Sunday, 6 January 2019

Peacock Magic

Yesterday I went out for afternoon tea with my husband and i particularly wanted to go to a cafe that has peacocks freely roaming around. Sadly they weren't at the cafe and as I walked back to the car I thought, oh well next time perhaps. 
As we got over to the car hubby said, hey look there's a Peacock on the car. Sure enough a lovely male Peacock was sitting there looking magnificent , as they do, lol.

I got my phone out of my hand bag carefully and hoping not to frighten the Peacock. and took some photos.  Proud Mr Peacock just let me take the photos too. Hubby managed to get a good photo from inside the car too.

It was as if this Peacock knew that I had only gone to the cafe to see him/ I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to see this lovely bird. Canberra is home to wild Peacocks too, as some have started breeding in the suburb of Narabundah I would assume they flew from the area of Pialigo  near the airport to Narabundah years ago and just decided the area was just right for them and so they stayed.

The garden centres at Pialigo are the normal place to meet the Peacocks and Peahens if you are out that way shopping or having lunch, you will hear the familiar call of the Peacocks.