Sunday 16 September 2012


Thyroid issues in Celtic people, this is a subject that has sprung into my mind today. Being a Celt, from Scotland, I was wondering if I was predisposed to Fibromyalgia and or Thyroid issues. So I started to google this. I found the names of two Scottish doctors with an interest in this too. Dr Malcolm Maclean and Dr Gordon Skinner. I have put the blurb in the links above into my blog post for others to look at. Lol, no link that I can see to Fibromyalgia.,8967?gclid=CPbWs6D8mrICFbBUpgodxmIA2Q
There is this fact sheet too to have a look at. At present I am making up a  batch of Australian Bush Flower Essences to treat myself for Fibromyalgia. It looks like it will take a while to kick in. But I have to cut out Night shade foods, Tomatoes and Potatoes, rats I eat a lot of them. I love hot chips and crisps/potato chips. This is quite a rude shock to me. Rice is good, so I will replace spuds with rice. Basmati rice is the best to use.

Looks like a double whammy for me. Last winter I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis all through my spine, but the doctor didn't check me for any other problems. I did tell him about the constant pain in my elbows, wrists and hands as well as my hips and knees.
He must have just thought it is all the same. D'oh, I did not tell him that I have chronic fatigue and memory problems too. Every morning I waken up exhausted as if I have not been asleep. I have no energy to move at all. I takes me all my strength to get out of bed at 7am, I just have to get on with it, just like everyone else.   
I did some googling and put two and two together a few months ago, but never went far with it. In a nut shell, I have Fibromyalgia on top of OA. Lovely....not!

Anyyhoo!, I am ready to take this thing on. I have just run out of steam and not got the energy nor the will power to do much at present. But, I am determined to do fix the problem. I do believe that this can be cured. Without man made drugs too. It is not a quick fix though, nothing is  though is it.

I read that 5% of the population have this and mostly women. I do recommend seeing a naturopath or homeopath. Try to find one that works with the Australian Bush Flower Essences too and Russ Tox. I believe that these combined with the right diet will cure this condition.
As I always say do your homework, here is the link for the ABE, they can be sent world wide if you take a good look at the website. You may like to follow them on Facebook too.

NOTE: I had an email from a cousin informing me that both he and his mother also have this condition, and that it can also be triggered by trauma too, such as a car accident. More work needs to de done on this.

Info on Fibromyalgia

This is quite an important health issue. It is important that people are aware of it. Many doctors do not believe it exists, just like the chronic fatigue outbreak that started in the 1980's. This link is a good one to read up on the condition.

People must follow their instincts and do their own research,  it is everyone's duty to be aware of their own health and well being. Do not just accept what your GP or others tell you. Get a second or even third opinion. I had a friend with cancer in the mid 1980's. Her GP could tell from her x-rays that she
had a brain tumour. The specialist could not see it. This lost valuable time for her recovery. Sadly she passed away just months before I got married. Her family was left to take legal action on the so called specialist. I hope that they got a good out come from that sad affair. I have lost contact with the family many years ago, so I don't know if they got closure, I hope so.

Monday 10 September 2012

Introducing Miss Ruby Roo

It is my pleasure to introduce the latest member to our family. Ruby is a 10 week old Jack Russell terrier. We have been looking for a JR female for weeks. And now we have this lovely little girl, Ruby. We nick name her Ruby Roo. What a tornado she is, lol. We had forgotten what active little things puppies are.

our cats are in a state of shock at their new sister, hissing and growling, and the odd swipe with the claws. Slinky just takes it all in his stride, he is Mr Cool, the Morgan Freeman of Tabby cats. Garfield, is interested in her and teases her. However if Ruby gets excited she freaks Garfield out and he will hiss and swipe at Ruby. Poor little Ruby Roo doesn't understand what is going on. Being a Jack  Russell she is hypo to the max, lol. She is not on good terms with Tolstoy at all. he hisses at her and chases her, claws at the ready. He has swiped her a few times and she just comes back for more. That is Jack Russell's for you though.

We made the one big mistake last night, we let her sleep in our bed! The cats all sleep on our bed every night. They just take it in shifts. We had vowed not to let Ruby into our bed, after having the other two dogs sleep there for 13 years. Oops!, She is just is soooo cute.