Thursday 29 January 2015

Reading on Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

This is an interesting reading, to say the least. Looking into Tony's past I can see a father that did not show a lot of love. He was a practical sort of man, not given to emotions much. I feel Tony's sister left home at an early age to find her place in the world.

Tony is most definitely a sporty person. He was not able to pursue his proper career path, I feel his father has persuaded him to go in to a more preferred career. Religion was a major part of his life from the start.
As a young man I see a grey haired bespectacled  older man in his late 50's or early 60's as Tony's mentor. This man was solid build but not overly tall. This man played a big roll in shaping who Tony Abbott is today. I feel this man was a much respected family friend. He visited the family home often. Long late night talks about politics. This man has a very strong personality and has had a big impact on the young Tony. I see  Tony  walking around a sport's oval on a cold and windy winter day talking to this man, it looks like late afternoon.
Much is being discussed to do with Tony's future and he was given good stern advice that day.

I feel Tony has always been surrounded by very strong women, something that he is not comfortable with. His 1950's beliefs come from his father. Which is just the standard way of life to many of that generation. However, with the religious background combined with his father's influence and his mentor One can easily see how Tony's world has been shaped. I do feel that he is a better father to his girls than his father was with Tony and his sister. Grand children are something that he looks forward too.

Tony does like the fine dining, but eats sensibly and I see a fondness for red wine. He likes comfort when dining at home. He does take care of his health and this also is clear in his public image too.
He likes to keep fit and hang out with the men. The rugged stuff is what he likes, perhaps he should have been a farmer.

Politically speaking now. This as we can see is the winter of Tony's discontent. It will get worse from here on in. But the reality is he was only put in this role of Prime Minister to bring in some unpopular laws. There are more to come. Tony, just like Julia Gillard, must not trust his advisors He needs to watch out for Joe Hockey, he is a very ambitious man. Joe can play Tony like a fiddle. Turnbull is the one to watch, he will be the leader one day.

News headlines this year will be a headache starting around April 2015.  There will be a long hard battle behind closed doors. I do see a deal being offered to Tony, this deal looks good on the face of it, but yet again it is a poisoned chalice. Not unlike Ms Gillard's. Tony has fought well over the years, but behind the smoke and mirrors is a very dark story. Tony like all Western leaders is being manipulated by powerful dangerous men in suits. Tony has no choice but to go along with the show.   Tony will not be allowed to bail out, Behind him is a powerful woman, directing him. This I feel is his wife as I see a woman with brown hair. She is a strong woman and knows her strength.

I also feel Tony is a victim of other people's evil and greed. and to an extent his own too. Growing up in his family it was sink or swim so Tony has learned to survive. He never had true freedom in his life due to expectations placed on him. The feeling that I get here is Tony's father being a King or nation builder, with the influence that he had with his friends in powerful places, and within the church.

To understand Tony one must look into his past, and also to London I feel. I can not quite put my finger on it. But London or England has a major part in this too, historically speaking.
Sadly I do not see Tony staying in his marriage. As a couple the Abbott's are not truly suited. This I feel is cruel on both of them and their children. I feel Tony's life was sacrificed around the age of 21, for the "greater good" so to speak. Tony is happier when doing sport as that is something that he loves.

The PM job is not all that it is cracked up to be for Tony either. While he may enjoy the perks of the job, there is a lot of emotional stuff going on within him. I see Tony wearing a white business shirt and on board an Air force jet, he seems to be standing leaning over a seat looking out of a window.
There are military men in ceremonial uniform on this flight.

Tony is not one to shy away from a stoush, he chooses his time carefully before wading in though. Working out which stoush to avoid and which one to dive into. I get the feeling of Tony lying in wait for his opponents and then attacks them when they don't see it coming. Thuggish like
I see him wearing big red boxing gloves symbolising him getting down and dirty.

Tony came through the elections safe and sound only because the public grew weary of the Labor government. But all the political dog and pony show is all rigged anyway.  Tony is barely hanging on at present due to the Knighthood issue. Still as I pointed out earlier in this article, this is only the start of his demise.

Looks like Tony went into the PM role unaware of the real issues. He is only there to do the dirty work and then be hung out to dry. The process has already begun. I also feel a new era in terror is around the corner. I do not like the feel of this. Tony will not be in the job when this kicks off though.
I do feel Ms Bishop will be the Aussie Margaret Thatcher in the next few months, now by that she does not have to be the Prime Minister, she can be deputy and still have clout and she will have clout. I see her working with a dark haired man that is now greying. He will be the head kicker so to speak.
The public will not like this one bit. But no one can stop this train wreck from happening, public anger will be boiling over at this time, as more "events" happen.

"Too much Liberty" is the cry, this is orchestrated for effect, Tough new laws to be rolled out with restrictions on many. I am also picking up mining here too, this will be a big issue this winter.

Tony is a bit of a loan wolf in the party, he is out on a limb. Right from the start when he started to make a move towards the leadership role, ears pricked up in the old boys network.  He is not liked at all by the party members. He was assisted into the position, by those that pull the strings. This is all rather hard work for Tony too, he would much rather be playing sport than being the PM. However he does enjoy the position.

I do feel Tony will try to bring the Media into line too after the Knighthood situation. This will be a face saving exercise. But will it work? Not really.

Keep your eyes on Julie Bishop over the next 12 months big changes are afoot for her. More power and possible leadership challenge to come. Some how though I can't seen her as Prime Minister. I feel it will be many years before we see an other female Prime minister in Australia.