Wednesday 30 January 2019

Card of the month: 9 of Pentacles, February 2019

Well to start with this card "seems" to be rather ominous. We see a man with a bandage on his head
which signifies a wound, real or imagined. He is firmly holding a stave or wand in his hands for protection and grounding. Wands signify ideas and thoughts in the Tarot and thoughts are energy in motion.

Notice the gaps between the wands behind the man. They are like escape routes should he choose to use them. But also the wands or staves are behind him meaning they are in his past. They are not on the path that he is standing on, they are behind it. This also lets us know there is a degree of safety here as the wands are not touching him or on the path he is on.

The sky above him is a clear blue sky which is also a good sign as there are no clouds present.  Notice the man is looking over his shoulder looking to the past and worrying about his safety.
His sleeves are rolled up ready for hard work. Reminding us there is hard work to be done this month.

What this card is telling us is we must not dwell on the past lest it repeats itself. Change and difficulties are present but can be overcome. We must work hard to overcome these difficulties and hardships. We must stay focused and persevere no matter what.

February will be a difficult month for many people, so please take precautions. It is not a month to take risks. Firm goals and action need to be taken. Especially on a financial level.

Care must be taken in order to avoid martyrdom. This is a serious warning to people in general so please take heed. If you are short of money, please do not lend any or you will be in need of assistance from a charity. It is best to direct the person in need to such an agency (Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul etc).

Gossip in the work place is indicated too for the month of February, this also translates into the political sphere also. Loos lips sink ships remember ( Not Moose lips, lol).

Great care needs to be taken when communicating with others this month, what ever you do , please do not make the mistake of being the victim, so stand up for yourself and stand your ground. You do have the strength and the ability to do so.  Just remember to think before reacting, deep breath and count to 10.

February is a month of pressure and stress for many so be warned and if you can avoid the pressure and stress then it is advisable to do so. No one thanks a martyr, the just step over them and walk on.

Now a word of advice after saying this, you are the ruler of your own destiny, nothing is set in stone. If you have to do something then do it like a boss.

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Tuesday 29 January 2019

The Twisted Web Of The EAT Lancet Commission's Controversial Campaign To Eradicate Meat Consumption

The insanity just keeps on coming. I have been aware of this push for a few years now. This is about weakening the masses both mentally and physically.
Remember the multi pronged attack on humanity? Well this is just one small part. They want to bring us to our knees.

The push has started and can be seen on Facebook and other social media what young people do not understand when they are brainwashed by this communist cowboy outfit is the brain no longer gets the nutrition that it needs and neither does the body. Mental health problems will arise due to the lack of essential vitamins and minerals.

A vegan diet if not done correctly will do a lot of damage to the body and it is a rather expensive lifestyle diet for the average person.
There are also people with medical conditions that need red meat in order to survive due to illness.  Are these people supposed to die? Well yes, that is the idea.

Don't forget most crops have glyphosphates and other toxic chemicals in them. Think of the damage that does to our bodies. I am a strict vegetarian myself but I do feel people have the right to decide what foods they eat especially for optimum health.  Keep an eye on this agenda and watch how they promote this, with mainstream media assisting.

Sunday 27 January 2019

45 years Of Registration statistics, is both useless and dangerous by Alfred R Wallace

This is a vital article in the truth of vaccines. Don't take my word for it though research for yourselves.

Revealed: The Australian companies manipulating our weather

I am not sure how much truth is in this, but most people are fully aware of the geo engineering or weather modification (HAARP) that has been going on for decades.

But I thought that I would post this here for people to read and do their own research. I don't often get the time to do this because I have my work to do, look after my family, house work, and all the mum stuff every day. It's a hard gig being a mum ya know. Especially with elderly fur babies.

Whinge timeπŸ˜ΉπŸ˜ƒ

The 10 year old Guinea pig that keeps on going like an ever ready battery. I had her at the vet for a nail trim and a hair cut on Wednesday, and when I was their I asked them to check up on when her sister Rosy was put to sleep, it turned out to be 2009. Well we had Mopsey and Rosy about 2 years I think when Rosy was ill with a heart defect and was dying. So then long story Mopsey is ancient as far as GP's go.  I have her indoors and boy between her and Daisy  chucking kitty litter around my vacuum cleaner is never off. Hence being time poor.

Saturday 26 January 2019

Happy Australia Day Possums

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Happy Australia day Possums! I hope everyone has a nice day and stays safe. Do not drink and drive.
Don't take things to seriously, just chill out and enjoy your day off work.

Canberra is bracing for 40 degrees today, I know that its much hotter elsewhere so please put water our for the animals including our wildlife. They need human assistance in the heat, so lets all do our bit for the animals.

Warm and fuzzy hugs, Alex

Wednesday 23 January 2019


This is very simple to do, but your intention must be firm or you are wasting your time.
You can buy white sage in a health food shop, new age shop or online. I also sell white sage in a couple of sizes at a cheap price.

Keep this simple ok, no need to open all drawers’ cupboard doors etc. That is silly and makes not one bit of difference. People are often told this stuff word of mouth and believe it without having a proper knowledge of the subject.

First, open the windows in the room you are working in, because this will get quite smoky.
Start in one corner and work your way around the room, making the symbol which resonates with you. Be it a cross, a pentagram or whatever you feel is correct for your faith. 

Then use words similar to this, “I cleanse this corner/space in the name of all that is and all that ever will be” or words that you prefer.
Do smudge over windows, doors, mirrors and TV or computer screens as they can and do act like a portal for negative entities. 

This should be done in every room in the house, hallways, back and front door.
The windows and doors of a house are like the eyes and ears of the house. Doorways are like a portal. So please make sure that you smudge these too.

For most cleansing's this is enough, however heavy infestations of negative energy may require the burning of Frankincense, Myrrh and Dragons Blood resin, which you can buy on line or in a new age
shop, such as the Hierophant at Griffith shops. This should fix most problems.

There are very odd occasions when a nasty entity is present and won’t leave. Don’t try to do this yourself. Please get in touch with someone that knows how to do this, as it can be quite harmful.
Under no circumstances speak to an entity, you have no idea what or who it really is. Nasty entities will try to convince you they are good loving beings until they have won you over, then they start to cause harm. I must point out this sort of thing is very rare indeed.

When moving into a rental property it is nice to clear the energy and gold lighting  and or smudging is a good start. Plenty sunshine through the windows to lift the vibrations of the house too. People tend to leave emotional energy where ever they live so when you walk in to the house it can feel a bit flat or uncomfortable. Hence doing a cleansing or smudging.

Did you know that by law real estate agents must tell you if a violent crime or a death happened in the house? Some people are very sensitive to the energy in such a house and would not be happy living in a house where tragedy has occurred.

Antartica's Hidden History - Corporate Foundations Of Secret Space Programmes by Michael Salla

I have just read this, I knew a lot of it but not everything. I just wanted to share it with others.
Below is the link to the website that I got in on, and it is worth having a good look through if you are interested in this sort of stuff. 

Every little bit forms a giant jigsaw of information on our reality and what is going on. Sooner rather than later we will all have to deal with this in one form or an other.

Some books here I have a firm dislike for but it is up to you to choose for yourself, do not form a fixed opinion, stay open and play observer.

Just looking at the news in the Canberra times and I saw this, lol. Funny  Antarctica is popping up everywhere at present. Nothing happens by chance as they say. 

Monday 21 January 2019

Lost Land Of The Lizard People

Very interesting reading. I have never read any David Icke stuff for the record.
But I am very aware of the reptilian ET's as would most people that read my blog.

I am just not into banging on about them, yes they exist as do many other ET races ( there are supposedly at least 250 star races that the MIC are aware of according to on of the retired Canadian military officers involved), including us.  All I am saying is read and keep an open mind.

What you are reading is not anything new. There is nothing new on this earth, it only is coming back into public knowledge because it is time. What was common knowledge 5 thousand years ago is only just resurfacing.

Everything old is new again, because the planet works on cycles or ages, Astrological cycles.  This age though is taking us a giant step forward.

Trump is pushing the military to get ready to fight in space, but the US Army is worried about fighting underground CHRISTOPHER WOODY AUG 10, 2018, 6:47 AM

OK, This is just freaky. What are the implications here?  I have read some really weird shit on the internet about this sort of warfare  and military men that have been on black Op's  ending up homeless and with mental health issues.

Something dark is going on but I won't get into that. People can do their own Googling and find things out for themselves.

Sunday 20 January 2019

Exposing Earth's Covert Controllers: The Archons by R M Stanley

I posted this link right at the end of the last post, however some people will have read the post before I found this. I have a similar blog article else where on the blog relating to mental health and entities.  This is from 216

Saturday 19 January 2019

A Word of warning

There are people advocating a mass meditation this weekend an 20th and 21st, 2019.
I strongly feel this can be quite harmful, and any one that reads my blog should be very well aware that mass events are used by dark entities, such as dark ET's and their human counterparts on earth in the physical world for energy harvesting.

These individuals need your permission and consent to do this and at the same time keep the masses ignorant to the true intentions. Cosmic law dictates that the truth should be given to everyone in order to agree or disagree, and these are the entities that created cosmic law in this universe. They also built or constructed this fake universe from the true spiritual multiverse). As I have often stated there is nothing in cosmic law that says that the information cannot be obscured in any way.

Mass events on this planet of any sort, are always used for energy harvesting( yes even yellow vest rally's and any sort of protest), and the dates of the events have a vibrational frequency that has to be used in order to optimise the energy being harvested. This is where you need to know a little bit bout numerology. That opens up so much more information on the subject. The final assembly point is always a significant place too, such as a prominent public building. People need to research why this is done in order to understand the importance and real significance behind the event and where it is to start and finish. This is a very important part of energy harvesting for dark purposes. There are always people in hidden positions of power that dictate the events details that the general coordinators are not informed about. It is a need to know basis to protect the real purpose.

If people are unaware of such things, then the should not be doing this, let alone meditating. Not everything in the unseen world is good and anything that is close to the 3rd dimension is certainly not good or have pure and loving intentions. They sure as hell are not spiritually clean either.

For the record the dates 20 to 27 January are used for black magic, think about that! Why were those dates picked? It is not for humanities benefit.

Just click on the link and read this. Spiritually uneducated people ( I do not intend to be condescending or insulting here, No, I mean the individual does not know what they need to know to make them spiritually aware and truly self empowered on a spiritual level), tend to accept things at face value. That is a fatal mistake that is all too often made.

This can be very dangerous. I know people that follow blindly all the stuff that is spouted by their so called guru's that have little to no spiritual education nor moral compass. It is all energy harvesting to feed narcissist's egos and keep others hanging on, out of fear and the feeling of they are inadequate individuals. But the reality is the so called teacher, guru or what ever tag you give them is the one that is inadequate, especially spiritually and ethically.

You do not need any one to guide you, only your heart and your moral compass, nothing else other than a good sense  of self, not to be confused with the ego. I am talking about a strong and clean aura,
or energy field that strengthens the mind, body and spirit.

You do not need a guide or any one else. So ditch them, they need you and your money.
The golden rule with meditation is avoid groups. I have seen too many times the entities that hang around these groups and manipulate the people. They harvest their energy and replace it with dirty energy which leave the person euphoric for a very short time but then wears off and they feel empty or drained.

That my dears is how it works. But these beings are cunning they will also use disguises, which can be anything from an American Indian or a noble Chinese wise man, a benevolent ET. They use all sorts of tricks. I had a so called guide that presented as a Roman soldier many years ago until I suddenly realized what was going on and said NO. The unaware person automatically trusts the so called spirit guide and then finds themselves giving away their free will to the being.  Big mistake and it can cost you your sanity, your reputation or even your life.

Please Google the date 20th January 2019, you will see a list of websites endorsing the Full Moon Meditation. Do your self a favour and avoid this evil abuse of humanity.

Never, ever talk to anything in a meditation other than your higher-self and go in through your true heart centre. Never ever go externally as you are then into the Matrix and will be led astray. The true spiritual universe is within us and one must go through the heart and also via our higher self. Never , ever any other way.

Again I kindly ask you to read the works of Wes Penre on this ( PDF here is slightly out from what I have written here but you will see the reason,  the 5G is a much needed tool to link us by our minds in to the wrong spiritual  path). Remember Wes is not psychic, he cannot see these entities like I do.  I would also ask you to re read if you have already done so.

This is where we are at right now, and whether we like it or not that 5G also links us to the matrix through our minds. So even when meditating, some individuals could get side tracked into the matrix without even realizing.  I want people to stay safe, stay self empowered and in control of their mind, body spirits.

Please click on this link and read about archons and human energy harvesting. Now do you see why I am warning not to get involved in any mass event?
 Of course you have free will, it is up to you to do what you want but always remember there is a price for every thing we do. 

Friday 18 January 2019

Wednesday 16 January 2019

Mind Control in Australia BY DAVID THRUSSELL

I hate to say it but he is correct. I find these days I cannot even have an intelligent conversation with people about what is going on in Australia or the world. Everyone has their mind on sport, booze or both. Ask a political question and it's all about the ALP (the Australian Labor Party) no one  is game to publicly discuss real issues that affect all of us , for example our health service in deliberate freefall or our aging infrastructure, which is occasionally repaired very poorly by contractors from overseas.

I could go on, but I am sure you get the message. The Western world is in a programmed freefall and no one wants to stop that either. No one is held accountable either, but Joe Public is too lazy to fight for their freedom or their rights. So be it, humanity is degenerating by free will.

Monday 14 January 2019

Disease of the soul, we all have it

Disease of the soul (Wetiko/Wetico)  infects and affects everyone on this planet. That is why I keep saying be careful of the thoughts that you hold. This infection was inserted into Homo Sapiens Sapiens from their creation and allowed to spread through the species. It is like a computer program/ virus, that has been inserted into our psyche. Evil, that is the name of the disease. If you know about Archons then you will understand what I am talking about.

The Archons and other dark and evil beings need this evil to feed from on an energy level. We are their food while here on earth and  it is not in our best interest to incarnate over and over, and it certainly was not the original intention for ontoenergetic beings (us).

This grip over humanity cannot be stopped, we have become like spiritual lepers and all by grand design and from the researching that I have done over the years, it is not just happening on this planet.  No, it is spread throughout the universe to many star races that are on the same frequency as us.  This disease of the soul stops humanity waking up and taking back their rightful spiritual power and moving out of the matrix (outside of this reality we think is the universe).

We are descending deeper into darkness  and the vibrational frequency is dropping fast. That is why it is vital to practice spiritual cleansing immediately, and the first step is by refusing to do evil ie:  lie, cheat, steal,  kill, sexual depravity and immoral behavior etc. We must avoid those that are toxic and not participate in knowingly  wrong doings. A strong sense of self and a strong moral compass is needed to beat this evil, and not everyone has the strength to do this.

That  thought that comes to a person telling them to do something they know is wrong, but they go and do it anyway. That is the disease/evil that consumes the soul and destroys the soul.  Currently we are seeing it being played out every day around us and we say to our loved ones the world is going mad, it is insane. Yes, it is and we must not participate in this insanity or we are doomed.

The media, including the Internet and the entertainment industry are the main tools to further this disease of the soul. That is why I avoid as much of it as possible. Subliminal messaging is employed to get into your mind and soul and one needs to be aware of it to be able to avoid it.

Fear is the big tool being used right now to make us angry and reactive. We must withdraw from that immediately. Take a look at the 20th century wars and suffering, we have learned nothing from all of that, so much so that we allow it to flow on to this very day.

We are back in to fear, violence and anger; which stops the rational mind functioning and our spiritual side gets pushed aside by this infection of the soul and psyche. The next step is we are all flung into a world war yet again as the whole world is being manipulated on many fronts to divide people and get them hating each other. We have cultural issues all over the planet and we are witnessing the destruction of  civilization as we know it. Again it is all by design and it again keeps our spiritual energy suppressed.

Look at the amount of child abuse and the abuse of animals that is going on at present, is horrific. I can not bring myself to read this stuff. Every day the news has articles that are just too distressing to read.

Then there is the homeless, those with mental health problems being abused or neglected, soldiers and EMS workers being abused or shockingly high suicides that are all over the world at present because people do not want to be here any more.

Sadly most people do not know about the soul trap and go right back to square one and are brought right back here to suffer again!  I won't get into the stuff behind that because I feel many people reading this are not really ready for that shock.

Anger and fear are very important tools in this war against humanity and it works so well over the past millennia, again and again, humans reincarnate and keep repeating the programme, because they do not know that it is a controlled and artificial reality. Only now some people have worked it out, but are ridiculed for knowing this fact.

After many people are dead from war, terrorism etc, and at this point in time many are becoming infertile, (not a coincidence BTW). Remember the Georgia guide stones? Only a small population is needed after these steps are complete.
The next move is artificial intelligence and the hive or herd mind. Game over and the human race has lost. The urgency with rolling out 4G and now 5G  is part of the enslavement of humanity.

Humans, being electromagnetic beings, this network is designed to interface with us biologically and energetically too. You will start seeing the hive or herd mind  mentality being more and more obvious from now on. I have mentioned the nano particles that are in our bodies in other posts, they are there to work with the 4G and now 5G technology, so you can expect more crazy behaviour and hive mind from this not to mention cancer and other  helth problems. Yes they will push for war as per the programmed agenda.

There will be a loss of empathy and compassion as human minds will be able to be reprogrammed and will only respond to their programming. How frightening is that, but even more scary is they are working on this right now, including patenting humanity. That will come eventually with the madness that is taking place right now.

Human cloning is much more advanced than people know, so just add the hive mind and no soul for a moral compass to tell right from wrong and hey presto, brave new world, but take it to an other level. Nano travel and inter-dimensional travel for warfare.

That is part of the new agenda for humanity’s future and is already being discussed in academic circles and the MIC.

Most of humanity have already lost the game, they are just unaware because they suppress their souls spirituality using their free will.  Yet these people think a saviour will come and save them. Err NO! we are our own saviours each individual is his own saviour.

It is a sad way to end the human race, it was always a bio-genetic experiment from the get go, but many of us have evolved and we wish to move on from this evil control matrix. Will we be safe when we exit or will we be prevented from leaving, which violates free will?

The supposed rule is that when a soul graduates we can leave, but those setting the rules do not play fair.  They are not honest and do not have our best intentions at heart.

One thing to remember a soul that is unclean or infected will not be allowed in to the true spiritual universe or multiverse and we have no idea of what is out there, because we are only hearing from channelled information from within the control matrix. This information is corrupt and that is why I say do not participate in channelled material. Listen to your heart and your soul.


My sources for this post come from three sources, my intuition and experiences and the  people in the links below.

Columbus and other Cannibals: The Wetiko disease of Exploitation Imperialism ans Terrorism. by Jack D Forbes
 (look for a pdf file if you can I got mine on kindle via Amazon books)

Wes Penre

PEDOPHILE SIGNALING at the Golden Globes: HOLLYWOOD Doubles Down

I don't know why some YouTube items will not share direct to my blog as usual.
Please click on the link and watch the video.

One thing that I find odd is this guy is wearing a hat and then removes it as if there is a symbolic meaning and the sun image behind him as in solar death cult worship. But may be  it is just a coincidence.

But bear in mind those that he is talking about are involved in a solar death cult.
There are many people jumping on the band wagon with this information and many of them are paid disinfo agents too, keep that in mind, and they are usually high profile individuals.

Nothing is ever what it seems on the internet just like in every day life. He is right this is not going to stop, it will get worse. It is being ramped up like all the insanity that is taking place world wide.

Natural news: More reasons to soak up that healthy sunlight: Low levels of vitamin D linked to inflammatory markers

I have been using Vitamin B complex for a while now and I  buy the brand Bioceuticals. Luckily it has vitamin D included.

Bioceuticals is a behind the counter vitamins unlike your regular ones. It is a high potency vitamin and mineral product. I was put on to this by my naturopath years ago and I have noticed the difference.

We wouldn't need all of these vitamins if farmers went back to using natural fertilisers instead of chemical ones not to forget the glyphosphates in the soil which in turn leek into the food chain.

Saturday 12 January 2019

JOKE: Aussie Wi-Fi

After having dug to a depth of 10 feet last year, British scientists found
traces of copper wire dating back 200 years and came to the conclusion that
their anc
estors already had a telephone network more than 150 years ago.
Not to be outdone by the British, in the weeks that followed, an American
archaeologist dug to a depth of 20 feet, and shortly after, a story
published in the New York Times: "American archaeologists, finding traces of
250-year-old copper wire, have concluded that their ancestors already had an
advanced high-tech communications network 50 years earlier than the
One week later, Australia's Northern Territory Times, reported the
"After digging as deep as 30 feet in his backyard in Tennant Creek, Northern
Territory, aboriginal Billi Bunji, a self-taught archaeologist, reported
that he found absolutely fuck-all.
Billi has therefore concluded that 250 years ago, Australia had already
gone wireless..."
Makes me feel bloody proud to be Australian!

Fair dinkum, ya can't fool an Aussie! 

Thursday 10 January 2019

Wednesday 9 January 2019

Mhairi Black: It is hard for me to stomach that Waspi women who are cold and hungry are being told to apply for Universal Credit

Waspi? This is a new term for me, I must admit. This is happening in Australia too now. There are many women living in cars at present because they do not have enough to live on and next to no superannuation. This is going to get much worse as time goes on.

There are so many people homeless as it is and mostly men, but women  born in the 1950's are now looking at homelessness too. Something needs to be done about this.

Alex has technical problems with her website

Just a heads up. My website has been down for 24 hrs. dLook are looking in to it. I  cannot say I have been 100% happy with them . However I will see how things pan out. I did not have this issue with them last Christmas/New Year . Everything rand smoothly.

I could not get through their 1800 number the message bank was full also.  I finally got a reply via their Facebook Messenger and I got a phone call right away πŸ˜€ They will look into it and have my website back up today.

So in the meantime if you want to make a deposit please go into PayPal an ude my email address

This is not my personal email address it is a business one only. So please do not email me on that one. Use alexfulford63@gmail if you want to contact me or my official Facebook page 😁

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you.

Warm and fuzzy hugs Auntie Alex xxx

UPDATE: WooHoo It is back up again. Thank you dLook

Peter Dutton is pushing the states to sign up to a national child-sex offender register
Let's hope this won't get blocked by the pedo's in parliament, these bastards are teflon coated and only the small fish get caught, never the famous high profile ones unless they upset someone.

They get thrown under the bus if they put other pedo's at risk, some meet with a little accident.
Google Fiona Barrett, and read what she has been through and the people she has named, also Franka Arena Federal MP has named many in Parliament including former MP's under Parliamentary privilege, but guess what they are not in prison, what does that tell you?

This is a very sick and evil world. Evil is a disease of the soul, but not all humans have a soul and these people can commit a crime and not bat an eye lid.

Tuesday 8 January 2019

Article #5: Why We Need to Get Rid of Attachments to Exit this Matrix; By Wes Penre
Please click on the link and it will take you to the article. Since Wes wrote his books many others are jumping on the band wagon and are all over YouTube like a rash making out they are experts.

If you want the proper research then read the Wes Penre papers and follow him on YouTube and Facebook as he has returned to Facebook last October.

It is hard to get this message through to loved ones if they are not in a mind to explore this concept, even those that say they are spiritual still do not accept this because of years of programming via religion and other social constructs.

I am the only one in my family that seems to be fully aware of this information. Even thought I have advised my husband and son, it is up to them at the time of death to make the choice. They know that I won't be there to guide them as I will not be coming back  to assist and have the possibility of being trapped in the matrix again.

It is important to have a firm plan of how to safely exit the matrix and not be held back by guilt or fear. We have to get this right before we leave and meditate to have a strong connection to our higher self.  A strong sense of self, intention and purpose is needed and then stick to the exit plan.

As for the reincarnation to come back to help. You may not be with the people that you were trying to save.Will you have amnesia and forget your purpose? I do not think this will be a very easy task and could be futile and dangerous. Our population on earth will be much smaller according to many researchers too so the chance to incarnate will be slim too.

The world will be a much different place unlike the 20th century and early 21st century. Singularity already locked in place. I would give it a miss to be honest.

As for the Orion queen please keep in mind she is not human she is reptilian ( yes, as in the crap that David Icke goes on about) She still has blood on her hands and her people are not exactly free from what Wes says it is similar to here.

You do not have to follow the Orions, the first thing needed is a safe place just to be and rest, making the transition to spirit is exhausting enough but if you die from illness or trauma etc you need to heal first. Then think of your options 

So research is vital along with your firm intention to exit. 

THE RIOT ACT: Two dogs locked in car at Canberra Centre as rising numbers of pets suffer heatstroke

The message is clearly not getting through to some people, they just don't think. It is NOT ok to leave pets in the cat in the heat and especially wit the windows shut. It only takes minutes for the poor little
soul to expire (die).

Why is it that some people are just not thinking clearly? it is distressing to see this and I have witnessed this sort of thing myself. I have stood by cars and timed how long I have been there to see how long before I ring the Police, NRMA or the RSPCA.

Luckily the owners have arrived in time.They just don't seem to get it. Children are often left in hot cars too. Every summer in Australia there are reports of children left in cars ad a couple have had fatal results.
Get your act together or you should not be allowed to keep your beautiful fur babies. As for children I feel follow up welfare checks may be needed.

A sad thing to see and it speaks volumes about humanity devolving. People do not seem to have the common sense they once had.

Sunday 6 January 2019

Peacock Magic

Yesterday I went out for afternoon tea with my husband and i particularly wanted to go to a cafe that has peacocks freely roaming around. Sadly they weren't at the cafe and as I walked back to the car I thought, oh well next time perhaps. 
As we got over to the car hubby said, hey look there's a Peacock on the car. Sure enough a lovely male Peacock was sitting there looking magnificent , as they do, lol.

I got my phone out of my hand bag carefully and hoping not to frighten the Peacock. and took some photos.  Proud Mr Peacock just let me take the photos too. Hubby managed to get a good photo from inside the car too.

It was as if this Peacock knew that I had only gone to the cafe to see him/ I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to see this lovely bird. Canberra is home to wild Peacocks too, as some have started breeding in the suburb of Narabundah I would assume they flew from the area of Pialigo  near the airport to Narabundah years ago and just decided the area was just right for them and so they stayed.

The garden centres at Pialigo are the normal place to meet the Peacocks and Peahens if you are out that way shopping or having lunch, you will hear the familiar call of the Peacocks.


Friday 4 January 2019

Video 114: What Kind of Bodies will we Humans Possess when we Live in th...

Please watch in YouTube mode, read the comments also. Feel free to ask questions too.
May I remind you, you need to actually read the Wes Penre Papers to fully understand this stuff and start from level one.