Friday, 10 May 2019

Exorcism goes mainstream: Combined Churches assemble in Rome to learn ‘best practice’ eviction of demons

Real full on possession is very rare indeed, but entity attachments are common and easily cleared. This is scare mongering and designed to demonise and turn people back to the control of the church.
Damage control with a dash of bullshit for effect.

One must also take into account mental health issues and not jump to conclusions like in the dark ages. Religion does more harm than people are willing to admit and is the cause of most wars on this planet. It is all about control and the masses are not ever privy to truth of any war and the source of the wars origin. Most of the time it is the Vatican, governments and royalty that concoct wars to gain more money, power and assets including countries to control and dominate.

The Catholic church  again blaming others for imagined evil deeds. Astrology is not evil and neither is reading the Tarot cards; if it was evil then why are people like myself sought by world leaders, clergy and business people?  Most presidents and prime ministers consult Astrologers and Psychics on serious matters on  a regular basis.

No one can be Pope without being a qualified astrologer and that is a fact. The Vatican has always had exorcists but generally denied the fact even to most priests, now they are letting you know they do. Why now?

Is perhaps because there is the merging of dimensions and the lowering of the vibrational frequency of not just the planet, but many humans too, that do not have a strong moral compass and a strong energy field or aura?

These things will attract non physical entities which are always around but cannot harm you if you have a strong sense of self, in a healthy positive way and a strong clean aura. These are simple things and are governed by our thoughts and actions. What one thinks one creates.

Why is it the churches of this world do not teach proper spiritual hygiene and protection?
One can clear energy/entity attachments themselves if shown how. But mental health disorders must of course be treated by a proper health professional.  I have no idea how the Vatican trained exorcists detect an entity attachment or possession, I can only go by my own experiences on a psychic level. But as I said possession is totally different to an energy attachment and both can or will have multiple entities.

The Catholic church and also many power elites down through the centuries have always dabbled in the occult hence the need for people that perform exorcisms. Think of the Medici family they were famous for the black arts in medieval history and the black arts are alive and well to this very day world wide, usually controlled by the very people we are supposed to look up to.

 Everything they do is a bloody ritual and if you have even half an idea on symbology, the whole place is chock full of Satanic and occult symbology including Freemasonry. Not that the average person would have a clue about who these beings really are, no they are too damned brainwashed and dumbed down with indoctrination to open their eyes and minds to see what is right in front of them. Nor do they see or understand they have been trained from birth to give away their spiritual power and free will to the church, that is energy harvesting by the way. You may ponder where that energy goes, well to Lucifer and non physical entities of course. Spiritual energy is a food source to many beings and highly sought after especially if the person is traumatised.

I have not forgotten the great evils the Vatican did in my country over many centuries. Nor will I tolerate their evil.  To know evil one must be immersed in it like this evil bunch of Lucifer worshiping individuals. Let me also point out these individuals control all the other religions on the planet. They all fall in to line or cease to exist full stop. It has been that way from its inception.

Education on the reality will never happen with the general public because the brain washing is so deeply entrenched in the psyche no matter what abuses they commit, the dummies still fall in to line and worship Lucifer. Yes, you heard that right Lucifer being the so called god of this earth and yet people willingly ignore what is in the bible. The derogatory term sheeple comes from this one book of evil.

However you will be more familiar with the sugar coated words flock, and the shepherd tending his flock, the lamb of god etc. Based on astrology, the lamb is the zodiac sign of Aries and constellation of the same name. All based around the Sun/son , the only begotten sun/son.

Image result for painting of  the pope studying astrologyMap of the Constellations

The term the lion lying down with the lamb is not literal either, it is the constellation of Leo (the Lion) and the constellation of Aries (the Lamb).