Friday 30 January 2015

Scottish Women

Marriage in heaven joke

On their way to the church to get married, a young Catholic couple
were involved in a fatal car accident. Being good Catholics the
young couple find themselves sitting outside the Pearly Gates waiting for St Peter to process them into Heaven.
While waiting, they begin to wonder: could they possibly get married in Heaven?
When St Peter finally showed up, they asked him. St Peter said "I
don't know. This is the first time anyone has asked. Let me go find
out" and he leaves them sitting at the Gate.
After three weeks, St Peter finally returns, looking somewhat bedraggled.
"Yes" he informs the couple " I can get you married in Heaven".
"Great!" said the couple "But we were just wondering, what if things don't work out? Could we also get a divorce in Heaven?"
"You must be bloody joking" says St Peter, red-faced with frustration, slamming his clipboard on the ground.
"What's wrong?" asked the frightened couple".
"OH, COME ON!" St Peter shouted "It took me three weeks to find a priest up here...
Do you have any idea how long it'll take me to find a
bloody lawyer?"

John Lamb Lash: Meta History

For those that love Metaphysics and are fans of Wes Penre, here is the link to John Lamb Lash's website. Many readers no doubt are already aware of this man and his work, but there might be some that are yet to come across him. So here you go peeps. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I do.

Thursday 29 January 2015

Reading on Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

This is an interesting reading, to say the least. Looking into Tony's past I can see a father that did not show a lot of love. He was a practical sort of man, not given to emotions much. I feel Tony's sister left home at an early age to find her place in the world.

Tony is most definitely a sporty person. He was not able to pursue his proper career path, I feel his father has persuaded him to go in to a more preferred career. Religion was a major part of his life from the start.
As a young man I see a grey haired bespectacled  older man in his late 50's or early 60's as Tony's mentor. This man was solid build but not overly tall. This man played a big roll in shaping who Tony Abbott is today. I feel this man was a much respected family friend. He visited the family home often. Long late night talks about politics. This man has a very strong personality and has had a big impact on the young Tony. I see  Tony  walking around a sport's oval on a cold and windy winter day talking to this man, it looks like late afternoon.
Much is being discussed to do with Tony's future and he was given good stern advice that day.

I feel Tony has always been surrounded by very strong women, something that he is not comfortable with. His 1950's beliefs come from his father. Which is just the standard way of life to many of that generation. However, with the religious background combined with his father's influence and his mentor One can easily see how Tony's world has been shaped. I do feel that he is a better father to his girls than his father was with Tony and his sister. Grand children are something that he looks forward too.

Tony does like the fine dining, but eats sensibly and I see a fondness for red wine. He likes comfort when dining at home. He does take care of his health and this also is clear in his public image too.
He likes to keep fit and hang out with the men. The rugged stuff is what he likes, perhaps he should have been a farmer.

Politically speaking now. This as we can see is the winter of Tony's discontent. It will get worse from here on in. But the reality is he was only put in this role of Prime Minister to bring in some unpopular laws. There are more to come. Tony, just like Julia Gillard, must not trust his advisors He needs to watch out for Joe Hockey, he is a very ambitious man. Joe can play Tony like a fiddle. Turnbull is the one to watch, he will be the leader one day.

News headlines this year will be a headache starting around April 2015.  There will be a long hard battle behind closed doors. I do see a deal being offered to Tony, this deal looks good on the face of it, but yet again it is a poisoned chalice. Not unlike Ms Gillard's. Tony has fought well over the years, but behind the smoke and mirrors is a very dark story. Tony like all Western leaders is being manipulated by powerful dangerous men in suits. Tony has no choice but to go along with the show.   Tony will not be allowed to bail out, Behind him is a powerful woman, directing him. This I feel is his wife as I see a woman with brown hair. She is a strong woman and knows her strength.

I also feel Tony is a victim of other people's evil and greed. and to an extent his own too. Growing up in his family it was sink or swim so Tony has learned to survive. He never had true freedom in his life due to expectations placed on him. The feeling that I get here is Tony's father being a King or nation builder, with the influence that he had with his friends in powerful places, and within the church.

To understand Tony one must look into his past, and also to London I feel. I can not quite put my finger on it. But London or England has a major part in this too, historically speaking.
Sadly I do not see Tony staying in his marriage. As a couple the Abbott's are not truly suited. This I feel is cruel on both of them and their children. I feel Tony's life was sacrificed around the age of 21, for the "greater good" so to speak. Tony is happier when doing sport as that is something that he loves.

The PM job is not all that it is cracked up to be for Tony either. While he may enjoy the perks of the job, there is a lot of emotional stuff going on within him. I see Tony wearing a white business shirt and on board an Air force jet, he seems to be standing leaning over a seat looking out of a window.
There are military men in ceremonial uniform on this flight.

Tony is not one to shy away from a stoush, he chooses his time carefully before wading in though. Working out which stoush to avoid and which one to dive into. I get the feeling of Tony lying in wait for his opponents and then attacks them when they don't see it coming. Thuggish like
I see him wearing big red boxing gloves symbolising him getting down and dirty.

Tony came through the elections safe and sound only because the public grew weary of the Labor government. But all the political dog and pony show is all rigged anyway.  Tony is barely hanging on at present due to the Knighthood issue. Still as I pointed out earlier in this article, this is only the start of his demise.

Looks like Tony went into the PM role unaware of the real issues. He is only there to do the dirty work and then be hung out to dry. The process has already begun. I also feel a new era in terror is around the corner. I do not like the feel of this. Tony will not be in the job when this kicks off though.
I do feel Ms Bishop will be the Aussie Margaret Thatcher in the next few months, now by that she does not have to be the Prime Minister, she can be deputy and still have clout and she will have clout. I see her working with a dark haired man that is now greying. He will be the head kicker so to speak.
The public will not like this one bit. But no one can stop this train wreck from happening, public anger will be boiling over at this time, as more "events" happen.

"Too much Liberty" is the cry, this is orchestrated for effect, Tough new laws to be rolled out with restrictions on many. I am also picking up mining here too, this will be a big issue this winter.

Tony is a bit of a loan wolf in the party, he is out on a limb. Right from the start when he started to make a move towards the leadership role, ears pricked up in the old boys network.  He is not liked at all by the party members. He was assisted into the position, by those that pull the strings. This is all rather hard work for Tony too, he would much rather be playing sport than being the PM. However he does enjoy the position.

I do feel Tony will try to bring the Media into line too after the Knighthood situation. This will be a face saving exercise. But will it work? Not really.

Keep your eyes on Julie Bishop over the next 12 months big changes are afoot for her. More power and possible leadership challenge to come. Some how though I can't seen her as Prime Minister. I feel it will be many years before we see an other female Prime minister in Australia.

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Praying to Celtic Gods or Egyptian, er same horse just different jockey!

No matter what faith and in any land we are all praying to the same negative entities.
If you read through the Wes Penre papers from the very start it is obvious, the best we can do is take ancient myths and some of our human history as a tale and nothing more. But do enjoy the learning process here.

Update Wes Penre Level 5 Paper 7

This is one of the most important and quick reference parts in level 5 to me. Make sure you read this and keep it handy to quote from too.

Sunday 25 January 2015

Paranormal activity in homes after the death of a loved one

Paranormal happenings in houses after a death in the family is not un common. Many people I have spoken to and many people that I know, have told me over the years of events happening in their homes after a loved one dies. Some times people feel the presence of the loved one just after the person passes to spirit. I myself have had such experiences over the years and so has my mother.

I can remember when my mum's father died, the clock stopped working in the lounge room. This is quite a common thing as it turns out, but no one knows why. At the time of a person passing to spirit many people are visited by the deceased person. My mum was visited by her father in spirit as she lay in bed that night. He was like a mist at the bottom of the bed. Mum knew right away what had happened. Shortly after that my uncle came to inform my mum that their father had died.

My mum always felt or heard the person at the point of death. It used to amaze me as a child. I started to pick up on this by the age of 16. These days I either see my loved one in dream form or they come direct to me. I see and hear them. A friend of mine from years ago passed away just before Christmas, I was so blessed to have her come to me to say good bye.

Around the same time as this, a dear friend of mine lost her mother. Paranormal activity started to happen from the get go. But it wasn't her mother doing it, it was her father. She had a lovely big mirror in her bed room, come off the wall and break. Now this is a very big heavy mirror, which had 3 hooks to hold it up. Then a sister of hers had a lamp in her bedroom fall over and smash. No one was in the bed room when the lamp was smashed. My friends sister heard the noise and went into the room to see what happened. Lights have been going off and on and other strange things in both of their houses.

This activity was done in anger by my friend's late father. I have no idea why though. I did speak to him and tell him it is wrong to do this. Interfering with the living is against cosmic/spiritual law.
I told him he has been in spirit long enough to know this. I could see my friend's mother standing beside him. She was telling him to listen to what I am saying. Which I am grateful for. So far nothing else has happened.

Some people when they pass to the other side can be heard walking in loved ones houses. Footsteps in hall ways etc. Coughing  and the sound of a person coming home from work are other things that people report having experienced. I know a lady who's father died at the end of last year and she can smell him cooking in her kitchen. That started pretty much as soon as he passed to spirit.
Some people find these things distressing while others take comfort in the events. Depending on the relationship on has had with  the deceased and the individual spirit being expressing them selves.

I have an uncle that passed away 20 years ago, he was a very funny man. I thought the world of him.
He passed suddenly of a heart attack. He popped over here to say goodbye to me. The day was an average day for me and my two small children. I had just had a shower and was in my bedroom getting dressed. I was standing near my mirror, when suddenly I heard a male voice quite loud saying , "oh you look beautiful love".  In a joking voice. I turned around with a start to see who was there. Then I looked out the window, god knows what I expected to see, lol. The street was empty and quiet. So I just started to get dressed, when  I felt a smack on the bum. That did it. I turned round again rather annoyed. Then it dawned on me what happened. Just a tad slow on the uptake lol.
Well five minutes later the phone rang. It was my brother to tell me my Uncle had just died. I said yes I know he's here. I told him what had happened, I don't remember what my brother said after that though. But these days I can freak him out...hey it is a talent I have :P

I should point out that my late uncle served in the Royal Navy during WW2, he was over here in Australia for a spell, at Woolloomooloo naval base and Warwick Farm NSW. I lived in  a military area when my uncle came to visit me in spirit. I also used to live in Warwick farm as a teenager, how funny is that. He told me about his time in Australia many years ago when I was over in Scotland I must have been 19 at the time. Life is often stranger than fiction as they say.

Many years from now I intend to write a book to share my experiences in and hopefully some good advice for psychic people that may read the book. We will have to wait and see what will comes. I am sure that my wonderful loved ones in spirit will be there to guide me in the project and also share in the experience too. After all we are a working team, it isn't just me. There are many in spirit working through me and they must be acknowledged for their efforts and loving help too. No psychic should ever claim that it is all their work, it is always a team effort with spirit and the physical world being.

Copyright Alex Fulford January2015

Dogs die in hot cars and walking dogs in the heat burns paws.

Why is it taking so long to get the message through to the masses about this? I see this abuse all over town and it must stop. I keep an eye out for this and I will report the car to the police if the owner is not back within 10 minutes.

Also apart from them needing a publicity campaign to educate the public on this matter, so does dog walking in hot weather need to be addressed. In Australia the heat is so intense in the summer months, the footpaths are red hot. Have you ever stoped to think how much that hurts a dog or a cat?  We have shoes to protect our feet, but dogs and cats don't. They have no voice to say I don't want to go out in the heat.

Walking a dog in the hot months should be done by 9am and then after 6.30 or 7pm at night, to allow the footpaths to cool down. I am horrified at the amount of thoughtless people that just take the dog out for a walk in the day time and give no thought to how hot the footpath  is on the dog's feet. Come on people where is your common sense for this. People are not thinking these days,  they need to be told by the media how to care for their dogs and cats. Do you need this to bring up children too?
Would you take a small child out for a walk, in bare feet in the middle of the day? I don't think so.

Please talk to your local councils to see if they can put together a publicity awareness campaign that address this serious matter as well as not leaving dogs in cars. Both are vital.

Friday 23 January 2015

Your Value...

Ladies of Australia Peters of Kensington and Waterford's sales are on.

Just remembered to tell the ladies reading my blog in Australia, Peters of Kensington have a sale on Just now it is best to go to the shop in Sydney if you can this weekend. Personally if I lived up in Sydney I would go today. But alas I can't.

Also Waterford  Crystals on line

The prices on sale are the same as in David Jones. David Jones sale ends on the 27th January. So be quick.
 I find that Peters of Kensington are hard to beat for prices. I have bought a few things from there, such ad good linen table cloths dishes etc. Ideal place to shop on line if I do say so myself lol.

Happy shopping. XXX


Thursday 22 January 2015

When is it ok to abuse or insult psychic? Bottom isn't !!

OK, folks I will say this once and once only. There is something that we Psychics and Clairvoyants find rude and offensive.

A phone call from a random person wanting to know if you are any good. The person will usually ask for a demonstration of our skills and abilities over the phone.  Now this is the height of ignorance, what gives any one the right to say this sort of thing??

Do you phone a doctor or a solicitor and ask them these questions? No of course not. Why not?
Because it is down right rude and ignorant, that's why not. It is also a fundamental lack of respect. They would more than likely tell you  not to come to them, and perhaps also tell you, they are not the professional person for you. I totally agree with that.

Just two days at the most, after my 2013 Psychic of the year award was given to me, a woman rang me around 8pm and started laying into me. She wanted me to tell her, how long I was reading for. Fair enough I told her, and told her my family are all psychic. That was not good enough for her. She had a "good friend that was a well known psychic".  Quite clearly this lady was just out to cause trouble, her negativity was so over whelming. She said it cuts no ice that you won that award.

What a charmer I thought. My husband could hear her shouting down the phone at me. He said just hang up on her. I gave him that look, Yes, I will dear. Still this dark haired woman went on at me.

I  could tell a hell of a lot about her on he phone in the couple of minutes,(including the fact that she was calling from Sydney), that she felt it was her right to insult me. Someone that she had never met and knows nothing about. When I tried to talk to her I was abused and she slammed the phone down.

This is the sort of thing that we tend to cop from time to time. We also get people that ring in the small hours of the morning wanting to make an appointment. Would you do this to other professionals?  Why don't people ring them at odd hours and most importantly out of working hours?

Why do some individuals think that it is ok to use a psychic like this?  There seems to be a lack of respect here. A very big lack of respect. I personally have a busy life with my family and I do have to act as a carer for a relative as well as a friend with health problems. I have a lot of animals to care for also. I too need to rest and re charge my batteries.

In this field of work we can shut down due to exhaustion as I have stated in an other post (take care not to drain a psychic). Some times we are needed to perform spiritual emergencies, that is a haunting or a spirit attachment. Some times it is a place that a person lives or it can be an individual that has an entity attachment.  I do not accept payment for this either. To make money from a situation like this , in my eyes is very immoral and I refuse to accept payment. I prefer not to do these cases if I can avoid it. Most people have no idea how much goes in to doing these things or how exhausting some cases are. Some times we have had such a busy day that we just can not give any more because we have been drained.

This can lead to ill health, I have seen this with my own father years ago. He did a healing on a very sick person, but asked spirit to take a bit of his energy. Even though he knew he shouldn't do this. But my Dad being the wonderful kind hearted person that he is, did just that. The man made an amazing recovery. But my poor Dad was ill for a week after that. He was totally exhausted near collapse.

I have never put myself in that situation and hope to God that I never do. But getting back to the point at hand. We psychics give of ourselves unconditionally. But, we are not put on this earth to be used, abused and taken advantage of. That is a wicked thing to do to anyone, especially someone that people want help from. Where is the respect for the humble human being, that is only here to be of help and service to God, humanity and the animals?

We are not rich people, we are just your average human being. We have our own issues to deal with, yet some people want us to be their personal councillor. We are not here to be  a councillor to others, but we end up having to perform as such at times, even though we have to keep reminding the client that we are not councillors.

I know many wonderful people in this industry that care for the homeless, the poor, the shelter and wild animals, they help troubled youth and are foster parents. We have to just take it all in our stride. And still keep a smile on our faces. I personally donate to animal welfare often, I give to human charities when I can too, in the form of clothes, household items, food etc. I am by no means rich, but I do my best to share what little I have. It is just who I am. I give what I give anonymously, I am not out for an ego trip. I am just the average person in your street. I like it that way.

Then back to the phone, ring ring. Hi, I would like a reading please. How good are you? How accurate are you? My friend went to so and so and they were really good?   My friend reads for famous people. What am I thinking right now? What colour hair do I have?

BTW, when I answer my phone I DO get a mental image of the person, and other things too. Sometimes I know if the person is not the one for me too. refer them to some one else, but only people that I would allow to read for me personally. The duty of care thing!!

Don't get me wrong, 99% of the clients are wonderful, for all of us and we care deeply about our clients. I have been to a Clients wedding and have stayed friends with her for many years. I have become close friends with some clients. Despite the fact that it is best to keep to a professional level. We are only human and some times we are meant to connect deeper with some people for a reason.

Hmmm, do you think you could take this lifestyle? I love what I do, but I do not like it when some people that are just looking to cause upset ring me or my colleagues. That is not very nice and no way do I want a person with that negativity in my home. Would you allow a negative person in your home, your private personal space?

We leave energy where ever we go, some times we leave good happy and loving energy. But some times a person can leave bad energy. They are usually not aware of it happening, why would they?
But there are some out there that know exactly what they are doing and also indulge in the dark arts.
I had one come into my house, I had to do a clearing as soon as she left. I am very careful about who I choose to read for. After all it is my gift and my home.
I have had people, mostly women I must add making the sign of Satan to me ad I have conducted their reading. I continue with the reading but that client will never set foot in my house again.

I work for the Pure spirit world, nothing else. If it is not pure and unconditional love then it is not good. What some refer to as the Light, but this is going off subject and is way too deep. To be left for the years to come and in book format. The time is not right at present.

I humbly thank you for your time, and taking the opportunity to read this.

Blessings to all

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Wes Penre update Level 5 part 5

Click on the link and then on to the PDF file.


This is an interesting case here. I do not like to get involved in this sort of stuff, however this was a family friend that was being terrified in her home.

I was informed of a possible haunting in a friends house. The information that I was given was rather
disturbing, but in the ball park area of a regular paranormal event. This friend was terrified to sleep at night or be alone in her flat.  Doors were opening, objects falling, or being broken and a very frightening feeling  of being watched. Then there was a feeling of hands around her throat and a heavy feeling of some one pressing down on her chest, which was the final thing that prompted my friend to ask for help. This paranormal activity was going on for a few weeks prior to her asking me for help.

This is where things started to get interesting. Suddenly sitting in my office I could see this person in spirit that was causing the disturbance. He was a dark haired man, solid build and rather aggressive.
He knew that I was going to move him on. I started to communicate with him and laid down the law to him. I do not tolerate any bullies or nasty people at all, never have and never will. I told him straight. I am not afraid of you, you have no power over me nor anyone else. I reminded him that he is in spirit and he should not be harassing the living. I told him he has been in spirit long enough to know the rules. Also that I don't "take any prisoners".

He got a bit shirty at that, but I stood firm. He knew I meant business. This was quite a powerful connection that I had. He was able to move between my friends house and my house. Just as well that I put spiritual protection around my house every single day and around my self and my family. To do otherwise would be down right stupid and irresponsible.

I was able to inform my friend that not only was this man a very bad person , but he had done a double murder and then killed himself.  I said this spirit was brought into her house, he didn't just lob up there and decide to move in. I was not told the full story of this from my friend until after the entity was removed. it would have been much better if I had all the cold hard facts first, but hey that is just the way things sometimes happen.

I went over to her flat with both of my sons who are also psychic. The moment I got in the car Mr Bad-guy was there. He didn't say much, but he knew that I was there to move him on. When I went into the flat, things were a little quiet. Which I expected to be the case, Then I started to do the house clearing, things started to warm up. Suddenly my friend was frightened her glass of water dropped from her hand and smashed on the floor.

I kept going with  the house clearing. I gave my friend and my sons strict instructions on what not to do, and most importantly show no fear. I was given a  crystal pendant. That was how the spirit got in there in the first place. It turns out a friend gave this object to my friend. I believe t came from a second hand shop. The spirit being and the two people he shot were all attached to this tem. No one realised this until I explained afterwards.

Now what I found out was the dark haired man was the husband or partner of the woman that was murdered along with the man that she had an affair with. This woman's husband or partner caught them and shot both of them and then himself. He did not want to go to prison for the murders. Real nice of him....not! Now my friend had nothing to do with any of this and knew nothing until things started happening in her flat.

I asked her to give me the pendant and would clear  it and then dispose of  it . At this point she told me that she tried to get rid of it before. She dug a hole in the yard and put it in it. The next day the pendant was found in her kitchen. This frightened her, as no one else knew about this.

So after hearing this I was in no doubt how determined this dark haired man was.  But then so am I, I would not be doing what I do if I wasn't a strong person. So I did a clearing of this object and then took it outside. The three spirit beings were watching and listening to me the whole time. I did notice the two murder victims stood a little back from their killer. I went out the door of the flat and went out in to the street, followed by my sons. I found a drain and threw the pendant in the drain.

Suddenly I heard a voice say , "You shouldn't have done that" he was quite angry with me. Telepathically I snapped back "shut up and don't speak to me". "I don't like you and I don't want to talk to you".
My oldest son suddenly said , "Mum did you hear what he just said?"  This was my first inkling that my oldest son could hear spirit. I said ," yes, I did but I am in charge not him".
My son said "Mum this isn't over yet" and he was right. I could feel that.

We were walking back into the flat and I could feel the very heavy presence at the door way. I just walked in and ignored it. Both my sons and my friend were rather freaked out which is understandable.

We stood talking about what happened, then my friend showed me a silver ring that she was given with the pendant. I told her that she should have told me at the start, no wonder things were not going well. This gave him the ability to entre the flat still.

So back through the cleansing again and then I took that ring outside and threw it down the drain in the driveway. I told my friend not to think about all of this as she could bring them all back again.
So far so good. So I thought as I drove home I had a sinking feeling something was wrong. Even my sons could feel this. They both expressed their concerns. I agreed with them, but also asked them to be strong and show no fear. We had a rough drive home as this entity was trying to prevent us getting home safe. Much to his lousy disgust we made it home safe.

Now  a few weeks later all seemed normal and hunky dory. Then one lunchtime, I got a few unexpected  visitors from spirit. Yup, the three of them decided they did not want to go to the light, I strongly suspect the other two would have liked to, but were stuck to Mr Bad-guy.

 A karmic connection that bound them to each other. I spent nearly all afternoon communicating with them. I explained to them, they must let go of any fears and worries, including religious beliefs as it will hold them back. However I did make it clear to them to heal and forgive each other and work as a team. So that they could all go in peace. Well this was not an easy thing to do. I kept calm and didn't get angry. This was spiritual counselling to 3 spirit beings, so I had to get this right and assist all 3 of them and not to be personally attached to this. One thing that I did do was give them the option of going to the light (soul trap) explaining what that was or going through the grid and into freedom where we are supposed to go. Not all people who pass go through the grid because they have been programmed to go to the light (Lucifer's light or soul trap).

Eventually they all accepted what I said and left of their own free will. There has been no more visits or paranormal activity from them after that.

My friend eventually did move out of the flat but not because of the events that took place. She just needed a bigger flat. And I am happy to say she is a happy camper enjoying her life.

Note: One can not move a spirit being on unless that spirit or spirits agree to move on. That is where free will comes in. What we can do is change the energy around the place that the spirit is inhabiting so that the spirit no longer feels attracted to that place and will move on.

It is all about energy and harmony and keeping everything in the Universe/Multiverse in balance. Spirits need to be aware of their options too. Some are held back form going to their rightful place due to emotional issues, personal beliefs and or misunderstandings and of course religious beliefs.

Of all of these things Religious beliefs do the most harm. for any spirit progressing from one world to the next. I strongly advise that people in our time learn as much as they can and be more spiritually empowered and aware. So that one day when they leave this world they know what to do.

One also must get to know their higher self or oversoul. I can not stress this enough.

Blessings to all.

Copyright Alex Fulford January 21 2015

Tuesday 20 January 2015

A new article published in The Supernatural Magazine: My spirit communication with the late actor Simon Gipps Kent

I have done this on my blog 2 years ago. But I decide to share it with the magazine, It is a wee bit more in depth in a couple of spots.

I intend to write more stuff for the magazine, and they are giving me the wonderful opportunity to write in their magazine. For which I am most humbled and grateful.

Saturday 17 January 2015

JOKE: school field trip

Two female teachers took a group of students from  grades 1, 2 and 3 for a field trip to Flemington Racecourse.  When it was time to take the children to the 'bathroom', it was decided that the girls would go with one teacher and the boys would go with the other.

The teacher assigned to the boys was waiting outside the men's toilet when one of the boys came out and told her that none of them could reach the urinal. Having no choice, she went inside, helped the little boys with their pants, and began hoisting them up one by one, holding on to their 'wee-wees' to direct the flow away from their clothes and shake them dry.
As she lifted one boy up, she couldn't help but notice that he was unusually well endowed. Trying not to show that she was staring at his equipment the teacher said, 'You must be in Grade 3?
'No ma'am', he replied. 'I'm riding Black Caviar in the next race, but I really appreciate your help.'

Thursday 15 January 2015

Wes penre Level 5.3

Here you go, enjoy. For those that don't want to wait for me to post the link, please go straight to his web page each day to down load his updates and join his face book page for discussions.

Extraterrestrial races the good the bad and the ugly

Being a follower of Wes Penre, I have to say this is quite informative. From what I have experienced on a very personal level, I have to agree with what he says. It is up to each individual to search for their truth and set their soul free.

I do not endorse what the In5d website says. Please to not make the mistake of thinking I follow this.
I do my own thing and try to keep life simple. Like I say, I am a wife and mum and I just happen to be clairvoyant, nothing more nothing less. I try to keep an open mind like most people. That is hard enough in the times that we live in. I do not intend to make my life any harder than it is, LOL.

Saturday 10 January 2015

New update on Wes Penre's website, Level 5 is here.
Please enjoy this free ebook that Wes has given the world for free. If you have not read his work , then please start at the introduction to his work. What an amazing person doing all this research and sharing his work for free.

I can't wait to start on this, so exciting. I have been waiting for months. I will add this to my kindle and read it in bed each night now. Says me with a pile of lovey  new books on my bedside table.
I bought 3 gardening books yesterday too, nothing like the love of nature to sooth the soul. Any hoo,
I hope many people share the link to the website and enjoy Wes's articles as much as I do.

Much love to all XXX

Monday 5 January 2015


I am only just starting to talk about this subject openly, for I was not sure what the reaction would be from people that know me. For several years I have been getting UFO dreams, most of which seem harmless. But over the past 5 years they are building up. It is not something that I want to encourage either. It is getting to the stage of being very disturbing.

I do not recall when I started to get these dreams. But I do know when it started, not long after I started living here in Canberra, Australia. I moved down here from Sydney, NSW in 1995 with my young family. I just remember dreaming of a strange yellow pod shaped UFO flying quite low, over the roof tops, when I am looking out of my kitchen window. It didn’t bother me seeing this space ship. I knew what it was and was not worried about it. There was a very familiar feeling each time it appeared in my dreams.

I even tell other people in the dreams not to worry about the yellow space ship. Sometimes I am in the street shopping in a nearby town, in these dreams. I look up and there it is, following me. People notice the spaceship and look alarmed. I tell them not to worry they are on “our side”.  I have no idea if the ET’s are good guys or bad guys in reality.

Now I start getting a dream in which my husband and I are on a space craft and have been fitted with a microchip in our hands. I seem to have two chips in my left hand. I have one in the tip of my left middle finger and one in the middle of the left palm. I get quite upset with this. I know that because I am a spiritual healer in my awake state this is very bad. I use my left hand in healing people. Now just after my husband are implanted with these chips in one particular dream, there suddenly comes a rescue team to remove these microchips. Suddenly we find ourselves in a split second on board a different space ship and they remove the microchips.

Now all of the ET’s look human but, I never get a good look at them. They wear dark clothes, they seem to be Caucasian like us. (This I find interesting when I waken up).   I don’t notice if they are telepathic or not. In one particular dream, I ask the person removing the microchip from my finger if he is from the Annunaki race. He says no, I notice a blond haired woman standing next to him. She does not speak, she just seems to be his assistant. Now when I asked him was Annunaki, he said, “I can bring them next time if you like”. I was horrified and said. “Don’t even think about that. I don’t like them”.

At that stage a group of other ET’s were attacking, what seemed to be friendly ET’s. There must have been about five of them armed with modern looking guns, trying to defend the group that my husband and I were with. Again I noticed they all wore black clothes like paramilitary clothes.

My husband and I suddenly found ourselves placed in a car, and we had warm blankets around us, pale blue blankets and they were warm. Just like when you have been through surgery to prevent you going into shock. Shock, is the understatement here let me tell you. We were left momentarily in a car on a remote road in a coastal area. Go figure, Canberra is inland and at least 3 hours from the coast.  The next thing I knew we had to drive as fast as we could to get away from the not so nice ET’s. The road seemed to look like somewhere along the south coast of New South Wales.  We had to pull off the road at one point and hide in a ditch, until the road was clear. Then do a U turn and find the turn off to a property. The residents had to flee for their lives when we arrived. This part was rather frightening and I could feel my heart thumping. My husband did not seem to be the target, it was me they were after. He just got caught up in this with me.  Thankfully we got away and I  get to waken up in my own bed.  Now things have increased since I had this dream. I keep seeing new space craft around the skies of Canberra, people just don’t seem to notice them or is very wrong.  I see space crafts that defy gravity hauling big trucks up in to the sky. All sorts of weird things with air crafts.

I have also in dreams seen, the whole of Canberra under martial law, and people lined up in the multi-story car park at a local shopping centre being give aid and shelter. The police and the military taking on the role of caregivers. Everything looked well-co-ordinated in this recurring dream. In this recurring dream, I am walking down a major highway from the direction of the local hospital with my husband. There are tanks in droves coming down the road past us. The feeling is most bewildering to say the least.

In conjunction with these dreams, on morning last year both my son and I woke up with a pain in our left arms. We both felt like we have just been given an injection. When I got out of bed that morning, I had just gone into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. I was rubbing my arm due to the pain. Next thing, my son came through rubbing his arm and told me that he has a terrible pain in his arm as if he had just been given and injection. I told him so did I, it woke me up because it hurt so much. To which he said, “me too!”

Add to this shadow men, I have seen them around my house and at night time one night during the winter I could see them in my front yard. Now this is the frightening bit. My blinds were down and I could see them Clairvoyantly and  perceiving blue glowing eyes. My dog was doing her nut as this was happening. I did not tell any one about this for a few months. Then one day one of my  sons started talking about shadow men. So I told him about this incident. It is very unnerving to go through this sort of stuff, but to find out that my son is seeing this stuff too!!  
No doubt about it there is some freaky stuff going on. Top this off with a client that came to see me this winter. I told her about one of these dreams, and half way through this she told me the rest of it. She said, “I keep getting that dream too”.

Fast forward to June 2014, I attended a course for Mediums up in Leura NSW for 3 days. This was not my idea, I went with a colleague and close friend. The course was for trance mediumship. I don’t normally like that sort of stuff and felt uncomfortable about this. However I said I would go with her and not be a party pooper. More fool me, my husband was going to come with me, but got the flu so he stayed home. I now see that as a warning sign. The event itself was OK, but when it came to the part where I had to allow a spirit being to communicate through me, the wheels fell off quick smart.

I was sitting there in the chair taking in the energy. The being that came through was an interdimensional entity, I could feel his massive bulky frame squeezing in to my little body, (I’m 5’1”). I could feel myself arching and stretching, this being was with in me. He was huge and angry.

He raised his head and looked around the room. There were twenty mediums in the room from various parts of Australia and the instructor, who came out from England to teach us. I was gagging as I was trying to have this entity speak through me. He must have found it difficult. He started speaking telepathically to me, so I could hear him clairvoyantly. He was trying to tell the human race

To change their ways before it is too late, he warned us about war and violence and we are heading down the path of no return. This guy knew what he was up to. I knew exactly who or what he was, and no friend of humanity. To keep in with cosmic law the bad guys must tell us what the rules are and we must be peaceful. He omits to tell the rest of the story. Just as well I am familiar with the Annunaki and their friends on other planets, dimensions and on earth. I just don’t want part of it.

It is not my life style thanks all the same, leave me out of it guys. Anyhow a female entity that I will describe as a tall Nordic came through next, she just pushed Mr Cranky pants out and then she started on about love. She was crying and I was crying. I won’t say what she said as it was very personal and directed at me. The instructor had to bring me out of the trance and it took a few minutes to do this. I was pretty shaken up, Mr Cranky pants made his impact on me.

The instructor back peddled quick smart and did not want to go there. No wonder, I didn’t want to either thanks. Later in the class one lady said to me, they had to let him through to let you see what is going on. They do not want you researching what you are researching at present.

This is blatant ET/ interdimensional involvement, that I will not tolerate I told her. This is not in humanities best interest, just the ET’s.  The lady didn’t seem to know a lot about this stuff, but one of the men there sure did. He asked me if I wanted to talk to a UFO researcher friend of his. I didn’t want to at that stage, I am still not sure that I want to yet. I just don’t need this in my life thank you.

Late that night just as I was going to sleep this ET guy turned up in my hotel room. He had the most disgusting stench about him too. I got one hell of a shock, but I stood my ground. AT that moment I was angry that my husband was not there. I was by myself, whilst my travelling companions all shared a room. I mentally spoke to this entity, and told him to leave, he had no right coming near me. I put spiritual protection around the room and he left. I did not get a good night’s sleep that night. I ended up sleeping with the light on.

I have also of late being getting 3 grey Et’s front up in my bedroom. Skinny ones that are about my height. They appear just out of phase, so that I can see them and not my husband. The dog responds though as she sleeps on the bed with us. I won’t speak to them, I just tell them where to go. Then say we leave you in peace and mean you no harm. Now that is not correct, for a start they only come to data harvest, if you read up on UFO’s etc, you will know this.

The icing on the cake was just last Monday night. I decided to go to bed and teach myself how to draw flowers. I cannot draw at all just stick figures that is as much as I can do. I had been given some sketch pads, pencils etc from my husband a few months ago, so I thought why not practice drawing flowers. It all started normally as drawing flowers does. Yeh, I made a pathetic bunch od shapes, so I thought, ok let’s play with a fern design. Just using the edge of the pencil and doing a shading sort of shape, to make a fern. Suddenly I felt a spirit present, as I can do automatic writing I just assumed it is a guide helping me to draw. Well the art class was not what the student intended. I swapped from right hand to left hand and started doing very fast sketches.

Not the usual arty stuff, this was Et’s there was 3D feeling to some images as I drew them. I knew that something was wrong here. I was having a story told to me about these beings coming to earth a long time ago. Oh yes there version of events though not ours. There is a vast difference if you have done research you will know what I mean. The Et’s manner took a menacing dark turn and he started writing stuff about humanity and a particular researcher, whom I cannot name as he has not seen the sketches or the message. I do not wish to offend him as I am a huge fan of his. The message want taunting. I thought he can communicate with him himself, it is nothing to do with me.

Now this has left me rattled, I just read up on the UFO stuff, I am not an official researcher and have no interest in being one. I am a Clairvoyant that is what I do. I am very much into nature and animals, both are a huge part of my life. I just seem to be getting dragged along with this stuff and I do not want it. We all have the right as human beings to have an interest in what is going on, on our planet and to all life on our planet. That is our right. No off planet entities have the right to interfere with us or manipulate us. We must declare our own sovereignty and chase these entities away.

I am now left wondering what comes next. I am aware that many people are having similar experiences world-wide and much worse than what I have had. Clearly something is going on and it is increasing as we speak. I keep a journal of all my psychic experiences, everything is dated so I can look back and trace events as needed. I think it is important for anyone going through psychic experiences to do this and especially UFO events. In the past 10 years I have come to believe that the ET’s will come forward and declare themselves publically, rather that the world leaders revealing them to us. They have been told many times in the past 100 years, so now I feel the ET’s will do that themselves. I do not have positive feelings about this either. I feel these beings do not have our best intentions at heart. My advice to humanity is listen with your heart and lift your vibrations higher and the future may have a brighter outlook. I intend to have a loving and peaceful future with beautiful animals and an abundance of nature, how about you?

The bottom one is a bit of fun making at humanities expanse. Did we really come from the Apes or was there ET intervention, is what this entity is saying. The tree at the top representing the tree of life of the double helix.

Article and Images copyright by Alex Fulford January 2015

UPDATE; I had a dream just after writing this post, in which my mother appeared. She removed an RFID chip from my head, where it was situated at the very top of my head and slightly to the left hand side. When she removed the chip I noticed that it had a grey mucusy coating on it, not to mention the sharp pain that I had, which woke me up because it hurt so much. The pain lasted all day, and I still feel that spot is rather tender.

I have spoken to a neighbour just recently and have been informed by this neighbour that there has been similar stuff happening to them. Seeing shadow people around the house in side and outside the house. This is very distressing to experience and for two house holds to have this experience is a bit of a worry, don't you think? Like I say I don't need this crap nor want it in my life, end of story!


Greetings Possums, Happy New Year, to one and all. Let us hope that this year will be a lovely one with joy in our hears and a spring in our step. The times have been tough and trying, but we must keep on going. We must lift our hearts and our vibrational frequencies as high as possible.

Yes we may feel like Grumpy Cat, we may well want to high five someone in the face with a  chair Grumpy style. But that would be more of  "da same"  stuff from before. So hows abouts we all lift up
our expectations and do something good and worth while. There is so much to gain and we will feel good doing something good. Pay it forward all year help others, encourage others and be there for others. This is about freeing the world from darkness. The more good we do the less darkness there is
so what we all waiting for? Lets get started Possums.

Love and blessings to all

Alex XXX

Artificial Intellegence (A I) dream with mobile phones transplanted in the ears.

Last Monday night I had one of those weird ass dreams, again. No cheese involved either. I was looking at 3 people with very swollen looking right ears. They were all stitched up and looking painful.
I wondered what had been done to them, I was told by an invincible being these 3 people just had a mobile phone implanted in their ears and is voice activated.
Talk about things that make you say, hmmmmm!

The night before that though was real interesting. Now I can not draw to save myself. A stick figure is about as much as I can do. I do have artists in my fathers side of the family and many musicians. I missed out on that talent though.

Well as I said 2 nights ago was real interesting. I was given art paper and pencils including the water colour pencils by my husband about 2 months ago. I had said to him I really would love to draw botanical pictures, just for my own pleasure. I love gardening, and I have plenty flowers and plants to use as my working models. So I decided to sit up in bed late on Sunday night, with a big sketch pad and pencils. Not much good at the start just odd shaped things that I tried to pass of as flowers or leaves. Next thing I know there is a strange feeling came over me, I just said, ok spirit, lets draw then.

Bad move....I started drawing weird pictures of strange beings.  The style of the drawings was kind of shadowy, for want of a better term. There was also a picture with a space ship that I have seen many times in dreams, flying over my house in day light. There are 4 skinny little figures near the space ship, each is slightly taller than the other. The sky is dark, as in night time and then sparks in the sky falling to earth. There are a few other things in the picture, and I am being told a story of what is taking place.

There is much more info but I won't share it here, as I need to still work on this and what it all means.
At the end of this "art lesson" there was a sinister twist. This being was just messing with me just because he could. There was a dark menacing look in a couple of the pictures and what he wrote too.

I have sent copies off to a UFO researcher that I know to have them studied.  Now this feels like the follow on from what took place at the trance Mediumship classes that I went to in June this year.
I intend to walk away from all of the ET stuff, it is not good stuff let me tell you. I do feel that there are dark days ahead for humanity with our off planet neighbours. Time will bear me out on this. From what I see, feel and have read up on. This little brown duck just does not want to go there thank you very much.

Take my advice folks, if any of you are interested in the UFO/Paranormal stuff, please don't mess with it. Leave it to those that know what they are doing. It is a deep subject and I feel it is not in our best interests. I do also state do not show fear to these beings, they feed from it. Give all that stuff a miss please.

Like I say I can't draw, but I was not in control of this. Enlarge the image and you can see more.The foot of the page is sand with plants that grow on the coast where ever this is supposed to be. I felt it was the middle east a very long time ago.

Article and image copyright by Alex Fulford January 2015