Wednesday 20 July 2016

Alex's Psychic abilities

Clairvoyance (clear seeing)

Clairaudient (clear hearing

Clairsentient (clear empathy,feeling)

Clairhambient AKA Clairgustance (Clear tasting)

Clairalience (Clear smelling, such as smoke, perfume food etc)

Clairtangent (psychometry and scrying this is reading form a personal object or a photograph) in some cases Alex hears music or the deceased person shows her a sort of psychic film in her head to relay to the client.

Other skills include:  Automatic writing, wax readings, Trance Mediumship, Channeling, Masking (when a deceased person's face comes over Alex's face) Note: this is not shape-shifting Alex is not comfortable with such things.

Alex does not feel the person masking her, however she is told by the client during the consultation. This often happens to Alex within her family during family events where deceased loved ones mask over her, to let her family know they are around and aware of the event such as a birthday or anniversary.  It is quite harmless and nothing to be afraid of.

Alex is a spiritual healer which runs in her family. Her father, Alex Paterson is a well known spiritual healer, and a few of her cousins are also spiritual healers. 

These abilities are what a person inherits if you like over many life times and in some cases we bring them from a previous life into the current incarnation to use.

Alex's mother was Clairalient  and Clairaudient all her life and when a loved one passed on she would hear their voice and smell their perfume or cigarette smoke if they were a smoker.  

In 2013 Alex was awarded the Australian Psychics Association's Psychic of the year for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

In 2015 Alex was awarded a 5 star rating in the US by Maximilien de Lafayette,
and is mentioned in his book, "When heaven calls you"

Alex is a published writer and a former US radio show host on psychic matters.


I would like to give absolute validation to Alex Fulford as a genuine working psychic and medium. Over many years I have taught psychic development and intuitive ability both for the Spiritualist church, formula one racing drivers and to the UK intelligence services. I am considered a world authority on various psychic and healing modalities and the sacred power of touch. I studied under many masters including Harry Edwards and I can vouch for Alex Fulford in terms of ability, motivation, honesty and her duty of care to the vulnerable and the needy.
T Stokes, London UK.

Alex has a truly unique gift. After readings I have observed her do, for her clients and for myself, I find that she has lifted everyone’s spirits.

As a Psychic and Medium myself I find her readings are clear, accurate and her in depth perceptions and predictions on different situations is spot on.

She also has a wicked sense of humour, which makes the readings a lot of fun! I have sent many friends to see her and they all leave feeling inspired, and excited. They are aware of just where their journey is taking them; enabling them to be able to make positive life choices to enhance their path.

Alex has done some wonderful mediumship work for both myself and my husband- what a gift!

Carol Miegel

Madame Carole

Giralang ACT, Australia

I am literally blown away by what you have said

Tracie Austen
Lets Talk Paranormal TV show and The Tracie Austen TV Show, Las Vegas USA. February 2012

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