Wednesday, 21 January 2015


This is an interesting case here. I do not like to get involved in this sort of stuff, however this was a family friend that was being terrified in her home.

I was informed of a possible haunting in a friends house. The information that I was given was rather
disturbing, but in the ball park area of a regular paranormal event. This friend was terrified to sleep at night or be alone in her flat.  Doors were opening, objects falling, or being broken and a very frightening feeling  of being watched. Then there was a feeling of hands around her throat and a heavy feeling of some one pressing down on her chest, which was the final thing that prompted my friend to ask for help. This paranormal activity was going on for a few weeks prior to her asking me for help.

This is where things started to get interesting. Suddenly sitting in my office I could see this person in spirit that was causing the disturbance. He was a dark haired man, solid build and rather aggressive.
He knew that I was going to move him on. I started to communicate with him and laid down the law to him. I do not tolerate any bullies or nasty people at all, never have and never will. I told him straight. I am not afraid of you, you have no power over me nor anyone else. I reminded him that he is in spirit and he should not be harassing the living. I told him he has been in spirit long enough to know the rules. Also that I don't "take any prisoners".

He got a bit shirty at that, but I stood firm. He knew I meant business. This was quite a powerful connection that I had. He was able to move between my friends house and my house. Just as well that I put spiritual protection around my house every single day and around my self and my family. To do otherwise would be down right stupid and irresponsible.

I was able to inform my friend that not only was this man a very bad person , but he had done a double murder and then killed himself.  I said this spirit was brought into her house, he didn't just lob up there and decide to move in. I was not told the full story of this from my friend until after the entity was removed. it would have been much better if I had all the cold hard facts first, but hey that is just the way things sometimes happen.

I went over to her flat with both of my sons who are also psychic. The moment I got in the car Mr Bad-guy was there. He didn't say much, but he knew that I was there to move him on. When I went into the flat, things were a little quiet. Which I expected to be the case, Then I started to do the house clearing, things started to warm up. Suddenly my friend was frightened her glass of water dropped from her hand and smashed on the floor.

I kept going with  the house clearing. I gave my friend and my sons strict instructions on what not to do, and most importantly show no fear. I was given a  crystal pendant. That was how the spirit got in there in the first place. It turns out a friend gave this object to my friend. I believe t came from a second hand shop. The spirit being and the two people he shot were all attached to this tem. No one realised this until I explained afterwards.

Now what I found out was the dark haired man was the husband or partner of the woman that was murdered along with the man that she had an affair with. This woman's husband or partner caught them and shot both of them and then himself. He did not want to go to prison for the murders. Real nice of him....not! Now my friend had nothing to do with any of this and knew nothing until things started happening in her flat.

I asked her to give me the pendant and would clear  it and then dispose of  it . At this point she told me that she tried to get rid of it before. She dug a hole in the yard and put it in it. The next day the pendant was found in her kitchen. This frightened her, as no one else knew about this.

So after hearing this I was in no doubt how determined this dark haired man was.  But then so am I, I would not be doing what I do if I wasn't a strong person. So I did a clearing of this object and then took it outside. The three spirit beings were watching and listening to me the whole time. I did notice the two murder victims stood a little back from their killer. I went out the door of the flat and went out in to the street, followed by my sons. I found a drain and threw the pendant in the drain.

Suddenly I heard a voice say , "You shouldn't have done that" he was quite angry with me. Telepathically I snapped back "shut up and don't speak to me". "I don't like you and I don't want to talk to you".
My oldest son suddenly said , "Mum did you hear what he just said?"  This was my first inkling that my oldest son could hear spirit. I said ," yes, I did but I am in charge not him".
My son said "Mum this isn't over yet" and he was right. I could feel that.

We were walking back into the flat and I could feel the very heavy presence at the door way. I just walked in and ignored it. Both my sons and my friend were rather freaked out which is understandable.

We stood talking about what happened, then my friend showed me a silver ring that she was given with the pendant. I told her that she should have told me at the start, no wonder things were not going well. This gave him the ability to entre the flat still.

So back through the cleansing again and then I took that ring outside and threw it down the drain in the driveway. I told my friend not to think about all of this as she could bring them all back again.
So far so good. So I thought as I drove home I had a sinking feeling something was wrong. Even my sons could feel this. They both expressed their concerns. I agreed with them, but also asked them to be strong and show no fear. We had a rough drive home as this entity was trying to prevent us getting home safe. Much to his lousy disgust we made it home safe.

Now  a few weeks later all seemed normal and hunky dory. Then one lunchtime, I got a few unexpected  visitors from spirit. Yup, the three of them decided they did not want to go to the light, I strongly suspect the other two would have liked to, but were stuck to Mr Bad-guy.

 A karmic connection that bound them to each other. I spent nearly all afternoon communicating with them. I explained to them, they must let go of any fears and worries, including religious beliefs as it will hold them back. However I did make it clear to them to heal and forgive each other and work as a team. So that they could all go in peace. Well this was not an easy thing to do. I kept calm and didn't get angry. This was spiritual counselling to 3 spirit beings, so I had to get this right and assist all 3 of them and not to be personally attached to this. One thing that I did do was give them the option of going to the light (soul trap) explaining what that was or going through the grid and into freedom where we are supposed to go. Not all people who pass go through the grid because they have been programmed to go to the light (Lucifer's light or soul trap).

Eventually they all accepted what I said and left of their own free will. There has been no more visits or paranormal activity from them after that.

My friend eventually did move out of the flat but not because of the events that took place. She just needed a bigger flat. And I am happy to say she is a happy camper enjoying her life.

Note: One can not move a spirit being on unless that spirit or spirits agree to move on. That is where free will comes in. What we can do is change the energy around the place that the spirit is inhabiting so that the spirit no longer feels attracted to that place and will move on.

It is all about energy and harmony and keeping everything in the Universe/Multiverse in balance. Spirits need to be aware of their options too. Some are held back form going to their rightful place due to emotional issues, personal beliefs and or misunderstandings and of course religious beliefs.

Of all of these things Religious beliefs do the most harm. for any spirit progressing from one world to the next. I strongly advise that people in our time learn as much as they can and be more spiritually empowered and aware. So that one day when they leave this world they know what to do.

One also must get to know their higher self or oversoul. I can not stress this enough.

Blessings to all.

Copyright Alex Fulford January 21 2015