Sunday 31 October 2010


I used to love Halloween as a kid in Scotland. We do it different to the Americans. For those that don't know by the way, Halloween did not start off in America. It originated in the Celtic culture, but no one knows how far back it started.

Anyway as I was saying, in Scotland the children come around the doors after dark dressed up in their costumes. They carry a bag or sack to hold their goodies in, but instead of saying "Trick or Treat", in my day they used to recite a rhyme. Which ran thus, The sky is blue, the grass is green, please give me my Halloween.  Some children just said, Happy Halloween or such like. The person at the house would then invite the children indoors. The children then entertained the people in the house with a song, a joke, poetry , or what ever they wanted to show the household. The children were then given their treats.

Back in those days you would expect to be given an apple, some nuts in their shells (like peanuts), some little sweets, some sultanas and an orange. This was always quite a happy occasion for the children. They never were ungrateful or out to be mean and nasty to people that didn't participate in the event.
This also marks the start of our winter season in Scotland and Ireland.

I can recall being at Primary school and making Halloween craft items to hang up in the class and craft items to take home to show my parents. This was an exciting time of year for children. A few days later on the 5th of November was Guy Fawkes night. We children would be hoping that it wouldn't rain on the night so that we could see the fireworks.
For a week or two prior to Guy Fawkes night, young boys would be busy making a "Guy" effigy to burn on the big night. They would wheel the Guy around in a wheel barrow through the streets and shout "penny for the Guy". If they were lucky the local folk would give them some loose change to save for fireworks for the big night.
The atmosphere at this time of year is one of excitement and mystery. I have many fond memories of these days. Old traditions that I hold dear to this day. The other thing that made this event fun was the cold dark afternoons and nights. The ice on the footpaths and fog depending on the weather over the week. Most deffinatley after the 5th of November the weather began to get even colder. which brings more ice and then the snow.Not fun for adults but it sure is for kids.
Our Celtic culture is still strong to this day and we still pass on stories word of mouth to each generation in turn. Even when we have moved overseas there is still a part of us Celts that we bring with us to new lands.

It is all part of lifes rich tapestry my friends. We all love to hear stories of years gone by but how many of us stop to think where did it all start.

The link that I have added here may help to shed some light on that. I hope that you all find this interesting and entertaining.

Copyright by Alex Fulford  2010

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Astrology Info


This is a list of useful books & CD-ROM for those who wish to study Astrology.

These are recommended by  my friend Prof David Christensen PhD, Astrologer

Dr Liz Green Horoscope in manifestation psychology & prediction

ISBN 9781900869164 $37

Useful for knowledge of Jungian psychology

The only way to do Astrology series 1-5

By Marion March & Joan McEvers

ISBN 9780935127614 $28.99

Robert Hand

Horoscope Symbols $46

Planets & Symbols $38

Planets in Transit $58

These books are good for the technical knowledge

CD ROM Solar-Fire Verse 4 & 5

Astrology software $400 to $500 each

These come with research programme, printout of Charts etc. designed by Stephanie Johnson

Useful Stuff; my little hand out to clients

This is what I handout to clients that visit me for a reading.


Incense sticks to use in cleansing and protecting: Dragons blood, Sandalwood, White Sage, Nag   or a White Sage smudging stick. You can buy these in Health Food shops, New Age shops, The Hierophant at Griffith shops(Barker St Griffith) Even E-Bay. Remember that it is the intention behind what you are doing that makes it powerful. It must always be done for the higher good and with unconditional love.

For Crystals all you really need is Clear Quarts, Rose Quarts and Amethyst as your basics.

A good shop for these crystals is The Hierophant at Griffith shops, or The mystic Crystal at Gold Creek shops. As far as I know there aren’t any other place in Canberra to buy Crystals. The Gem show at

Exhibition Park is the other option, you need to keep an eye out for the next Gem show.

If you read the Tarot cards a Clear Quarts Crystal wand is good to cleanse the cards with after doing a reading. You may also be attracted to other Crystals for other reasons too. It is said that the Crystal chooses us. Remember to cleanse your Crystals regularly to get rid of bad energy that is stored on them.

Remember to Gold-light the room that you work in daily to cleanse the energy. You don’t want to have a build up of bad energy. You should also ground and attune yourself and Gold light yourself too.

There are many books out on the market, basically to make money. You don't really need them. There is plenty info on the internet to learn from. The best advice one can get comes from within your own heart. You do not need a middle man. The only spirit beings one should communicate with are loved ones only. They are connected to you via your soul group. stay right away from so called ascended masters etc. They are not who you think they are. If you read the Wes Penre web site or read up on the Gnostics it is self explanatory.

For those interested in Astrology I recommend Linda Goodman books and; Suzanne White ( see the attached sheet on studying Astrology too. I would say if you are serious about this study, then you need to get in touch with Dr Louis Turi.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to look after your body. Your chakras are your energy centres in the body. I urge you to read up on them and have someone reputable check yours for you, if you are unsure how to do it yourself. There is no quick fix solution with this, but keeping them in tune prevents illness. We must all learn how to avoid creating the imbalances that occur in our bodies energy field.

That is easier said than done, but it all starts with the way we all think that creates the illness or imbalance in our bodies. 

Barbra Ann Brenan is a Scientist, turned healer. She used to work for NASA many years ago, now

She is a healer with many books to her credit. Get to know her on her website too.

A good book worth buying if you wish to learn about your Chakra’s is ,The complete idiots guide to the Chakras by Betsy Rippentrop and; Eve Adamson ISBN: 97815 92578986 $26.95.

Please check my blog from time to time. I try to put new stuff on it when I can. Having a busy home life though, I don’t always get to do what I would like to do on my blog.

PS:  Lately I just have been so busy, that I have not had time to re print this 6 page handout ,so I have put it  on my blog for people to sift thorough  and print off if they wish.

Copyright by Alex Fulford 2010

How to Gold Light a room

Say the following in your mind.

I am drawing down pure golden light from the Universe/Cosmos, down into this room.

I am flooding this room with pure golden light, from floor to ceiling, wall to wall.

I am now removing all dis-ease and negativity from this room. I am sending it with love

out into the Universe to be turned into pure golden light.

I am now drawing down more pure golden light from the Universe to replace all the

dis-ease and negativity that was in this room.

I am now placing a big protective bubble around this room . This bubble will hold in all

the pure golden light. This bubble will also allow more pure golden light from the universe to entre

this room. This bubble will repel all dis-ease and negativity lovingly back out into the

Universe to be turned into pure golden light.

Any dis-ease or negativity that is still in the room can now leave the room, guided by love

out into the Universe to be turned into pure golden light.

This room is now sealed and protected by the light.

By my will so may it be may it be.

Peace Love and Light

How to Ground and Attune Yourself

First sit quietly in a chair, with your back straight.

Close your eyes & empty your mind of all the goings on of the day.

Rest your hands on your lap, palms facing up the way.

This is the standard position to receive Spirit.

Now the next step is take 3 deep breaths in & out.

Next , visualize a little mini version of yourself sitting in the Lotus

Position inside your head & facing the front.

Say the following words in your mind.

Little mini –me sitting in the Central position inside my head & sitting in the

Lotus position facing the front. I am now moving my mini- me down the glass straw

(meridian core) inside my head down into the Head Chakra, from the Head Chakra,

I am moving my mini-me further down the glass straw down into the Throat Chakra.

From the Throat Chakra I am moving my mini-me down the glass straw to the Heart Chakra.

From the Heart Chakra I am moving my mini-me further down the glass straw, down into the

Solar Chakra, from the Solar Chakra I am now moving my mini-me down the glass straw to

The Sacral Chakra. From the Sacral Chakra I am moving my mini-me further down the glass

Straw to the Bass Chakra. From the Base Chakra I am moving my mini-me all the way down

The glass straw between my legs down to the Star Chakra, between my ankles. From the Star Chakra

I am now moving my mini-me down the glass straw deep into the Earth Chakra 30cm beneath my feet.

I am now drawing up into my mini-me, rainbow coloured, sparkly, Earth energy. Lots of Earth energy

Drawn up into my mini-me. I am now bringing my little mini-me back up the glass straw. All the way

Up into the Star Chakra between my ankles, & pausing for a moment. I am now moving my mini-me

All the way up the glass straw between my legs up to the Base Chakra, pausing for a moment.

I am now moving my mini-me up the glass straw to the Sacral Chakra, pausing for a moment.

I am now moving my mini-me up the glass straw again up to the Solar Chakra, pausing for a moment.

I am now moving my mini-me up the glass straw up to the Heart Chakra, pausing for a moment.

I am now moving my mini-me up the glass straw to the Throat Chakra, pausing for a moment.

I am now moving my mini-me up the glass straw to the head Chakra, pausing for a moment.

From the head Chakra I am moving my mini-me up through the central position & out through

The top of my head, cascading this rainbow coloured, sparkly Earth energy down and around my entire

Body & Aura. From head to toe, & in full circumference of my entire body & Aura.

(pause here a moment)

I am now drawing my mini-me back inside my head to the central position, & dissolving it. I am

Now grounded & attuned.

So may it be, Amen.

The more you do this grounding the better you will get at remembering it. Please remember it is

The intention behind what you are saying & doing that makes this powerful.

Have you ever wondered about Religious pictures, with the person holding their hands out

& their palms facing up. This is how you receive spirit. The left hand works like

an antenna to receive, the right hand is to give. We are all connected to each other & to God.

This cannot be broken ever. As we are all part of the Devine Spirit.

The power of prayer is very strong & should never be under estimated. Please remember

The Law of Cause & Effect also. It is very powerful also, with a 3 fold effect. Three is an important

number spiritually, as in the Trinity but it goes much deeper than that.

Do some work on the internet, keep an open mind & don’t accept everything at face value.

If not sure about something check out other sources until satisfied.

Sunday 3 October 2010

Change of colours going on

Hi Folks please be patient with the constant change of colours going on. I had a bit of a slip of the keys accident and am trying to put my colours and layout back to normal. I just can't remember how to do it, lol.
At the same time I am painting my bathroom and doing a million and one other things.

Thank you for understanding. I am technology challenged, lol.