Tuesday 26 July 2016

The Latest Book From Wes Penre Now Available

Yay, finally the latest ebook "Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Human Kind, a road map to the Singularity and beyond", from Wes Penre is available  to download.

There are two crucial things to learn in this new book, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the soul trap. This is very informative  information here and not to be taken  lightly.  If you have not read his other works first, then you need to do so, or it will not make sense and you may  give up reading this.So please start from his first book in the Wes Penre Papers



Below is the link to the new book


I hope you enjoy reading this stuff as much as I do. You can also print this stuff off for a hard copy as I have done with some and or put it on a kindle, tablet, or data stick. At least printing it off you know if the stuff is removed from the internet then you have a hard copy. You are looking at a whole packet of photocopy paper though $6 plus ink. That works out to be the price of some books.


This is a post that I put up back in 19 November 2014 about AI or Singularity I am not the only psychic that has dreams like this either. That is Universal consciousness at work, no one psychic will have a dream like this or any other significant event for humanity, we all have these dreams and visions. Let me tell you it is not a nice experience and the memories don't fade because it is a warning to humanity.

Wednesday 20 July 2016

Alex's Psychic abilities

Clairvoyance (clear seeing)

Clairaudient (clear hearing

Clairsentient (clear empathy,feeling)

Clairhambient AKA Clairgustance (Clear tasting)

Clairalience (Clear smelling, such as smoke, perfume food etc)

Clairtangent (psychometry and scrying this is reading form a personal object or a photograph) in some cases Alex hears music or the deceased person shows her a sort of psychic film in her head to relay to the client.

Other skills include:  Automatic writing, wax readings, Trance Mediumship, Channeling, Masking (when a deceased person's face comes over Alex's face) Note: this is not shape-shifting Alex is not comfortable with such things.

Alex does not feel the person masking her, however she is told by the client during the consultation. This often happens to Alex within her family during family events where deceased loved ones mask over her, to let her family know they are around and aware of the event such as a birthday or anniversary.  It is quite harmless and nothing to be afraid of.

Alex is a spiritual healer which runs in her family. Her father, Alex Paterson is a well known spiritual healer, and a few of her cousins are also spiritual healers. 

These abilities are what a person inherits if you like over many life times and in some cases we bring them from a previous life into the current incarnation to use.

Alex's mother was Clairalient  and Clairaudient all her life and when a loved one passed on she would hear their voice and smell their perfume or cigarette smoke if they were a smoker.  

In 2013 Alex was awarded the Australian Psychics Association's Psychic of the year for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

In 2015 Alex was awarded a 5 star rating in the US by Maximilien de Lafayette,
and is mentioned in his book, "When heaven calls you"

Alex is a published writer and a former US radio show host on psychic matters.


I would like to give absolute validation to Alex Fulford as a genuine working psychic and medium. Over many years I have taught psychic development and intuitive ability both for the Spiritualist church, formula one racing drivers and to the UK intelligence services. I am considered a world authority on various psychic and healing modalities and the sacred power of touch. I studied under many masters including Harry Edwards and I can vouch for Alex Fulford in terms of ability, motivation, honesty and her duty of care to the vulnerable and the needy.
T Stokes, London UK.

Alex has a truly unique gift. After readings I have observed her do, for her clients and for myself, I find that she has lifted everyone’s spirits.

As a Psychic and Medium myself I find her readings are clear, accurate and her in depth perceptions and predictions on different situations is spot on.

She also has a wicked sense of humour, which makes the readings a lot of fun! I have sent many friends to see her and they all leave feeling inspired, and excited. They are aware of just where their journey is taking them; enabling them to be able to make positive life choices to enhance their path.

Alex has done some wonderful mediumship work for both myself and my husband- what a gift!

Carol Miegel

Madame Carole

Giralang ACT, Australia

I am literally blown away by what you have said

Tracie Austen
Lets Talk Paranormal TV show and The Tracie Austen TV Show, Las Vegas USA. February 2012

NOTE: There is a new side bar on blogger to place a page so I posted this for people to read as a side note. It just happens  to come up as a blog post too, oh well :P  It will get lost in the pile of stuff eventually lol.Not to worry :D

Offensive Image on this blog is a hack

I just happened to scroll through my blog just now and to my horror I noticed a porn picture added to the Alex's Faeries blog. I can assure readers that I did not put that offensive image there, I am revolted by the mindset of the human excrement that did post it.

I am sick of the morons that have nothing better to do than hack peoples accounts. We sure live in a very low vibrational dimension when we have "people" and I use the term loosely, that indulge in low brow and low vibrational activity. But hey, living in the 3rd dimension which is where we are all currently incarnated is a low energy vibration. Just look at the state of world affairs, that is the classic expression of the third dimension, which by the way is a locked frequency. Try and get out of that reincarnation after reincarnation if you can. It can be done, one individual at a time when it is their time to evolve. That is up to the individual's soul.

UPDATE: I removed my link to my other little blog But now I know why my blog has been glitching for the past month. When I have tried posting things I get about 2 copies on my list of posts that I see in my list of things I post. Not being  tech savvy trying to message the blogger people I cant find the right thing to contact them yet, hmmmm :( I think I might have to wipe the blog  and my PC because my old fiosachd account is showing posts in the in box from last year and I can not do a darn thing with that. Now this only happened when I changed my email and posted it on here and then I have been hacked.

Someone must be watching this blog with very little in their lives that they feel the need to do this. Just know one thing, Karma is real and it will come back on you 3 fold.That is something that you can not avoid let me tell you. It is the law of attraction and when abused it returns to you 3 fold. That is cosmic law dumb ass! YOU CAN'T escape that LOL! Just let that sink in to your thick head you low vibrational biological entity.

Sunday 10 July 2016

Psychiatrist admits mental illness is caused by demonic possession


Interesting article here however the title is not accurate I feel, not all mental health issues are entity related. However there are many ways in which entity attachments can happen such as drug use, the crown Chakra being open too wide, abuse situations, just to name a few. I have witnessed several cases of spirit attachment over the years of my work. Not all psychics can pick up on this, and it can be easily missed. I do not class myself as an expert on this, just being able to detect or see them on occasion.

 These entities know what they are doing and can remain hidden quite easily for years causing much suffering and misery for the victim and their loved ones. One sign that  I notice in some people is an other set of eyes  looking out from the person. I can feel the entity, but I am not qualified or trained to remove them, nor do I want to do  this. I do know a man that does the removals and have watched him work. He informed me that with many attachments,  it isn't just one entity but several that can attach to the victim. Also it is not good for  the person removing the entities to try to communicate with the entities because they can attach to the person doing the removal.

The man that I  was watching went in to trance to do the removal, which took an hour to do. I noticed the room fill up with many spirit beings that were there to assist him. The main spirit that worked with him masked over his face and body. What I saw was a tall oriental man dressed in grey and silver robes with a tall hat in similar fabric. The man looked as if he was in his 60s, with a long beard of distinguished grey. As they all worked on the patient, I was aware of the person coming out of their body and told them telepathically to get back inside their body, never let others take over the body as it does not belong to them.  So the person went back into their body and I could see it twitching when the soul slid back into place.

As I watched the healer working around the patients head, I noticed the person appeared to be wearing  some sort of golden helmet which was rather ornate, not Roman but something very old, and gold light was emanating from either the head of the patient or the helmet. To me the helmet felt like it was of spiritual significance, but I don't know what.  The persons chakras were so bright, like coloured lights at this point, when suddenly I noticed the soles of the feet going a golden colour and this was through the persons shoes I must add.

I had never witnessed an entity removal like this, it was a surreal experience for me to witness. The next thing I noticed was a dark brown smoke like substance lifting from the patient's  body and I knew that was the attachments lifting. After that the healer tuned the chakras and sealed the body.
I  was told that it can take up to 7 days for the person to feel better. The person's energy levels need to recover as well as their emotions, some people at first can feel moody, tired and a bit confused.

Keeping healthy and getting plenty outdoor exercise to help the person stay grounded is very important after such an experience. Sunlight plays an important role too.
Psychic people can be at risk from entity attachments and that is why it is vital to ground and attune, and build a strong healthy aura. Many people have psychic abilities without being aware of them. Children and young people especially, and if the crown chakra is far to open then the potential for an energy attachment is there. Please do not experiment with the paranormal,  it can be very dangerous, especially for mental health issues and can cause suicidal thoughts. It is highly irresponsible to mess with the paranormal.

If you do have psychic abilities and wish to develop them , please go to the proper places and learn safely. I strongly recommend avoiding trance and trance mediumship. That too can cause an energy attachment. Through extensive reading and from personal experience I will never endorse trance mediumship as I feel it is very risky at the least, and downright dangerous. Like I  said I have experience. I have written a blog post on this already. Most people that are into the new age stuff sadly do not know enough about this stuff and can get into serious trouble  through a lack of knowledge on the subject. I am not putting these people down, however I feel they have not done enough research in to this area which I feel would be highly beneficial to them. Please stay safe and do research everything.


Tuesday 5 July 2016

New Phone Number For Contacting Alex

Hi Peeps,

I took a long break from readings, ( I intended to retire, but have now got back in the saddle so to speak) and I shut down my number. I now have a new number and will now update all my on line adverts. Do not use my Yellow Pages advert, which will be current up to November 2016. That number has been deactivated. On line adverts are carrying the new number.

New Contact Number as of 4 July 2016 is, 0474 286636