Wednesday 29 May 2013

Is it just me, that is disgusted with Humanity?

I get so many emails each day, some are jokes and some are not. But I have noticed the amount of racist and culturally offensive jokes and propaganda doing the rounds over the years. Now I am no saint by any means, hell I too send them (jokes). It has just been standing out more in my mind though, on how insensitive humanity really are to each other.

Why are we always at war with each other? Why do we pick on those that are "not like us", why do we think it is ok to kill or hurt others? Why do we have war between the sexes, races, religions, intellect etc? To me it seems like humanity has set itself up to fall flat on its face. We now live in a very dark time, when we no longer trust each other, within our own families, groups of friends, peers and society in general. This to me smells of dark forces at work on humanity. Divide and conquer is the old saying.
Well this is exactly what we have in our world today. This sure is an ill omen that much worse is to come upon this planet. That is unless we get our act together.

I personally want no part of violence, of war and destruction. I do not want to live with that on my conscience, nor on my akashic records, for all in the spirit world to look at me and think, that soul has done so much evil.

We all need to think about the choices we make right now. Sure we can have a joke and  poke fun, but as long as it is not done with hate or malice.
We all do have our little irks and quirks, that are part of the individual and part of our culture. Some times it is funny to notice the odd little things about each other. As long as it is not done out of hate, we can all take a good joke after all. But some people take things way too far.

Sometimes it is people behind the shadows putting out propaganda to upset others that is the problem. This is the main reason though that I see, is the real issue with our sick and distorted world. There are some people that go out of their way to create trouble  on many levels, and then send it out into the world at large. We then receive this and accept this, thinking that it is ok.  Why do we think it is ok? Why do we not check out the original source of its origin? Why are we too lazy to investigate anything?

No one wants to know the truth about anything these days, they are mentally conditioned to react this way. This is not an act of spiritually evolved beings. it is  the way of darkness infecting our souls. Distracting us to keep us away from truth, God and love. Human beings are unique and were put on this earth to live in peace and harmony. We were supposed to be the loving caretakers of this living library, that is our home.

Evil has been put on this earth deliberately to stop humanity in its tracks from finding out who we truly are and our true purpose here. That being said, and is a whole different and deeper subject. What is the next step for humanity? How long will this take? There is  no right answer to these questions. It all depends on us as a whole standing up together to stop the hunger, wars, violence in all its forms and stopping the forces of darkness in their tracks. That, I feel will take a long time the way things are going at present.

People refuse to listen and refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. It is always some one else's fault.
I feel many are in denial of what is taking place. Many refuse to see the truth of the matter. Even when they are staring in the face of danger, why is this? I have tried so many times to educate people, only to have them turn away. I am no longer willing to help others open their eyes. Let them stay asleep to evil, let them go on living selfish, meaningless and materialistic lives. But one question that always bugs me is why do people turn away from spirit? Why do they ignore the sufferings of others, be they living next door to them or overseas? Is humanity infected with evil or darkness?

There are too many whys for my liking. It just fills me with disgust to see
how low down the food chain humanity is. I do not see them evolving anytime soon. They only see what is put in front of their eyes by the powers that be. They only accept what these dark beings tell them. Where is their sense of justice and truth, love and equality. Soft Marxism is what they love,
more than the love of Spirit/ God. This is a world of darkness, humanity is responsible collectively for keeping it this way. When true suffering comes to your door you have a choice, what will you choose? Only the brave choose God.

Oh and by the way what about our beautiful animals?  Who will save them from the forces of evil? Will you? I do my bit for animals. I love nature and understand that I am part of nature. I am part of the all that is and all that ever will be.

Copyright Alex Fulford  May 2013

Thursday 23 May 2013

More Roses

Lol, I just can't help myself I went out and bought a replacement Apricot Nectar and a Royal Highness rose. Once you fall in love with roses that's it.
There are so many to choose from too. I am after the nice soft colours in a
mixture of climbers/rambling and bushes. I think standards a bit difficult to keep in shape at present due to time constraints and now winter is here.

My Royal Highness rose , I have put in to a big glazed pot so that I can keep a watchful eye on it. It is such a delightful rose to behold. The new Apricot Nectar will be put in the ground and will screen the new water tank that we just bought. Pretty soon my little paradise in suburbia will be looking wonderful. Come springtime there will be roses in full bloom to enchant all who entre the garden.


Sunday 12 May 2013

ROSES: I just can't get enough of them

Every now and then I have a strong urge to get into my garden and do something. Gardens are always a work in progress. Lately I am obsessed with roses and trying to make a highly fragrant garden.

There is just one problem though, I have a garden that gets the full sun and literally bakes in the heat. I have planted evergreen shrubs on my fence line, that grow up to 3 meters high. I have deciduous  trees to give a canopy too.
In between this I have some roses, and now suddenly have the urge to go mad planting tall rose bushes and climbers, that will flower for 10 months of the year. Hmmm, now the problem starts.

I had just moved an Apricot Nectar rose, from the yard to make way for a rain water tank to water my garden from. Thus also had to cut down a lemon tree too, also to make way for the tank. Well now the poor rose has died, as it didn't take to it's new home. I have this ugly spot in the garden that looked so beautiful and was very fragrant. It will take a couple  of years to restore the beauty that it once was. But now I am in the mood to plant roses where ever I can see the sun touching the ground. Oh dear, this could be a disaster waiting to happen or a magical transformation.

I have this dream of creating a magical, secret garden that is a delight to the senses. Searching through all my garden magazines and gardening books, looking for that special something. Reality hits me when I look at my garden and realize that it is a big job, and not just that. What things to get rid of and what to keep. The classic gardeners  plight, if I am not mistaking.
I have a few roses in big stone pots to create a fragrant entry to my back yard, the problem is the hot sun is on them  from sun up until 3pm every day. The Australian sun is so powerful it can fry plants in hours, if they do not have cool moist soil for their roots. My pots are sitting on concrete and that is like an oven all day long, my poor roses.

For those wishing to create a garden with long  flowering roses, I would highly recommend the following roses.

For Climbing roses Iceberg, Pierre de Ronsard, Royal Highness, Albertine,
Cecile Brunner, Veilchenblau, and what ever else takes your fancy.

Rose bushes, Iceberg, Apricot nectar, Alex Red, Peter Frankenfeld, Peace
Champagner, Seduction, Diamond Jubilee, Gold Bunny, to name a few.

A good idea for gardeners is to keep all of your plant and tree culture tags in a ring binder folder, with plastic sleeves/pages. Use sticky tape to hold the tags in place. Then you have a good library of all the plants that you have.
The top rose is Gold Bunny, which I have in a large pot and the other picture is an Iceberg rose, and a small pink rose called Palace rose. Which I gave to a friend as I was changing my garden, as one does lol.  Gardens are  always being modified one way or an other. Such is the way life is in the world of gardening.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Channeling UFO's the positive and the negatives realms

Please read this right through. It applies to all the psychic community too.
We live in a time of massive deceptions. I get sick to death of all the so called experts out there making all sorts of claims of their abilities. Many of whom fall into the negative category of spirit.

I urge people not to mess with this stuff. These  people that do  Alien channelling are putting themselves in harms way, with or without knowing so. Avoid this at all costs, because it will end badly for you. I know I have the experience to back up what I am saying. I wish to God that I didn't! Channelling is downright dangerous for a start and just should not be done, we do not benefit from it at all. Quite the opposite in fact, we have our energy taken without our knowledge or permission. We are then left with very hard to detect energy cords with which entities keep stealing our energy, which in the end causes serious health problems.

It is downright irresponsible to be channelling anything as well as detrimental to our physical and mental wellbeing.

Hollow Earth, Atlantis and Origin of Humans - Part One - Dawn Of The God...

Warning On Fake Psychics

Sylvia Browne  said to be the USAs top psychic, and always on TV was allegedly proved wrong yet again recently, this lady charges $850 per sitting, and a survey of people visiting her thought her an obvious fake,   Sylvia
Browne is not her real name.
Anyone visiting any psychic should check them out first, and give them no more information than your first name, you are paying the psychic to tell you, and under the sale of goods act, if you feel you have not had your moneys worth you are entitled by law to a refund.

Many people are duped up and down the country on a daily basis through frauds fakes and cold readers, who masquerade as the genuine article.

In W W II  Archbishop Cosmo Lang, was the Church of England’s top expert on the supernatural and an advisor to Winston Churchill and the war effort, among Churchill’s other occult advisors were Dennis Wheatley, Dion Fortune, Louis De Wohl. Dr Alexander Cannon and allegedly, Aleister Crowley.

That Churchill used astrologers and mediums for advice is well known, and advised by devout spiritualist R.A.F. leader Lord Dowding, sought out several well known mediums such as Joe Benjamin and Leslie Flint, in fact the East London medium Joe Benjamin used to advertise as "Churchills wartime medium"
But Churchill became the victim of one of Spiritualisms greatest frauds, which is said to have thrown him into deep depression.William Roy, was the cleverest fake of all and the medium whose tricks are still used by fakes and frauds today. Born William Plowright at Surrey England in 1911, and always interested in conjuring, he married Mary Castle a nightclub owner, and watching back stage, he learned tricks such as mind reading, conjuring and slight of hand from those appearing. He also studied Spiritualism, and felt the bereaved would give him an easy living, and set up his office from home.

When people rang for an appointment, he would research who they were, in the newspapers, births marriages and deaths section, and  kept notes from graves at local cemeteries, and an accomplice would call at their house on a pretext, and elicit information, and when they called for an appointment with William Roy an accomplice would take their bags and coat and ask them to empty their pockets, saying the contents would influence the medium.

The waiting room contained another accomplice who would chat to those inside, while a peep hole and ear piece, gave more info.
He had a small microphone behind his ear, covered by ear long hair, and a copper rod glued to the bottom of his shoe, and when he stood on a rod inserted between the floorboards, contact would be made, and the accomplice would read from the bags wallets and coats, the personal information straight into his ear. He would scour the papers each day, and was bang up to date with the wartime news.

Among those duped alongside Churchill was Canadian premier Mackenzie King. Leaders of show business and industry, and scores of the vulnerable and bereaved. The training of a medium takes many years and fake mediums are usually exposed by other mediums themselves, and Maurice Barbanell in 1955, with a dramatic front page article in the Two Worlds magazine, broke the news of his fakery that many had long suspected, but it was his confessions in the Sunday Pictorial, sold for big money in 1958, which brought out so much appalling detail, one of his ploys with widows, was to pretend he was speaking as the dead husband, and asked them to give him money to continue gods work for the bereaved, in one case he was given 15,000 pounds as a gift. The suicide of his second wife Dorothy, left him free for another prosperous marriage.

He set up again in another area as “Bill Silver, talks with god for you “ and again conned many consumed with grief from their savings.
His death in 1977, meant that the Scotland Yard took possession of all his trickery, his memory cards, tickets, miniature microphones etc for their museum and training center, Many of the American T V evangelists have used these same tricks today, to trick many out of millions.

Winston Churchill, along with Aleister Crowley were 33rd degree masons, there are 33 vertebra in the spine, and the degree initiations are said to awaken the chakras along the spine. So Masonic’s is as occult as it gets, yet Churchill who claimed psychic ability, was conned, here he was with Lord Rothschild, in charge of the war effort, desperately looking to fake mediums for advice. On his visit to famous medium Helen Duncan in prison, he swore her to secrecy but told her he was absolutely furious over the whole episode.

A case 3 years ago saw a scruffy migrant fortune teller who offered women students outside a University good luck with their exams for £20, he would roll an egg over their naked body to take away any negativity, dozens of stupid women came forward to admit they were hoaxed.

If you feel you have been rooked by any kind of duff reading the Trading standards people should hear of it, if you are given any veiled threats, talk of curses or contribute to psychic pyramid schemes contact the police. There are some damn good psychics out there, I know because I used to train them, some for secret government agencies and some as natural counselors.

T Stokes London


Save the Glasgow Homoepathic Hospital Petition.

Please sign this petition, it is of such great importance to the people of Scotland, to be able to have a say in what mode of health care they want. It is a basic Human right to say what mode of health care we want.