Monday, 5 January 2015


Greetings Possums, Happy New Year, to one and all. Let us hope that this year will be a lovely one with joy in our hears and a spring in our step. The times have been tough and trying, but we must keep on going. We must lift our hearts and our vibrational frequencies as high as possible.

Yes we may feel like Grumpy Cat, we may well want to high five someone in the face with a  chair Grumpy style. But that would be more of  "da same"  stuff from before. So hows abouts we all lift up
our expectations and do something good and worth while. There is so much to gain and we will feel good doing something good. Pay it forward all year help others, encourage others and be there for others. This is about freeing the world from darkness. The more good we do the less darkness there is
so what we all waiting for? Lets get started Possums.

Love and blessings to all

Alex XXX