Sunday, 25 January 2015

Dogs die in hot cars and walking dogs in the heat burns paws.

Why is it taking so long to get the message through to the masses about this? I see this abuse all over town and it must stop. I keep an eye out for this and I will report the car to the police if the owner is not back within 10 minutes.

Also apart from them needing a publicity campaign to educate the public on this matter, so does dog walking in hot weather need to be addressed. In Australia the heat is so intense in the summer months, the footpaths are red hot. Have you ever stoped to think how much that hurts a dog or a cat?  We have shoes to protect our feet, but dogs and cats don't. They have no voice to say I don't want to go out in the heat.

Walking a dog in the hot months should be done by 9am and then after 6.30 or 7pm at night, to allow the footpaths to cool down. I am horrified at the amount of thoughtless people that just take the dog out for a walk in the day time and give no thought to how hot the footpath  is on the dog's feet. Come on people where is your common sense for this. People are not thinking these days,  they need to be told by the media how to care for their dogs and cats. Do you need this to bring up children too?
Would you take a small child out for a walk, in bare feet in the middle of the day? I don't think so.

Please talk to your local councils to see if they can put together a publicity awareness campaign that address this serious matter as well as not leaving dogs in cars. Both are vital.