Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Card of the month: 9 of Pentacles, February 2019

Well to start with this card "seems" to be rather ominous. We see a man with a bandage on his head
which signifies a wound, real or imagined. He is firmly holding a stave or wand in his hands for protection and grounding. Wands signify ideas and thoughts in the Tarot and thoughts are energy in motion.

Notice the gaps between the wands behind the man. They are like escape routes should he choose to use them. But also the wands or staves are behind him meaning they are in his past. They are not on the path that he is standing on, they are behind it. This also lets us know there is a degree of safety here as the wands are not touching him or on the path he is on.

The sky above him is a clear blue sky which is also a good sign as there are no clouds present.  Notice the man is looking over his shoulder looking to the past and worrying about his safety.
His sleeves are rolled up ready for hard work. Reminding us there is hard work to be done this month.

What this card is telling us is we must not dwell on the past lest it repeats itself. Change and difficulties are present but can be overcome. We must work hard to overcome these difficulties and hardships. We must stay focused and persevere no matter what.

February will be a difficult month for many people, so please take precautions. It is not a month to take risks. Firm goals and action need to be taken. Especially on a financial level.

Care must be taken in order to avoid martyrdom. This is a serious warning to people in general so please take heed. If you are short of money, please do not lend any or you will be in need of assistance from a charity. It is best to direct the person in need to such an agency (Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul etc).

Gossip in the work place is indicated too for the month of February, this also translates into the political sphere also. Loos lips sink ships remember ( Not Moose lips, lol).

Great care needs to be taken when communicating with others this month, what ever you do , please do not make the mistake of being the victim, so stand up for yourself and stand your ground. You do have the strength and the ability to do so.  Just remember to think before reacting, deep breath and count to 10.

February is a month of pressure and stress for many so be warned and if you can avoid the pressure and stress then it is advisable to do so. No one thanks a martyr, the just step over them and walk on.

Now a word of advice after saying this, you are the ruler of your own destiny, nothing is set in stone. If you have to do something then do it like a boss.

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