Tuesday 9 August 2011

Finding Your Tigger Moment

Sometimes life gets a bit too much to handle. That is when we need to stop what we are doing or thinking about and just take time to just be. Life at present is in the fast lane for everyone on the planet. Why do we do this to ourselves and try to impose it on others too. The root of all of this comes down to money, materialism and power. These things don't do anyone any good. We are all slowly starting to realize that.

Having said that just look at the economy, it will come to a screaming halt and when it does, what are we all going to do? First thing is take a deep breath. Next have a look at all those people, world wide that lived through 2 world wars and the great depression. They survived didn't they. So will we.

I always joke with my friends about finding"Your Tigger moment" or letting the Tigger in you out to play. What I am actually saying is, relax.The world isn't going to stop if you don't  do something at a set time, or if you miss a call on your phone. It isn't going to make the slightest difference if you decide to change the daily routine, that you have been in for the past 20 years. But it will make life better for you, the individual.

Just take time out for yourself from time to time and de-stress. Think of the things in your life that you are thankful for. Being thankful and mindful are very important things to be practicing right now. These thoughts actually lift the vibrations not just of yourself but, they have a flow on effect for the planet as a whole. Energy is what makes every living thing including the whole Universe work. We are all part of it. You can create positive energy or negative energy all by your thoughts.

As they say you are what you think you are, you are creating your world by the thoughts that you hold.Thought manifests into reality remember? So getting back to Tigger, we must train ourselves to think happy thoughts, uplifting thoughts, that is the way to improve our lives. Believe it of not happiness is contagious.

There is no point in beating ourselves up when things don't go the way we want them to. We do have choices in life. They might be small at times, but we still have them. It is hard work being happy at times but it is well worth the effort. Why on Earth would you choose to think negative thoughts and upset yourself, when you can just as easily think happy thoughts.

Do things that bring you happiness, spend time with those that you love. Avoid TV shows and movies that make you angry. Read more novels that are uplifting, old classic novels are great. I have a wide range of them From Sir Walter Scott , Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to name a few. I love reading all sorts of books. History is a big favorite with me as well as gardening.
I love my gardening to de-stress. Pure bliss just touching base with nature.

What ever makes you happy is all that matters. Just follow your heart to find that happiness. Meditation also helps you find that  feeling of happiness. It must not be underestimated either. This is the power of the Human mind. We only know a fraction of what it can do. But you can really open up when you get into the swing of meditation and do it often. You will get a better nights sleep, feel better about yourself. And you will learn about your true self. Meditation is not just one of those yoga things to to quit smoking. It is a powerful tool to connect with your higher self, your spirit guides, the Universe and so much more.The trouble is many people do not make the attempt to get in to the process of proper meditation.

But as I said, at the end of the day, follow your heart and find what makes you happy. Focus on that as often as you need to. Eventually you will do it automatically. It is OK to be silly and clown around. Who says that you must be serious all the time? There are no rules in life other than what we impose on ourselves or what we wrongly impose on others. Be silly when you feel like it. Laugh often and share you laughter. That is a gift remember. We also need to show others the way too.

Part of our mental health should include laughter, after all it is the best medicine. Even adult animals play. Have you ever watched your pets at play? A horse rolling on it's back and then getting up to run. We are meant to have time to have fun otherwise we would crack up. Think about all those people on anti-depressants at this point in time. Why do you think that is? Never in the history of the Human race have we pushed ourselves to destruction like we are now. We don't have to live like this. We have the choice. So as I say find your Tigger moment, and enjoy life.

The Bone Destroying Daily Drink Fooling Millions of Americans


Same deal in Australia and New Zealand and the UK. Get into the Green Lipped Muscles and visit a Naturopath to reverse tha damage. Google how to reverse the damage by fluoride. The info is out there.

My Doctor tells me it is Osteo Arthristis. They didn't do Ct scans on my hands or my elbows, toes and my right Knee.  I wonder why. My doctor is aware that I never get sick and comments on that. He knows that I prefer natural therapies. So, he also knows with menopause he won't see me for dust too, lol.

Other than that life is good and I feel truly blessed with my lot in life. I have no need for fame, being rich etc etc. I am so happy with family (including the furry ones) and friends, oh, and my garden. What more does one need in life.

Spirit Nation Psychic Fair Returns to Burns Club

Just letting you know again that the Spirit Nation Psychic Fair will be back on at the Burns Club in October 29 and 30, 2011. Put it in your Diary Canberrans.

Many stalls to see, Healers etc. So save some pennies for the Fair people. I am sure that you will enjoy the visit.

Peace and Light

Super Nova Window 29 July to 31 August 2011 IMPORTANT!


Please click on the link and read about the Super Nova window and how it is affecting the planet and us.
Key words that should trigger alarms are Retrograde and Super Nova when reading anything to do with Astrology. Dr Turi is spot on with his calculations. I only know a smidgen about astrology . One day I do intend to learn it. But as my life is so busy just now I just can't get the time.

I have a lot of faith in what DT says. He has never ever been wrong. So if you are worried about what is happening in our world, he is the man to get the heads u[p from Not our brain dead and controlled media.
All they spout is what they are TOLD to spout. Nuff said.

Monday 8 August 2011

Arthritis follow up news:- Mobicosa Capsules

Hi I am just giving you an update on the Mobicosa (Green Lipped Muscles). I am taking 4 capsules twice a day now. I feel a lot better than I did at the start. As I said it is not a cure but it sure helps a lot.

You may notice that you get wind in your tummy. All you need to do is drink peppermint tea or anything
that stops wind/gas. Other than that all is good.

Saturday 6 August 2011

Japan Sends 12,600 High School Students To Fukushima Festival!


Psychic Fair on at Canberra Burns Club

Good news, people the Psychic Fair will be back, on October 29 and 30, 2011 at the Canberra Burns Club, Kett St Kambah.
There will be 15 Readers there, and many stalls to buy goodies from. For those that love Silver Jewellery, you will have much to choose from. I had a great time buying things myself last time. No doubt I shall find some more goodies in October too. The weather shall be just nice then too. Wear Your Goddess stall will be back too. I can't wait to see what Goddess Sharon has for sale.

See you there.


Wednesday 3 August 2011

Second reading on Julia Gillard July 2010

This  reading was also done in July 2010. Both of these readings are what is called absent readings.
The sitter or client is not there. I just think or focus on the person as I shuffle the cards.

Ace of Swords                          The Empress                       9 of Wands
Queen of Cups                           2 of Swords
The World                                The Magician
Queen of Swords                       6 of Swords
8 of Wands                                2 of pentacles
4 of Pentacles                            4 of cups

This lay out signifies a Victory by Julia Gillard, with strong ramifications. She knows how to get what she wants and will use all her skills and abilities to achieve this. Timing was to her advantage to take power from Mr Rudd. Julia uses cool intellect to handle people. She is out to win come what may.

There is a look in her eyes that gives her away. Her opponents need to read her eyes to figure out what is going on within her.  She is not the sort of woman to flinch in dangerous situations.
I feel she is learning how to show warmth. This is not a natural trait in her. She is a very strong woman. A match for her male colleagues. Julia plays her cards close to her chest. Not even Wayne Swan truly knows her thoughts. However she can be manipulated by him.
Julia needs to be on her guard at all times. She is only Prime Minister because Wayne Swan wants her to be. I feel when the time is right Mr Swan will push her out of the hot seat.

Julia won't take this lying down, the gloves will come off. I f eel Tony Abbott is also scheming with some Labor MP's  to bring her down. Dirty tricks are being played on her. She must not take her eye off the ball for one minute. I feel the top Labor men don't like her and are plotting her down fall at present.

I see her split with her partner within 2 years of leaving Parliament. She will buy a property up north of New South Wales where she will write a tell all book. A much older man will enter her life later on.
This man is a very spiritual man. He is a very loving man and the best thing that could happen to her.
He will help her open her heart and she will blossom.

I wish her all the best that life has to offer. Please bear in mind we are all on this Earth to learn lessons. Julia is no different and like many of us alive now is here to heal and to  give and receive love. The best of her life is yet to come.

Prediction on Julia Gillard 2010

I have held off on putting this on my blog but now, I feel the time is right. Looking back at notes written prior to the Australian Elections last year. My husband didn't want me to put this on my blog. I should have just done it anyway. As I proved to be correct, the second part of it is unfolding now anyway. But the best for Julia is yet to come, God willing.

26 July 2010

5 of Wands                 The Magician                                   4 of Swords
6 of Cups                    Judgement                                       Justice
7 of Wands                 9 of Wands                                      The Star
The Moon                   King of Cups
The Chariot                Knight of Cups

Julia is surrounded by a group of people in a discussion. She is quite prepared to take on the role of leader of the Australian Labor Party (ALP). However the Moon card shows this is not so.

It is an illusion, The Chariot card is in the position of control going out of her life. All is definitely not as it seems on the surface. The Magician card again shows her as a person who is in" Control", knowing what she is doing. But does she really?

Judgement and the 9 of Swords, next to the Magician tells an other storey. Julia is in a position where she is in the spotlight and, is trapped like a rabbit in the car head lights . There is an opportunity for her to free herself from this situation that she finds herself in. She just needs to step " out of the box"
that she placed herself in to, to think clearly.

There is an older man around her offering her support (Mr Swan?)  I feel that he is actually offering her a poisoned chalice. Is she foolish enough to accept this chalice?

The 4 of Swords indicated lying low in wait for the right time to act. There is definitely a "Magic act "going on here, right in front of the public's eyes. Are they being hypnotized in to falling for this spell that she and her co-horts weave for the Australian people?

Everything is carefully timed and choreographed. Labor will be re-elected, but for how long?
There is an air of deception around the Labor party. Julia won't stay long as Prime Minister. I feel she will be sacrificed publicly, by a dark haired man. A young man with light brown/fair haired,  has been groomed to work hand in hand with this dark haired man. This has all been a long time in the  planning. He will come out of the shadows shortly, when the time is right.

Julia knows and suspects correctly what is going on. She has had her time to shine, as the first female Australian Prime Minister.  I am hearing the words "going down in a blaze of glory"  as I write this.

Part 2

7 of Pentacles                   5 of Swords                          King of Wands
Ace of Cups                     3 of Swords
Knight of Swords             Queen of Cups
6 of Swords                     The Moon
The Chariot                      7 of Swords
The World                        Queen of Swords

At this stage she feels victorious and on top of everything. Nothing can rock her boat.
She is in for the fight of her life with the election campaign. The World card next to the 5 of Swords and the 3 of Swords tell me that she is only going to be in power for a short period of time. The knifes are out now, within the rank and file of the Labor Party.

I feel Julia trusts the wrong people around her. She is quite strong willed and wont listen to others that try to warn her. I feel This dark haired man will betray her. Julia isn't meant to stay as PM. It is only a stop gap, She is filling in for the next phase. The big guns are to step in and then worse is to come.

I have a bad feeling about this change after she leaves this post. I can't say (don't know) what it is but it has a black feeling about it.    She Knows exactly what the score is!!!

Men in dark suits are controlling everything behind the scenes. I feel these are business men that are involved. There is some sort of alliance formed, Julia doesn't have much of a choice in what is really going on. But she is a big girl and has to just roll with the punches. Such is life in politics.

Part 3

Not a good feeling, this is quite a heavy negative spread.
Julia is suffering a loss. When she thought all was in her favour. Julia has very fixed views on how the job should be done. A lot of deep thinking is going on in her head. There is a short term victory here, but this is a false sense of security.  She is in for a battle for leadership leading to betrayal.
Nothing is ever what it seems with Julia!
Plots and counter plots. In the end she cant trust any one. She must be careful on Twitter,  Face book etc, like all pollies.

Please Remember every Human being has free will. This reading was done in July 2010. Much has happened in that time. There are many people involved in the back ground that we are not aware of.
They also affect the situation that Julia is facing.

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Control anxiety and mood swings naturally with correct diet and minerals


Study on how eggs prevent cancer shows vast healing power of foods


Health balanced meals seem to be lacking these days with too much take away food.
We have be come over worked, stressed and just want a quick fix instead of a meal.
They we wonder why we get sick. Try to get the message through to young people is
like hitting your head against a brick wall. I wonder what the children of the next
generation will be like.

We need to go back to basics, just like our grand parents time and eat normal healthy food.
With the lack of healthy food we become less intelligent too, due to poor nutrition. Not to
mention stunted growth and a list of other problems.

More cases of rickets turn up in UK, lack of sunshine exposure to blame


How sad is this!