussion board/forum link here for those that are interested in interacting with Wes and others; to discus metaphysics and other topics. I do think it is a very interesting forum with rather broad minded people, and you will learn a lot from reading and interacting with the individuals that participate. Bear in mind many of them are not psychic and are not able to perceive the things that I see and this is their opinions. Your opinions are just as valid and just as important as the next persons.

I must say though some of the meditations that people engage in are a waste of time and I do not recommend them at all. I feel they lead you up a blind alley spiritually speaking, and do not really offer you anything spiritually beneficial. I have been there and know from experience and do not endorse this practise.

 I will not endorse anything that I will not do myself and I believe in a strong duty of care to others. Should you do this please gold light and use as much spiritual protection as you can and do NOT under any circumstances make any agreement with any beings what so ever. I cannot stress this enough again from experience.

Now while I do read his work and have much respect for Wes, I do not get involved in anything to do with other writers that he talks about. I do have the occasional brief conversation with Robert Morningstar though via Facebook chats.


UPDATE: Wes has pulled the forum for personal reasons back in March 2018.

To The Selfish Inconsiderate Phone Caller At 2.10 am This Morning

Please be considerate and do not phone me at 2.10am Australian Eastern Standard time. Check the time if you are overseas; and have some consideration for people that are sleeping.  For example; there is a minimum of 12 hours difference between the UK and Australia for a start give or take daylight savings. How hard can it be to go on line and work out the time difference. FFS Not even a text message, which would have been the more sensible thing to have done!!

This is utterly selfish and no regard for others. Nothing is that serious that you cannot email me, which  my general overseas clients tend to do anyway. No one is going to die if you cannot reach me immediately. During working hours, I have work to do also. So that is why there is a message telling people to leave a message. If you really want to make a booking then READ my website for instructions  Better still find some one else to annoy at stupid O'clock am.

I have a family that do not want a phone ringing in the small hours of the morning. How would you like it if you were woken up and your entire house hold at that time?

The reason why I take 50% deposits to is to stop people wasting my valuable time, all you need to know is on my website, blog and  on face book.

Some individuals clearly do not take the time to read things on my website, blog or Facebook page, See that little thing saying "Services", or "About Alex " try bloody reading it you might learn something!!

Friday 7 April 2017

Smudge Sticks For Sale At Alex's Office

Hi again peeps

I just got a supply of American White Sage smudge sticks in from Tulsi Incense, this morning.
I mainly got the small ones in and just a few larger (18cm) ones. Most people will only use smudge sticks now and again so it is better just to keep a lot of the small sticks which are 8cms long. I will be selling them in as from today as a regular product.

I see  quite a few people that use these smudge sticks, and also some clients have energy problems in their homes. I  will keep the prices cheaper than what you will buy in the local shops.

Small 8cm sticks will be $4    Large 18cm sticks will be $10  at the time of your consultation, so you see I am not making a profit at all. My reason for this is people are sometimes caught short and need to do a cleansing and if they happen to be having a reading from me. I can save them the trip to the shops to buy the smudge sticks. Some times the shop could even be out of stock when you call  too. So I am saving you time and money including petrol expense driving to the shops.

Tuesday 4 April 2017

The Spittoon Joke; Ultimate In Gross

Alrighty! I was after the ultimate gross out joke that I could find, and this one rings the bell. I recall my dad telling me this one as a kid and I was dry heaving at it. I didn't even read through this as it makes me ill, lol. Just a fast cut 'n paste to put it on here.

These two guys were sitting in a bar that had a spittoon.  The spittoon
was filled almost to the brim with old tobacco juice, phlegm, and other
refuse/secretions.  After a few, one guy says to the other, "I'll give
you $100 if you take a sip from that spittoon."  The other guy
immediately grabs the spittoon and, lifting it to his lips, takes a
healthy slug.  "All right, you win," says the first guy, but his
friend keeps gulping down the goop pouring out of the spittoon.
"Please stop, you're making me sick," says the first guy, but his
friend keeps chugging the phlegm.  "I can't stand it, I'll give you
another $100 if you stop!"

Finally, the spittoon is empty, and the guy puts it down and belches.
"Why didn't you stop" asks his disgusted friend?  "I tried to, but it
was all one piece!"

Sunday 2 April 2017

Alex's Visit to Lanyon Homestead

Yesterday I went out to Lanyon homestead to see the house, I was aware there was a lady in spirit there. However I was surprised to be greeted by James Wright (one of the men that built the house) in spirit. I informed the staff and they showed me a photo of him; which confirmed to me that it was him as I described the man to the staff; and what he was wearing. He accompanied my husband and myself around the house and property the whole time we were there. How amazing is that.

Right from the moment My husband and I went up to the front of the house I started to see spirit people around the house. The energy was very strong. On entering the house I was greeted by James Wright. He was very pleased to show the house off to us. I expressed how I really loved the house and that I am very much an old world person, preferring things of the early 20th century to modern life. 

When I saw James in spirit he looked much younger than this photo.  His hair was brown , he still had the bushy beard which was grey.He was wearing a white shirt with braces instead of a belt on his trousers, beige  trousers and riding boots. I thanked him for accompanying us around the property.

There were a few spirit beings there at the homestead. Not just the famous lady that is seen my many.
She was in a yellow dress full skirt of the Victorian era. I saw her and felt her presence in the hallway of the house 

At this point I started to inform the two ladies that were working in the house taking admission fees. They were rather delighted to hear about James being seen there as it is only just the lady that many people see. The ladies then went and pulled out a photo of James and an old book to help identify the person that I was seeing.
After having a look through the dining room I suddenly went cold and was surprised to see people sitting at the table enjoying a meal and lively conversation. I thanked them for allowing me to see them and expressed my love for the house again.

From there we went out into the back courtyard and again more spirit activity. I turned to my husband and told him there were a few horses here' I think three or four of them. Some chestnut or dark brown, and people grooming them and getting them ready to be ridden. When I walked in to one of the out buildings where the old saddles and reigns are kept, I heard a young man yell out BLAST. He cut his finger on something. He was not aware that we were there. I just laughed and told my husband what I heard and saw.

Next we went into the servants quarters which were in a separate small building. The bedroom was so sparse a basic bed and a wardrobe, a hand made bedside table  of very poor quality. just planks of rough wood knocked together into a table. Sitting on the bed was a young teenage girl with dark long hair and a night cap on. She looked a happy soul. I did say sorry for the intrusion on her privacy and I did tell her the date. I dare say all of these people in spirit are well used to the intrusions in to their daily lives in spirit. Still I like to be respectful and not treat them as anything less than who they are. Just because they are in spirit does not give others the right to think of them as part of the entertainment.

There are several reasons as to why a spirit being will be seen at different age groups
One is they revert back to looking how they did in their 20s to 30s when being back in spirit. Also it is down to how the individual wishes to be identified by those that see them. If the person was known to you personally they will show you how they looked when you knew them.

Having said that sometimes I have a spirit come through when conducting a reading and they first come through as the looked just prior to death and then show me how they looked at different ages. It is really up to the individual spirit being. The personality, ego, etc stays the same until they reincarnate, only then will that change. Eyes do not seem to change from life time to life time. I have no idea why that is though.