Monday 31 December 2018

Happy New Year, 2019

Wishing everyone all over the world a Guid Hogmanay

In Scotland we say, have a Guid Hogmanay which means have a good New Year's Eve.

Followed often by the words, Lang may your Lum reek, (which means may you always have a fire burning in the hearth.

Lum in the Scottish word for a chimney. Reek means smell as in smoke.)

In other words may you have a very prosperous New Year. In Scotland New Year's day is called, Nair dae ( New day).

Please stay safe and look after you families and friends, make sure everyone gets home safely.

Warm  and fuzzy hugs form Auntie Alex xxx

Wes Penre: Video 109: Is the Event an Attempt to Manifest the Second Coming?

Please watch this in YouTube mode and read through the comments. The Mandela effect has been happening from around 1990 for me quite often. I didn't have a name for it but it also felt like time going backwards too. Remember nothing is new on this earth matrix, everything goes in cycles, and cycles within cycles. The more aware you are the more you will notice it.

Yes a changing of the guard is under way, but do not be fooled into thinking it is to benefit humanity.
That is not what it is about. It is still business as usual no matter if it is team red or team blue.

Speaking of team red and team blue, you will notice this is duality, the same as black and white, except you are talking about not just politics, Freemasonry etc, but also the two rival royal sides.
The house of the Ram and the house of the Serpent.  Now that is the real rabbit hole when you look into that.

Ascension is fake it is is part of the illusion within the matrix, and to think otherwise means you have not researched far enough in to the subject. I am in no way an expert in any of this and I do not pretend to be one. I do a lot of reading and research, but also rely on my clairsentience (which means I just know because I feel it).

I also have dreams and visions to guide me, but I will never put my complete faith or trust in anything. I try to keep an open mind as much as possible.

Sunday 30 December 2018

Ley Lines And Their Connection To UFO

Bibliotecaplevades  have some very interesting articles. The website name is a mouthful though, lol

 Image result for alien

Video 111: Is En ki “Locked out” from Earth?

Notice at 5.05 it says Marduk was given the earth.  One needs to understand humans are being set up and must NOT take sides, None of these beings have our best interests at heart. To think otherwise is foolish. These beings are interested in real estate earth and coding in our DNA.

The other thing to remember is they are still in control of this planet and the violence we see currently is instigated by them and their minions on earth. The idea is to move us in stages, using multiple agendas such as dividing humanity in to waring factions.

One world  Government

One religion

Draconian laws, including political correctness,

Gender confusion

Gender conflicts

Right V's Left political views

Pro and anti Vaccine

Pro life V's Euthenasia

Anti abortion V's pro abortion

No nationality as it is seen as not politically correct

Lower education standards especially in Western nations

Indoctrination rather than education in Schools, colleges and Universities

Shaming people for what opinions they have, to the point of they wont speak openly (Think Trump)
Pro or anti Refugees

Pro Artificial intelligence including implants, this is also targeting children and young people via Hollywood

Flat earth V's round earth


Channeled Messages supposedly from spirit or ET's (this is done via advanced technology and I am speaking from personal experience)

There are multiple attacks; that most people just do not see, because they choose not to see, but will belittle and attack those that are aware. (Divide and conquer)

All of this culminating in a world war ( my guess in the mid 2020's to early 2030's). Then pick over the bones, the people that accept singularity and AI will be permanently under the control of these psychopaths.

The so called Orion queen is every bit the criminal as En-Ki, En-Lil and Marduk, in Wes's articles no if's or but's. Humanity is at the end of it's existence here, may be that is not a bad thing. However that does not meal the end of all souls here.

Those that are awake will find their way out of this mess, but it is per individual soul saving him/herself. No one will help you. It is the individuals job to do so . We are not our brothers keeper.

We are not guilty or responsible for those that will not listen, they alone bear that responsibility, so do not beat yourself up over trying to save those that do not want to listen. It is not your fault. We all have choices in the limited free will that we have.

In our current life time you will see this come to pass. Do not take sides or it is fatal. What ever happens to the souls already on the other side of life? Sadly we cannot help them, they will be moved else where. Where to I have no idea to be honest, Wes is not 100% sure either.

Going home to Orion, I would say is a con job. I sure as hell would not want to be there. We do have the option of leaving this universe and seeing what is in the Khaa or 96% spiritual universe. What really lies there on that side, who can honestly say. My advice is do not listen to the channelled information because it is full of disinformation. I have sat in many meditation groups and channelled with people over the years now to know this stuff must not be trusted, ever!

Sure they will throw you a bone now and then to keep you happy, but try to get the truth from these entities and you will be wasting your time. Some of them actually are real flesh and blood working for the MIC, using high tech(mouth to skull ) equipment, so if you are smart don't go there.  Speaking again from experience I have seen the bad results from this.

A friend almost took his life several years ago because of this. I saw an other friend end up having mental health issues and a severely damaged reputation.  Play it safe folks, educate yourselves and do not play with fire, it will burn.

Please google mouth to skull technology. You will find a vast range of information and patent numbers, it's jaw dropping when your see the list of patents out there.

Wednesday 26 December 2018

Baby Thrushes At Alex's House

We have had the wonderful pleasure of having a mummy Thrush and her 4 little chicks on our back verandah. I only noticed a nest up on one of the rafters a few weeks ago; and I kept an eye on it.

Along came mummy Thrush and she would sit there for ages and then disappear (off shopping, lol)
About a week ago I noticed little beaks  poking out from the nest and I was so overjoyed at seeing them, so I got out my tablet to take a photo every now and then.

On Christmas eve morning I went out the back with Ruby our Jack Russell and noticed the nest was empty. Mixed with joy and sadness I knew they had gotten their pilots licence and flew off.

Well at least there are two goof things about that, 1) Ruby will stop her manic barking at them. and 2) the are away before this weeks heatwave starts. I was worried that the hot sun wold kill them.  So it is wonderful that they are off to explore the world around them I just hope the stay safe. It was a pleasure to have them as little guests.

This photo was taken on December 23rd , 2018  There were 4 little ones in the nest.  By the way in Scotland the Thrush is also known as a Mavis.

Click on the picture and you can see the chicks close up.

Above is the link to my Instagram account and you can see more photos of the babies on there.

Merry Christmas From Alex 2018

Merry Christmas from my family to your family. Thank you to all of my clients around Australia and around the world for your continued custom. I am most honoured and humbled to be of service to all of you.

It never ceases to amaze me every time I open the tarot deck and see a brief glimpse into a person's life. I understand the difficulties some people are faced with at the time of the consultation, but it is wonderful to see a wonderful outcome for each and everyone of you.

May I thank all of you again and I look forward to being of service to you for many years to come.
I extend a humble and warm thank you to all who read my blog also.

May all of you have a truly wonderful 2019.

Warm and fuzzy hugs


Sunday 23 December 2018

Birrigai to host first Canberra Camp Magic for grieving children

What a wonderful idea, Birrigai is a lovely place for kids. It is often used for school camps and excursions. It is right next to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and not far from an other great tourist place, The Tidbinbilla Deep Space tracking station. 

Friday 14 December 2018

iTunes scam: Why fraudsters are demanding payment with vouchers

Please save the above link if you live in Australia, you or your loved ones may need this.  Scammers demand payment with iTunes. Ka-Ching!!

Quick-thinking retail worker saves Tasmanian woman from losing thousands in tax scam

Please read this and let your loved ones know. There is also a text message that comes in on the back of messages from Australia post. I have had this twice in a week after buying products on eBay from a place in China.  It says " Oliver,  The results are in and your address 55 koongarra ave Teringie Sa has been drawn! You are  1 in 5 lucky winners:

So please watch out for this one. This is one that could originate in China, I have no idea to be honest but it happened twice in a row buying eBay items from China.  Obviously I knew right away it was a scam.

Please be careful and always check on line for any phone calls, texts or emails that is suddenly asking for money, your bank details even your tax file number , Social Security number or anything that is private. The officials already know your details and they will contact you through the normal channels such as a letter being sent to you or an official email that is verifiable. When in doubt go in person to the office or ring them of the official number , and not the number the scammer gives you.

You can also request a receipt number when you call a government department as proof of contact as it leaves an message on the computer system logging in the time of the phone call and the operator or staff member that too the phone enquiry is that everything is  traceable and the phone calls are recorded too.

Stay safe and, stay wise when it comes to your privacy, your money and your identification. Identity theft is rampant world wide, and it is so easy to fake identities.

Monday 10 December 2018

Christmas Cuties

Wishing everyone a Meowy Christmas XXX
From my family and fur babies to you and your fur babies.
I wish everyone a safe Christmas and a wonderful New Year 2019

Sunday 9 December 2018

I am not going to say much other than the whole thing is a scam to get money from the hard working people of this earth.  This is a premeditated evil attack on humanity by those that just cannot get enough money, power and control and they use the working class of the world like beasts of burden.

It is not just this planet that has temperature fluctuations, it is the whole universe. Do some googling and you will find out.

Much as I do not go for  Mike Adams, take a look at this post of his and read the comments. People are not as dumb as it seems, well some of them.
I have been aware of the plan to dim the sun. All life as we know it will be affected if this actually came to pass.  These days anything is possible especially if the masses do nothing.

Friday 7 December 2018

INCREDIBLE: The stallion that heals people

Wow what a powerful message, that horse is a spiritual being and just knows what is going on. Look in to the eyes of an animal and you will see peace and love. It must have been a wonderful experience for everyone that was there.

800K Children in the U.S. Missing Each Year – International Tribunal Exposes Paedophilia Problem – Victims Testify of Child Sex Trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse

You know what really sickens me is the amount of ordinary people that just don't want to know. On my personal Facebook page not one person will read the posts about this abuse. That really pisses me off. I have abuse victims in my family, and meet many clients that are survivors, so I have no respect for anyone that ignores this shit.

It is a case of I'm all right Jack with the average person. That is not bloody good enough, unless it happens to them they don't care. Gutless cowards! They don't want to know that the rulers of every nation are heavily involved in this.

A hand full of people can do nothing, but if everyone got involved and actually grew some balls this would stop. But reality check, it isn't going to stop because Joe Public is a lazy gutless shit.

I will respect humanity when they evolve in to decent caring and loving sentient beings, the way they were designed to be.

How can any human being still be involved with a religious, political system or the entertainment industry, that is actively involved in this evil? Simple they go into denial. That's what cowards do. No one will take a real stand. Police officers even collude with the abusers. You don't see any of them resign in disgust do you. Some of them are abusers also and intimidate the good police officers.

 I cannot understand how a person can stay in a job that facilitates this evil. But hey its down to moral fibre and guts. That is a rare commodity in most humans. Did you know that with paedophile abuse at the Satanic level, the sodomite gateway (anal sex) is vital ? This is to take the spiritual energy of the child which sits in the base chakra, you may have heard the term Kundalini, that is the spiritual energy that sits coiled up at the base chakra.

Normally the Kundalini is activated slowly and gently through our psychic awakening and usually in meditation. But in abuse it is forceful and a forced psychic awakening of the child through trauma.  Awakening the Kundalini forcefully does affect the child mentally too of course, part of the intention with the abuse is to control the child mentally. Then if the child is to be a sacrifice, blood letting is important as the adrenaline in the blood induced by deep trauma is important in energy harvesting, the person drinking the blood gets a psychic high from the blood infused with adrenaline. This by the way has been going on for thousands of years world wide. 

Any one with an ounce of intelligence is well aware that the " Safe Schools  programme"  push is geared towards this filth too. Just watch social media when anyone posts something about this abuse and the dummies and trolls attack them, so who's side are the dummies and trolls on?? They ain't on the side of the kids are they!

Thanks to the internet there is more filth and child abuse on line and more and more people are now abusing children. People are becoming desensitized to the abuse. It speaks volumes of the lack of moral fiber and lack of true spirituality on this earth. No humanity is not evolving spiritually, they are devolving spiritually and that evidence is all around us in many forms.

Notice the amount of little girls that are encouraged to dress as adult women, even their parents think it is acceptable. Talk about thick as a brick, and then they wonder why some creep approaches the child. Stop dressing little girls like adults and let them be children. No sexualized photos of children doing duck lips on social media for a start. Your child's innocence once taken cannot be restored.

What are you people thinking? Pandering to the sick Pedo's out there and not protecting your most precious gift in all the world. We all know that social media is being used to groom children for abuse so what are parents thinking, allowing kids to be unsupervised on the internet and yet practically every day a child is being targeted by these sickos.

I have seen many women living their lives through their daughters and dressing them inappropriately.  It is not normal to do this, it's sick and you are training the child to become an object for abuse.

Fiona Barrett the Australian survivor  of Satanic sexual abuse. Franka Areana mentioned her in Parliament, but it fell of  deaf ears as usual. SHANE DOWLING jailed for exposing Pedos.
No good turn goes unpunished as they say. Have a look through his website he has very interesting articles.

 (It's not just the transfusions to stay youthful, the energy vibration of the person is being consumed too. This is still part of the dark agenda no if's or buts)

UPDATE:  Dec 30, 2018

You know what only a few people have bothered to read this or click on the links. THAT right there tells me something about the selfish human race! Most people don't really give a shit.

I share missing children and adults info on my personal Facebook and official Face book page and may be 1 or 2 will share that. That is selfish and does not help the poor soul that needs help.

Ever heard of service to humanity??  Everything a person does in their life is stored on their Akashic records which is like a computer hard drive and it cannot be tampered with.

For all the people that ignore abuse, that  fact is  stored on your Akashic records along with everything the person has done, witnessed etc, and when you return to spirit you MUST answer for it. I will leave  this to the individual's conscience to ponder.

Tuesday 27 November 2018

Schools accused of failing us on basic Aussie knowledge

Much as I do not like Jones, he is correct, our public education system is abysmal and an utter embarrassment to the nation. Even when my children went to school in the 90's to the early 2000's it was appalling. This is no accident, it is done by design to keep the class division and to prevent critical thinking. Schools have become indoctrination centers, nothing of value is taught only Marxist ideology and nothing prepares children to handle life in the real world.

Young people without a well rounded education cannot hold a proper conversation on an intellectual or cultural level because it is being withheld from the working classes deliberately. Education to some young people is already seen as elitist. In the years to come they will become embarrassed by their lack of knowledge and lack of culture and feel inadequate  because they cannot mix with a wide cross section of society.

Imagine going out to dinner with work colleagues that have a better education and being embarrassed because you cannot keep up with intellectual conversations. China did this remember? All the educated people were removed from their jobs and either had to work on the land in harsh conditions, sent to prison or executed.

The cultural revolution in Australian may  not be as extreme and brutal, but it is happening right under the noses of every Australian. Anyone that has come in to our great nation from a country like China or any dictatorship can see this, because they have been there and done that. They sure as hell do not trust our leaders when it comes to their children's education under the public system. But they make sure their kids get a good education one way or an other; many of those children are university educated thanks to their parents pushing them to better themselves.

Our grandparents had a much better education, but by the time the children of the 70's went to school, the powers that be had already started dismantling the education system.  All the core subjects such as History, Geography, Languages (including Latin) Ancient History, Home Economics, Music, Maths , English (grammar, punctuation, spelling) and Social Studies are not all on offer these days.

Kids do not learn much of their nation nor its culture and cultural figures, poetry, novels etc. It is such a shame to see this happening right in front of our eyes and no one is interested in stopping this.

Good quality reading sure beats being dumbed down by TV with trash like reality shows. That is what society has become and it is a sad indictment on or nation's future generations.   Along with education kids need to use their imaginations and they need good role models to help shape their future or they have no chance.

Thursday 22 November 2018

Alex Is Closing Her Twitter Account In December

Just a heads up peeps. As from December I am closing my Twitter account. I cannot honestly see the logic in having a Twitter account, Instagram and Facebook. To me it is just a waste of time.

It is obviously  not a conducive platform for my line of work, so I am jumping ship. Instagram may go too eventually. Too little interaction and I feel that I am wasting my time, that is better spent in more productive ways.

My official Facebook will stay and those that seek me shall find me.

My official website where bookings are made is at the link below.

Golden rule is never spread yourself too thin 😆



Card Of The Month, December 2018 The Sun

I did not have time to keep up with the card of the month post, so I am getting back in to it now.
December's card is a good one as we move in to Summer in the Southern hemisphere and the silly season.

The Sun card reminds us of joy, vitality, success and happiness. December therefore is a month to be looking forward to. In relationships, a new job, and life in general it is time to reap the rewards we have strived for. The card reminds us to stay open to offers that are beneficial to us and accept the good luck coming our way.

The card number 19 is auspicious and bearer of good news. The sun itself is known for its life giving warmth and energy and without the sun no life takes place on this earth. There are also 19 rays around the sun on the card.

Notice the child on the card representing childhood innocence and joy, he also acts as a messenger of good news. On the child's head is a garland of 6 flowers, the number 6 being feminine energy. Notice the little feather on top of the garland it represents spirit or air.

4 Sun flowers  in the image depict joy and growth in the presence of illumination. The number 4 means you are coming from a well balanced position and overcoming all obstacles. The wall is an obstacle that is being overcome as you see the sun flowers triumphing over the wall .

The child on horse back is waving a bright orange flag to spread the good noes and joy. The colour orange is a happy colour but it also relates to the second chakra or sacral chakra.

So on the whole it is a good card for transformation, success, peace and happiness. What a nice card to end the year on. Despite what is going on in the world right now, it is important for us as individuals to stay positive and not allow negativity to rule over us. It is hard at times as we know to stay positive and life's circumstances change so often. We must not allow evil to dwell in our hearts.

Keep life simple and the less baggage we have the better, just because evil exists does not mean we should let it into our lives, our homes or our hearts.

Blessings and love


Copyright Alex Fulford November 2018

Video 100: The Orion Family Feud | Part 2: What is in a Name?

Watch in YT mode

Video 98: The Orion Family Feud Part 1: The Archangels

Please watch in YT mode

Wednesday 21 November 2018

Sam Vaknin: the TRUE toxicity of social media revealed

This is quite an interesting interview, I get what he is saying, as I have been reading up on all of what he is saying for many years, but this man is not what you think either.  From women and body image, the fashion industry, Hollywood ( the name derived from the magic wand used by Druids is made from the Holly tree for casting spells/illusion) right through to how humanity is devolving due to their lack of true spirituality. Humans have made free will choices here every inch of the way, they have free will to a degree and wasted it due to arrogance and ignorance.

What people don't realize is the energy harvesting that goes on here on a spiritual and emotional level; it is very real and destructive. We all must be more vigilant when it comes to social media and definitely limit our time and use of this addictive tool. Too many trolls  are out there waiting to insult you and bring you down, just because they can. It is the playground of Narcissists and psychopaths so why let them into your life? If you don't know people on the social media platform then do not talk to them.

Have very little about yourself on the platform too, by having personal information there for others to see, you are giving valuable information for cyber bullies to attack you. Is it any wonder so many young people self harm or suicide these days in this toxic world and no one to help them or protect them?

One thing that I never do is selfies, to me it screams out I have no brain cells and insecure. People need to develop a strong sense of self, being grounded in reality and not become a walking ego with no authentic soul energy. Invest in a healthy mind and soul, reach out to loved ones and connect or it will be gone before  you know it.

This all ties in to AI take over and transhumanism/ singularity, I do not see the human race getting their act together to avoid this nightmare. I am of the opinion that the human race is only programmed to go so far in say hypothetically a few thousand years and then it loses the plot and then we hit the reset button, however this is a real game changer unlike other times as far as we know.

Just take a look at the world at present and all the anti social behaviour, it had to start somewhere and was not held in check. No it was allowed to get out of hand by the authorities for a reason. They are watching the reactions and learning how to control humanity right now. A social experiment at its most dangerous and no one will accept responsibility for their actions (free will universe).

Let us keep a watchful eye on where this goes over the next 10 years as it will show clearly where humanity is going. I do agree and often say there is a divide in humanity and it has already started.
Now we are also being told this is so by the media often, is it possible that this is a prearranged event?

Yes, I do think that is the case as it is still part of a social conditioning exercise, and I do feel the New Age movement plays a part in this too. They also are a agenda with monkey see monkey do behaviour. They like to spout love and light (Luciferian light not true light) but are really anything but what they think or believe they are. 

Monday 19 November 2018

May Gibbs Tea Towel Designs
Being a fan of the Gumnut babies, I came across these tea towels at the National Australian Botanical Gardens gift shop in Canberra a few weeks ago and just had to buy a few.

 I wanted to get a few more so I went on to the website of Rodriguez tea towels and ordered some. They arrived today and I am over the moon with them.

I wanted to share the website with everyone just in case  any of my readers are into Snugglepot and Cuddlepie ( The Gumnut babies)

Below is the link to the May Gibbs website

There are colouring pages on here for little kids and big kids too of course. What a great way to keep alive our beautiful Australiana for generations to come.

Thursday 15 November 2018

Video 96: Q&A Session #4

Watch in YT mode and look at the questions. Wes makes a comment about the so called angels in our matrix. This is exactly what I have been telling people for a few years. You will find the post down near the bottom, where some one called HH asks about them.

Wednesday 14 November 2018

Canberra Street cats Alliance Need Your Help

Canberra Street Cats Alliance really need your help people of Canberra.
They are inundated with so many cats and kittens right now. They need a lot of help to care for the fur babies big and small.

They are stretched to capacity at present with 57 cats in care, as you can see from this cut and paste from their Facebook page. Please Canberrans can you reach out in some way to help the staff and the fur babies?

It is heartbreaking and these people have families to care for just like you and I have, but feel the strong need to step up and help these unfortunate animals. I have just made a  cash donation to them a few minutes ago. I have my own fur babies to take care or two of whom are ill and 16 years old, not to mention a hyper active Jack Russell. So I am in no position to take any kitties myself or else I would.

Please Canberra spread the word and help out in any way that you can. Thank you in advance on behalf of these wonderful people at CSCA and the beautiful kitties.

I am not personally connected to the CSCA, I just share information and make donations when ever I can. Just trying to do my bit for the babies.

Canberra Street Cat Alliance is feeling at catpacity.
4 hrs
These are are just some of the 57 gorgeous cats we have in care at the moment (spread across foster homes). We are financially, logistically, and emotionally, not able to take on any more cats for the time being. The only exception is cats we have already pre-commited to helping, such as Splash and Splish's sibling (Splosh) that is still on the streets.
We are still able to assist with desexing street cats though and will continue to do so. We have:
🐱 32 kittens under 8 weeks old
🐱 5 beautiful mums nursing kittens (Dottie who is also an ELM, Penny, Calypso, Dust Bunny and Casper)
🐱 4 long-termers that are going to need intensive socialisation (Archie, Nita, Rain, Emerald)
🐱 9 adult ELM cats (Johny, June, Tina, Travis, Truman, Penny, Mathias, Lottie, Dottie)
🐱 2 siblings Splash and Splish
🐱 6 older kittens including Stevie, Tiger, Elfo, Hamish and Cleopatrick, Allie
Thank you for your understanding.

Payments can be made to CSCA   BSB  633000 ACN 163965056

Parkway Veterinary Centre Kambah Have A Kitten In Need Of A Forever Home

There is a lovely sweet natured  6 week old little tabby girl kitten at my local vet just now. She needs a very loving forever home where she can be given lots of care and attention. Her sister already has a home to go to, but poor little kitty baby will be all alone without her sister.

She is $150 and micro chipped and vet checked.

Contact Parkway Veterinary Centre on 02-231- 5129 for all the details if you are interested.

Please share this post to put the word out for people that may be interested in this kitty girl.

Video 95: Singularity in 2045 or just a Distraction?

Interesting times ahead indeed. Please watch in YT mode and read the comments.
I am curious to know what will happen to all the souls that are still in the soul trap. Will they be sent else where?  I think that is a very strong possibility.

I do not think anyone will know for sure what will happen to those souls. Never trust channeled information because it can come from anywhere and humans are very gullible at the best of times.
From trusting "invisible friends"  that they think are religious /spiritual beings looking after their welfare to friendly Et's.

Humans tend to trust way too much. Just looking at the state our world is in is a sign of that gullibility, repeating the same mistakes over and over again. 

Common sense is needed and if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck.... well you get the message.

Friday 9 November 2018

URGENT Alex Has A Change Of PayPal Address

Hi Everyone

Anyone that has come to me for a face to face reading and was given a price list via email, can you please change the PayPal address. It is now

I had not noticed the services and costs sheet was out of date with the current PayPal details.
I am sorry about that. I have amended the sheet now.

Thank you for your patience


Wednesday 7 November 2018

Video 92: Twin Flames

This whole Twin Flame thing has been flogged to death by the New Age movement. I don't buy the tripe that they spout. I feel that the Twin Flame is an aspect of our soul that we have not met or experienced.  Whether you do in this life time or an other, doesn't matter so don't stress about it.

Just live with honesty and integrity from your heart and keep it simple, life is less stressful then.

Tuesday 6 November 2018

NO! Just No, I Just Could Not Justify The Melbourne Cup

This is just heart breaking seeing this young horse end his life like this. I have never been a gambler. I did go to the occasional socialising at Melbourne Cup events up until 2013, but it was never about the horses for me.  2013 though, that was the year that turned me right off.

I do not doubt the jokey's love their horses, but at the end of the day it's all about money. You can keep your money, an animals life is worth much more than $7.3 million. I value an animals life as much as I value a human life and respect animals, but this is not respect. The poor horse is only as good as it's results to those without souls. Stick you horse racing and any other events that exploits animals.

In case you are wondering,  No I am not a vegan or any radical sort of person, I am just a person that loves animals and values all life. So please don't go thinking I am a crazy unicorns and rainbows sort of person. I am a very down to earth and tell it how it is person, nothing more.  It is about respect and love for me.

Animals are beautiful sentient beings, which in 2016 the Australian government had made a public acknowledgement about and then later did a back flip on.

Friday 2 November 2018

Queen Of The Desert - AAMI Roadside Assist TV Ad | Not Very Insurancey

Lol, love this. Reminds me of the movie Priscilla Queen of the desert. There's no Queen like an old Queen! 

Thursday 1 November 2018

Video 87: Neuro Linguistic Programming and Memes used in the Spiritual F...

I have commented already about the dangers of NLP. Here is Wes talking about it now too.
One thing they will do is keep eye contact with you while nodding their head to get you to agree, and then they touch you as they look in to your eyes, that is called anchoring.

Do not under any circumstance allow this to happen to you, even some retailers have their staff doing this to pressure you into buying something that you do not really want. Keep your wits about you and question everything.

At any public event be very careful who you talk to and above all do not let them touch you. if you feel them looking into your eyes, please break contact, walk away. Feb 2018

Friday 26 October 2018

2019 Psychic Predictions For The World

NOTE: If you have arrived here via my website please be advised that all my predictions are now transferred to my new blog.

Well this is the start of a roller-coaster ride and it is going to get worse. I am sorry to say. I wish that it wasn't so. But most people are aware that the world is in a bad way anyway. This is a long cycle yet again and we are only just at the start.

I hear the word Insanity. That pretty much sums it all up. Starting in the UK Prince Charles has only just started his turmoil. He is reluctant to step aside and let William take the throne, however I do feel that there are going to be major headaches with Charles over the coming year.

I see a new currency for a Scandinavian country; Sweden, perhaps it is just upgrading the bank notes.

President Trump puts his 2 cents worth in to the train wreck called Brexit.

Britain is in for more upheavals with Prime Minister May leaving office, I do feel there will be a lot of civil unrest and protests over Brexit, immigration and poverty.

I feel many countries will have civil unrest in 2019 with leadership issues. Some of this is due to weak ineffective leadership and minorities trying to destabilise these nations. Gradually the public are pushing back and the government will bring in the military. This I feel will flow through Europe and it is only the start of what is to come. People have had enough and want stability in their homelands.

In Britain the Queen must be very careful with public announcements due to the British people being angry at the mess the nation is in.

France is in the spot light, I see a pact being signed with other nations  and it feels military in nature. I do not get a good feeling about this. France's leaders are out of touch with the people as are many world leaders at present.

Russia will flex its muscles again in neighbouring regions. Putin is only toying with them so far.

2019 is just the start of tensions simmering to boiling point with conflicts of various types. This as we know is a build up that has been coming for a long time and the masses  have had enough of the powerful and the corrupt.

Telecommunications is a big one in the news this year, this could be about the 5 G technology that has many people worried over the health impact.

Flooding in Wales and Southern England in winter months with a storm blowing in from the Atlantic.

I hear the words 'eye in the sky" , this could be about the use of drones for times of disaster to assist in rescue work, which is a wonderful idea. I feel this is also in the UK.

Back in the US, can President Trump stop all the destabilisation of his leadership? I don't think so. This was always going to be a constant nagging until he is ousted. He has enemies on 3 sides making it very difficult for him to survive. He clearly cannot trust his staff either.

Copyright Alex Fulford 26 October 2018

Update: This is early lol, but Drones in rescue work. This is in Canberra

This is only the start. Australians have been going through hard financial times for a few years unlike many European nations.
 Scroll to the bottom of the article, Latvia are now protesting.


This is not good, do not expect the west to help here, they have their own problems not to mention some powerful Western leaders and bankers/ business men have a financial vested interest in war, Ka Ching!  I do not think they have the money or the power to really do anything.  Not at present anyway unless they team up with China. But which one gets to be top dog?

UPDATE: CIVIL UNREST IN EUROPE. Sadly this is it already starting spreading out from France, but bear in mind with these protests, all is not as it seems. I would not be participating in anything violent if I was them.
Rome, Italy.


UPDATE: dec 2019  UN protest in Spain


UPDATE: Prince Charles  Hypocrisy at its best, I remember how he treated Diana and his cavorting with  Camila. Moral values and ethics, right!  In 2023 Charles problem are still going on from 2019


EUROPE: Protests



UPDATE: Brexit
New Passports, very optimistic I say 😆😲All the delay tactics are a dog and pony show.

UPDATE December 2020, let the circus act continue 🤣🤣 72 hour deadline. This ain’t going to work, read the comments below the article. 

UPDATE: Queen Elizabeth on Brexit

The Queen should butt out of this, she is part of the ruin of the UK, due to the 1973 document she signed. She does not care about the people of the UK, she is part of the evil elite that enslave us.

This is west coast Scotland (where I come from), not sure if Wales and England will cop some of this.  November 2019

UPDATE: UK Theresa May  Don't think for one minute things will get better.  THERESA MAY RESIGNS

UPDATE: 5G Brussels have banned 5G already. Please read this but follow up on this on YouTube and Internet searches on the dangers of  5G. This is a dearth knell on all living things mark my words. Take a good look at all the trees being cut down in the place you live, destroying nature for technology that is incompatible with life. Trees are the lungs of the planet, the give us oxygen, they hold the soil together or else we have landslides like Indonesia had many years ago when they cut all their trees down. 


I am sorry I have not been keeping an eye on this one, but there have been several staff leave and many problems for Trump's administration as can be seen by a Google search anyway.

UPDATE: The Queen must watch what she says in public.
Did the Queen just weigh in on Brexit?

UPDATE: Flooding in England


UPDATE: Civil unrest, Paris December 2019

Monday 22 October 2018

Psychic Predictions For Australia In 2019

The coming year for Australia seems to be dominated with health and money issues.
First up I see legal issues for the government as they struggle with the balance of power.
Talk about shutting the gate when the horse has bolted.

There is an air of naivety in both the politicians minds and the public's minds. Avoidance of critical  issues and clearly the government is not up to the job.

I hear Scott Morrison's name  but I do not see him being Prime Minister for much longer. I still feel his days are numbered. He has hung on by default. I hear the words, the robes do not fit the man. He could quite easily give way to Josh Frydenberg.

Scott Morrison does not have what it takes to be PM either in reality as we already know he lacks bite.

Bill Shorten s only a gate keeper, and that is what most leaders are these days anyway.

Politics as we knew it is dead now, and it is now more obvious that it is a blend of corporate politics that we have; and it is here to stay. It will be openly stated that corporations control politics, and the reason being is that those in control don't really care now who knows it. This is very bad for Australians as the power slips through their fingers. The warning signs were there more than ten years ago and no one wanted to stop this.

I see two new political parties emerging, however they will not last nor will they be effective. As usual they will give their votes to the main parties, so much for having effect. Yet another smoke screen. With this though; I think many in the public will waken up to this  and voice their displeasure.

Kerryn Phelps will start her transition to federal politics in Canberra as an independent. Yes she will go for the Liberal party in the long run. She will stay an independent for a while until the time is right for her to move into Liberal ranks in reality she is a Liberal through and through.

Before you vote for Phelps take a look at this filth she comes out with in this video below. A leopard does not change its spots. I would not tolerate anyone in politics with views like this. I am not anti gay as I have loved ones  and very good friends that are gay. This has absolutely nothing to do with being gay.

Retail is in the spot light this year with Coles supermarkets new management strategies. Wanting to be top dog. Coles will give Woolworths a major headache.

Consumerism will be a powerful political tool this year reaching out to the voters. They do not really care what the consumer want, they are telling you what you want. Remember it is control the food; and you control the people. I do feel a public backlash will happen due to the ousting of many household brands and the lack of real choice. The rumblings have already started.

I do feel this will worry the major Supermarkets and so it should. They have had total control for way too long. Remember this is about helping the Australian economy too. More Australian products are in demand.

Money scandals in the news again involving the ATO and the ACCC and large corporations.

Skills shortages in the news all year. This feels like something is being done to address the shortage.

Health wise our national health system is failing in basic standards yet again. This is an avoidable situation that was allowed to happen. Arrogance and incompetence in high places are part of the cause.

I do not see  a proper solution to this situation as there is not enough money being injected in to fix the problem. It is just going to be the usual band aid job.

Health funds  will put their prices up again this year. Meaning this service will be out of reach for more people.

China continues to be a thorn in the side of  the Australian government again. This situation cannot be avoided and our leaders clearly are incapable of understanding the strategies employed by the Chinese government.

Security and cyber security need to be tightened up because there is more potential for embarrassment for the federal government. The heads of government are not listening to advice so we end up in an embarrassing situation yet again.

My advice is not to have private contractors handling our sensitive government information. In reality they do it because it is cheap. It was made this way for situations to happen really. No intelligent leaders of note are so careless unless there is an ulterior motive. Think loose lips sink ships! We have already seen results of this and it is about to happen yet again this year.

I see tears in 2019 as a prominent male person suddenly passes away form a long illness. This man is connected in some way to finance.

John Howard will have a minor health scare, he will recover. John has a long life as longevity runs in his family.

Privacy issues will be back in the spotlight again.

Travelling overseas, please make sure all of your paperwork is in order or you will have a few upsets.
These are those little things such as forgetting to declare something, or not having a current up to date visa etc. Please also make sure you take out travel insurance, it is a must do, if you can afford to go overseas then you can afford to take out insurance, or it could be put you in a dire situation should you become ill or injured.

I do see the economy slowing a little, but I feel this is only temporary. It will be brought under control. It is vital the government slow down the money leaving our shores to keep us in the black.

They must start to invest in Australia again or we will become a backwater. Investing in our nation and the people will keep us strong.

Now the elections, boy this is a difficult one for me. I do feel the date will be called in the cool (autumn) weather. I see the numbers 6 and 1 as I look at the 8 of pentacles connected to the elections.

In the ALP  (Australian Labor Party) camp things are getting brutal and the knives are out. There are two people trying to topple Bill Shorten. One is a female and the other a male. They only team up to oust Bill Shorten but other than that they have no allegiance to each other. This is just business.

As I look at the cards I notice the three of pentacles, at the top of the card the brick work feels unstable. There are three big pentacles and a small pentacle, a rising star perhaps. Below that is a single pentacle. Indicating one will be pushed out. That I feel is Bill Shorten. We know from last years predictions he is on thin ice. I did say Malcolm Turnbull would fall and then Bill Shorten. This is it.

It is possible that Bill is ousted prior to the elections. Bill is fully aware of the score anyway, its just the way things are in politics.   Bill is also a toothless tiger the same as the NLP leader. This is  mere sign of the times.

Now with the new leader, there will be a baptism of fire to test their metal. He will be a pushy person, but his people behind him will put him in a nasty situation to see how he copes. How  he comes out of this will tell us what sort of person he is. Can he think on his feet?

The leader of the ALP will be male and the deputy/ vice  will be female. Now should the ALP win I do feel it will harm the economy. I do not do politics and have no interest in politics. I am only going by what I see in the cards.

The winner of the elections will be a dark haired man going bald. Boy that looks like Josh Frydenberg, Peter Dutton or whom ever is replacing Bill Shorten.

This dark haired man is comfortable on the world stage and will travel most of his life. He can be a smooth talker when he wants to be or be very blunt. He is very pro Australia. I feel this man already knows he will be prime minister. The reason that I say that is it is all stage managed.

The job is no walk in the park and I am sure he is walking into what he thinks is his hearts desire, but in reality it is anything but. He is in for a rude shock.

I do feel this election needs to be investigated due to corruption and the media interfering. I feel the government must get very tough on the media for interfering in politics because they are doing so much damage deliberately. This is criminal activity that must not be tolerated in Australia.

Australia is not going to be sitting in a good situation for the next ten to twenty years and it means a long recovery.

Here I have said the Australian Labor Party would win.

It is  a bit early to say, but if things get worse it will happen in the new governments watch.

Copyright Alex Fulford 22 October 2018

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UPDATE: China a Thorn in Australia's side/

 Watch China freak over this.  You can bet your arse the Australian Labor Party will roll over for China when they win the elections. This is treason, but hey remember the change in law this year to  sedition, espionage etc.

I will just leave that for people to think about. You are either for Australia or you are a traitor no in between folks.
How many more individuals are doing this that we don't know of? There are literally thousands of hackers and cyber criminals operating out of China that we know of. A bit of research and you will find out for yourself. This is the reality of the modern world.
 They must think we are stupid, they know full well who is behind this.
. The ANU hacked, got to question their intelligence in not seeing this coming. Stupid is as stupid does! You don't see banks or government departments like the Tax office or the welfare system being attacked. Spend the bloody money and fix the shit. Most places get hacked because they do not spend the money, listen to advice and employ idiots. And if you pay crap wages you get crap employees.  Above is the follow up to the previous issue.


This is preventable, and looks like the usual suspects. IT staff need to lift their game. This is why out sourcing happens, Muppets that are crap at their jobs.

UPDATE: China the thorn in Australia's side
28 Jan 19 It is what it is, no ifs or buts!

Not one of Australia's politicians can be trusted , Julie Bishop in deep with China selling us out. Think about that consorting with a communist country which is hostile to our nation, and espionage is rife, where is the public anger?  Most people are too busy watching sport or have their head in a beer glass they couldn't care less. Which just goes to show the under educated masses are  incapable of total comprehension of the big picture.

The politicians are fully aware of this fact and know they can get away with it.
This is what happens when one has no self respect or respect for our nation. Anything but patriotic, more like idiotic.

 China Interrogated Australian residents  April,7 2019.


Even though this article is directed at the US , it also applies to people living in Australia should they travel to China. Stop and think about what this could mean to you and your family. You have been warned! You know the risks! Egypt  Vietnam

 PASSPORTS, check how much time you have left is it under 6 months?   Something we can easily forget, including our children's passports.

November,  2019. This is not a suitable place for young women to go to, common sense seems to have gone out the window  these days.  There is so much crime happening with tourists and anyone with common sense avoids this place.

It may have been  a good idea to contact DEFAT  for help also, bit late now.

 UPDATE: CYBER CRIME: Federal Parliament security breach.

 New party registered Feb 2019, The Women's Party , 20 Feb 2019
 The Small Business Party 22 Feb 2019



A passport is a legal document, you do not treat it disrespectfully.  All legal documents must be kept in pristine condition. There is no excuse for this. Her parents should have explained this to her. This is a respect thing, no if's
or but's, it is a legal requirement to keep you passport and all legal documents clean, safe and legible. Man detained in China, sadly this did not have to happen.
Google warning about travel safety.


This is a horrible situation, she overstayed her visa in to the bargain. The Australian government let her down very badly too.

UPDATE: Prominent man dies connected to finance


I think this will drag on all year.  Australian Economy


Medivac health issue. This is very serious and will compromise Australia's borders.
Health fund increase  This is understandable as Dr Teo says, there are people to be paid and it all adds up.

PUDATE: Health and cyber security, November 2019. You employ muppets then expect this !

UPDATE: Skills shortage

UPDATE: Elections: The numbers 1 and 6 that turns out to be march 16th  in the NSW elections early voting.

Elections Bill Shorten resigns.
  Well I am surprised but not surprised with the NLP winning the elections. I got some of the stuff right though, lol. Billy boy is gone :P  So it could be Anthony Albanese as the new leader and Tania Plibersek as deputy. Check out the hair colour dark originally but gone grey and going bald/ receding.


The Australian Taxation Office  will not ask you to use gift cards and they will contact customers by mail. Taxation is a Federal government service and is not a state or territory issue.  If the police have to be involved in a taxation fraud then it is a Federal police matter and they will act along with the ATO.
 Sometimes it is best not to poke the bear.



Shame they don't return to the great Coles cafeterias of old. They closed in the early 1980's.

UPDATE: Baptism of fire

He is going to need a miracle to stop this train wreck. Pee on it and walk away, I would quit the party if I were him and not be associated with them.


Wait I need to put on some pretty red lipstick. I like to look pretty when I am being screwed 😛
The average worker is just getting less and less and corporations rip us off all the time. But hey  lets pick on the small fish and look the other way with the rich and powerful.

UPDATE: ECONOMY This is one that I dread, after growing up in the 70s/80s recession in Scotland and Australia.


Did I not say the elections need to be investigated. I am disgusted at the type of people we have  in politics these days.  Vile self serving and corrupt to the very core, I have no time for  liars and crooks. How many  politicians are selling Australia out to China? There are several and they should be sacked including the forfeiting of their pensions.

This must not be tolerated in our great nation. We are now an embarrassment in the eyes of the world.

UPDATE: Banking ANZ BANK and Westpac

UPDATE:  24 August 2020  John Howard in hospital. I must point out predictions as well as things that come up in a tarot reading can be 12  months out of sync. Things can happen that can alter anything in life and time is not a fixed thing.