Friday 31 May 2019

Goodbye Miss Mopsey Tousel

With a heavy heart we said goodbye to our lovely little Guinea pig Miss Mopsey Tousel. She was 10 years old which is very very old for a Guinea pig. She took ill suddenly and I had to take her to the vet this afternoon.

She had a good life and was very well loved. We now have this sudden gap in our lives out of the blue. After 10 years she has gone. Fly free little princess and take our love with you.

Much love to you Miss Mopsey xxxx

Wednesday 29 May 2019

Brainless Tourists Slaughter 5,000-Year-Old Sacred Scottish Tree

The Fortingall Yew sits in the corner of the churchyard and is surrounded by a wall and railings, which are there to protect it. (Maigheach-gheal / CC BY-SA 2.0)

This makes my blood boil, so many stupid ignorant people these days just do not stop to think of the harm they do. It is all service to self and to hell with the damage they do. It makes me sick to see how stupid and selfish some humans are.

I have said for a couple of years now humanity is devolving, here is more proof. It does not have to be this way. This is a choice, and selfishness at the heart of the matter. Just an other day on planet earth as it races to the reset button.

Stand well back to avoid being dragged along in the stampede folks. I suspect a friend of mine in the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh will be involved in the supervision of this tree's care, a hard working and extremely dedicated woman.  Let's hope the tree can be saved.

By the way Australia also has some very old trees, I am not sure of the exact ages or locations though. I have seen on such tree here in the National Australian Botanical garden in Canberra which has a big cage around it too. It was brought down to Canberra from Sydney many years ago for protection.  This is it 😁

  The Fortingall Yew in June 2011, comparing you can clearly see its downfall. (Paul Hermans / CC BY-SA 3.0)

I found this doing a quick Google search for the oldest tree in Australia. The oldest tree in Canberra

Tuesday 28 May 2019

Elon Musk's Neuralink startup raises $39 MILLION as it seeks to develop tech that will connect the human brain with computers

 If you put this technology into your body you are no longer human, end of story and you can say goodbye to the divine or god spark within humans, the link we have to spirit will be cut. What are the moral and legal pit falls?

Guaranteed there are thousands of them, and some that haven't even been thought of yet. Such as who owns you after this technology is implanted and what if they want to copyright you as a piece of technology owned by a corporation one day? 

What rights will you have? Who will you be and will they be able to re-programme you on a whim? 
There are so many dangerous implications here. Don't think for one minute these guys will do this to themselves, hell no they are crazy but not stupid.

Sunday 26 May 2019

Dreaming Of Ruby Earrings

Last night I was dreaming of being in a jewellery shop with my husband. In the dream he was buying me gold earrings with either rubies or garnets in them. They were supposed to be a Christmas present for me.

I took out the little sapphire stud earrings that I was wearing and little diamond studs above them. I put in tiny ruby studs and gold stud earrings with rubies.
After that I took them out and put them in the box they came in.

Next thing I found myself all over the place, it was such a crazy dream (is there any other sort, lol) One minute I was walking through a shopping center with my husband and then I was back in my house. From that I was sitting in a car driving down the road  cautiously watching my speed limit and watching out for speed  cameras. This speed camera thing often pops up in my dreams.

I am a cautious sort of person and never take anything for granted. So the speed camera to me is strange other than at times I may feel that I have no control over life's circumstances and how they affect me.

The dream had a lot more things happening on a personal and spiritual level which I wont relay here.  The earrings were the focus of the dream for the message conveyed.

Earring symbolise wealth and prosperity. This does not always mean financial prosperity, the most valuable of all is spiritual prosperity.

Rubies in dreams symbolise happiness, adventure, spiritual enlightenment and overcoming problems.

Garnets in a dream symbolise order and calm. If given a garnet in a dream it means that person will help you find order in calm in your life.

It is a good idea to write down what you remember from a dream so that you do not forget the message given. The longer that you leave it the harder it is to recall.

Thursday 23 May 2019

Trying to Phone Alex? Telstra Outage Is The Problem

Hi I have just found out Telstra have an outage in my area for phones. I cannot get on to the website to do my prepaid payment. I will keep trying through the day. If you need to contact me, please email me at  or on my Facebook page/ Messenger.

Image result for telstra logoNOT!

UPDATE: Back to normal

Wednesday 22 May 2019

DOWNTON ABBEY - Official Trailer [HD] - In Theaters September 20

Yay, I can't wait for this movie to come out in Australia. I think we have to wait until November. Well worth the wait though.

In the mean time here is the cast of Downton Tabby

Image result for downton tabby

Image result for downton tabby

Image result for downton tabby

Image result for downton tabby

Tuesday 21 May 2019

Video 150: Q&A Session #28

I can’t say that I totally agree with the comment on deceased people contacting us for a short time. I have had people in spirit come to me for help over the years as can be seen on both of my blogs. Two of these were famous people that were not at peace.One I cannot name because I do not have his families permission to name him, however a friend of his has confirmed the information.
So while Wes provides amazing information, he does not have the ability to tune in to spirit. I did not seek these spirits out, they come to me as that is the way spirit works. The medium does not contact the spirit, it it the spirit that chooses whom they wish to speak with.

Friday 17 May 2019

RIP Grumpy Cat

 Such sad news the lovely miss Grumpy cat has died suddenly. She brought so much joy and happiness to the world. May you live on in the hearts of your family and fans.

Monday 13 May 2019

Video 147: Q&A Session #27

Some good questions on here. Please watch in YouTube mode and read the comments.
My advice on exiting this life is to seek a quiet place to heal and recover from the experiences here on earth. Like de-contaminating ourselves. After that and however long that takes then we are ready to make a decision as to where to go next and what does the individual want to experience,

Most of us just want peace and quiet. No stress or fear to keep us traumatized and gradually re learn our true purpose.

Friday 10 May 2019


Some interesting reading however it is not exactly correct to say if we are more spiritual we will only attract good spirits. We attract all of them for various reasons but especially for our energy.

I could be wrong but down the end of the article it looks like she is pro vegan diet, she did not use the word vegan, but advises us to avoid eating meat. Being vegetarian is safe and no doubt that is what she means.  It is optional but please do not go vegan that will affect your mental health and physical health.

Video 146: THE BIG PICTURE SERIES PART 11 || Trapped Star Races and our ...

Please watch in YouTube mode and read the comments. You will find more information in the comments that are worth thinking about.

Exorcism goes mainstream: Combined Churches assemble in Rome to learn ‘best practice’ eviction of demons

Real full on possession is very rare indeed, but entity attachments are common and easily cleared. This is scare mongering and designed to demonise and turn people back to the control of the church.
Damage control with a dash of bullshit for effect.

One must also take into account mental health issues and not jump to conclusions like in the dark ages. Religion does more harm than people are willing to admit and is the cause of most wars on this planet. It is all about control and the masses are not ever privy to truth of any war and the source of the wars origin. Most of the time it is the Vatican, governments and royalty that concoct wars to gain more money, power and assets including countries to control and dominate.

The Catholic church  again blaming others for imagined evil deeds. Astrology is not evil and neither is reading the Tarot cards; if it was evil then why are people like myself sought by world leaders, clergy and business people?  Most presidents and prime ministers consult Astrologers and Psychics on serious matters on  a regular basis.

No one can be Pope without being a qualified astrologer and that is a fact. The Vatican has always had exorcists but generally denied the fact even to most priests, now they are letting you know they do. Why now?

Is perhaps because there is the merging of dimensions and the lowering of the vibrational frequency of not just the planet, but many humans too, that do not have a strong moral compass and a strong energy field or aura?

These things will attract non physical entities which are always around but cannot harm you if you have a strong sense of self, in a healthy positive way and a strong clean aura. These are simple things and are governed by our thoughts and actions. What one thinks one creates.

Why is it the churches of this world do not teach proper spiritual hygiene and protection?
One can clear energy/entity attachments themselves if shown how. But mental health disorders must of course be treated by a proper health professional.  I have no idea how the Vatican trained exorcists detect an entity attachment or possession, I can only go by my own experiences on a psychic level. But as I said possession is totally different to an energy attachment and both can or will have multiple entities.

The Catholic church and also many power elites down through the centuries have always dabbled in the occult hence the need for people that perform exorcisms. Think of the Medici family they were famous for the black arts in medieval history and the black arts are alive and well to this very day world wide, usually controlled by the very people we are supposed to look up to.

 Everything they do is a bloody ritual and if you have even half an idea on symbology, the whole place is chock full of Satanic and occult symbology including Freemasonry. Not that the average person would have a clue about who these beings really are, no they are too damned brainwashed and dumbed down with indoctrination to open their eyes and minds to see what is right in front of them. Nor do they see or understand they have been trained from birth to give away their spiritual power and free will to the church, that is energy harvesting by the way. You may ponder where that energy goes, well to Lucifer and non physical entities of course. Spiritual energy is a food source to many beings and highly sought after especially if the person is traumatised.

I have not forgotten the great evils the Vatican did in my country over many centuries. Nor will I tolerate their evil.  To know evil one must be immersed in it like this evil bunch of Lucifer worshiping individuals. Let me also point out these individuals control all the other religions on the planet. They all fall in to line or cease to exist full stop. It has been that way from its inception.

Education on the reality will never happen with the general public because the brain washing is so deeply entrenched in the psyche no matter what abuses they commit, the dummies still fall in to line and worship Lucifer. Yes, you heard that right Lucifer being the so called god of this earth and yet people willingly ignore what is in the bible. The derogatory term sheeple comes from this one book of evil.

However you will be more familiar with the sugar coated words flock, and the shepherd tending his flock, the lamb of god etc. Based on astrology, the lamb is the zodiac sign of Aries and constellation of the same name. All based around the Sun/son , the only begotten sun/son.

Image result for painting of  the pope studying astrologyMap of the Constellations

The term the lion lying down with the lamb is not literal either, it is the constellation of Leo (the Lion) and the constellation of Aries (the Lamb).

Monday 6 May 2019

Banned TEDTalk about Psychic Abilities | Russell Targ |

Interesting video on remote viewing or extra neural sensing, however it is a subjective subject and it is not 100% accurate. Timelines are as he said quite difficult to get correct because time is not a fixed thing. I can do this myself, but it is not all that important unless you are a psychic spy. Our abilities are not for entertainment and should not be treated as such.

Helping to find missing people,  yes I think that is a wonderful use but how accurate the psychic is, is the important thing.

Yes we all have these abilities within us, but not everyone wants to use them. Knowing what I know now I would not have gotten into my current career path if I had known the pit falls and the affect on loved ones etc. Not to mention how people react to knowing what I do for a living.

This is not an ability to be used to exploit  the psychic either. That is often the case though. When the day comes for me to retire, I will close the door and walk away from it. I will live with my abilities or clairs for my personal use only, the thing that we should all be doing.

Listen to that feeling within you, it does not speak words, it is a knowing or a feeling. The more you listen and accept it the stronger it becomes. Your inner GPS to keep you safe and make the right choices in life, and yes the right to change your mind too.

On top of using your natural abilities you must be grounded and also use psychic protection or self defence. Because you will be dealing beings in the unseen world too. Do not get involved with them or bad things can happen. The ego can pull you into danger and you will not know how to get out of that danger.

Video 145: THE BIG PICTURE SERIES PART 10 || Tiamaat, Star Races, and ho...

Please watch in YouTube mode and read the comments

Friday 3 May 2019

Video 144: THE BIG PICTURE PART 9 || The Creation of the VOID aka the KHAA

Please watch in YouTube mode, read the comments and feel free to past a comment.
There are some interesting questions and answers worth taking note of about the difference between, souled, spirited beings, the artificial souls etc.

This is one of the most relevant things to understand. But still I ask you not to have a firm belief one way of the other. Keep an open mind and when you leave this current incarnation you will have a better understanding of what to do and where to go.

I do not accept the Orion Queen as a good guy, she has blood on her hands too and is still part of the Matrix problem. Much as I like Wes' work I do not agree with the Orion's being good guys. I feel they are asking us to take side, please do not go there. Wes is not Clairvoyant, so he cannot feel what I feel. I am telling you what I know from a Clairsentient perspective ( but remember that is from my perspective). Often I email Wes to say avoid such and such only to find out he has found out the hard way sadly. Time difference from being on the opposite side of the globe and events already happened.

It is not our fight to get involved between rival star beings and we become trapped yet again if we take sides. Remember the rulers can do as they please and are untouchable no matter what, everyone else is punished. How fair is that? No different to the 1% that we have here in our world, same poop just different shovel.

We still do not know what is out there after we get out of this universe, are the rest similar constructs?
What really are our options when out of this Universe? No one can tell us and channelled information cannot be trusted because it s heavily controlled by the controllers of the Matrix.

I used to be a channeler but did not trust the information and promptly stopped when I started to work out that it was not honest information, there is always an agenda and humans are naive in such matters. If you get into this channeling them you get sucked in and are fed lies. to keep you hooked on the entities every word. These beings can take control of your life without you really being aware of it. Not just that they take your energy and leave energy hooks in you to feed from and control you.

If you are in doubt of what I am saying then do your own research and avoid New Age information it is cult controlled for the gullible and naive on the spiritual quest. Read and watch Wes' works from the very start but read other credible researchers too. This information is not new and in fact as Wes has pointed out many times, it was written in many ancient texts down through the centuries.
Wes also has an extensive bibliography at the end of each article or level of learning. You can go and check these out for yourself.

Wednesday 1 May 2019

What the hell is going on with UFOs and the dept of defence?

Interesting reading, but it just reminded me of one of those weird ass UFO dreams, I had an other one few nights ago.

In the dream there were massive big electronic things like bill boards in the sky. In the dream they seemed like some sort of satellite type of technology except they were in our skies and not put in orbit. Big black oblong shaped devices used for communication and I felt monitoring everyone on the planet.

Changes are taking place around us all the time with technology, things that were unheard of 10 years ago are common place now. So with this UFO  issue I would say that this is new technology  that is being designed by the private corporations that work with the military. Black op technology and not ETs.

It goes on all the time all over the world. I would not worry too much about this to be honest.  Many aircraft are tested under cover and the military are either involved at certain levels of need to know  basis or some agency /corporation that will sell the technology to the right country when the time comes.

When you thought you were done arguing

Lol that face says it all.

Video 143: THE BIG PICTURE SERIES PART 8 || Final Conclusion of the Huma...

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