Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Sam Vaknin: the TRUE toxicity of social media revealed

This is quite an interesting interview, I get what he is saying, as I have been reading up on all of what he is saying for many years, but this man is not what you think either.  From women and body image, the fashion industry, Hollywood ( the name derived from the magic wand used by Druids is made from the Holly tree for casting spells/illusion) right through to how humanity is devolving due to their lack of true spirituality. Humans have made free will choices here every inch of the way, they have free will to a degree and wasted it due to arrogance and ignorance.

What people don't realize is the energy harvesting that goes on here on a spiritual and emotional level; it is very real and destructive. We all must be more vigilant when it comes to social media and definitely limit our time and use of this addictive tool. Too many trolls  are out there waiting to insult you and bring you down, just because they can. It is the playground of Narcissists and psychopaths so why let them into your life? If you don't know people on the social media platform then do not talk to them.

Have very little about yourself on the platform too, by having personal information there for others to see, you are giving valuable information for cyber bullies to attack you. Is it any wonder so many young people self harm or suicide these days in this toxic world and no one to help them or protect them?

One thing that I never do is selfies, to me it screams out I have no brain cells and insecure. People need to develop a strong sense of self, being grounded in reality and not become a walking ego with no authentic soul energy. Invest in a healthy mind and soul, reach out to loved ones and connect or it will be gone before  you know it.

This all ties in to AI take over and transhumanism/ singularity, I do not see the human race getting their act together to avoid this nightmare. I am of the opinion that the human race is only programmed to go so far in say hypothetically a few thousand years and then it loses the plot and then we hit the reset button, however this is a real game changer unlike other times as far as we know.

Just take a look at the world at present and all the anti social behaviour, it had to start somewhere and was not held in check. No it was allowed to get out of hand by the authorities for a reason. They are watching the reactions and learning how to control humanity right now. A social experiment at its most dangerous and no one will accept responsibility for their actions (free will universe).

Let us keep a watchful eye on where this goes over the next 10 years as it will show clearly where humanity is going. I do agree and often say there is a divide in humanity and it has already started.
Now we are also being told this is so by the media often, is it possible that this is a prearranged event?

Yes, I do think that is the case as it is still part of a social conditioning exercise, and I do feel the New Age movement plays a part in this too. They also are a agenda with monkey see monkey do behaviour. They like to spout love and light (Luciferian light not true light) but are really anything but what they think or believe they are.