Saturday 30 December 2017

Urgent Post On Behalf Of Canberra Street Cat Alliance

With the permission of Canberra Street Cat Alliance I am sharing this urgently.
Can people in Canberra please put the word out for these lovely girls xxx TIA

MATURE FEMALES SEEKING REFUGE. Pepper and Shiva are two desirable single ladies, in unfortunate circumstances, who are looking for love and a quiet place to live.
Like all older woman they have a past….their last furparent moved and decided not to take them too. Sadly the love rat gave them no notice of the impending move so these middle aged BFFs have found themselves couch surfing with Crystal until they can get themselves settled in a new place.
They are true besties, and introverted Shiva (tortie) relies on Pepper to bring her out of her shell, so they want a place where two single gals can hang out happily together. They are sociable with other cats, once they have settled in, enjoying a gossip and snooze perched on a sunny windowsill.
Like any mature female these girls have so much love to give. They can handle kids as long as they know their place, mind their manners and are not too hands on. A bit like your Great Aunt Mary they have been known to bestow ‘the look’ on unruly children. They are well past the crazy kitten stage preferring instead to lounge around, stroll to the next napping spot and take genteel walks to their food. They are litter trained too.
These lovelies are about 8 years old and in their prime. They are both very healthy and have no medical issues. They both have had all their vet work done including micro-chipping and de-sexing.
The girls did manage to pack some belongings before the move so they will come with their scratching post, litter tray, food and water bowls, travel carriers and all of their paperwork.
If you can open your heart and home to two of the sweetest cats you will ever have the honour to meet please get in touch with Crystal on 0431157847.

Woman Sues Phone Psychic for Saying She’d Be Dead in Six Months

I am horrified by this. I do not allow others to read for me anymore, and if you have read through my blog you will see why. We have a duty of care to our dear and most respected clients, and I live by an even more strict moral code.

Yes I have worked on Rod Bradshaws' psychic phone line for a short time and my clients were able to confirm what I told them and were very happy. I have worked on radio and with the same happy results. Some US people that I read for on radio came back to me for readings again, despite me telling them it may be cheaper using a local person. I am of the opinion if you have a good reader local then use them. it is not about money. It is about the clairvoyant or psychic being of service to you, in order for you to make good life choices and be self empowered.

When you come to me  I will tell you the following,

Nothing is ever set in stone.

Readings are at the most 85% accurate and that is because of free will of all involved.

Time is not a fixed thing, it is always in a state of flux.

I cannot influence your free will , nor would I ever think of doing so.

I will not violate cosmic law.

You are the ruler of your own destiny.

You have the right to change your mind at any time. This includes soul contracts and agreements)

I will never give out negative or disturbing information.

I will not tell anyone they will die.

I warn my guides never to tell me negative information or I will not work with them.

Readings should be uplifting and empowering.

You should feel happy and uplifted by a reading.

Please remember if you are firmly holding on to a false belief it will affect the outcome of a reading. Such a belief like , you want a particular person in your life so much that, even though it is not going to happen it will sway the reading.

My advice is to be calm, relaxed and keep an open mind during the reading. That way you can ensure a good clear and concise reading. False beliefs do not help any one, they only cause pain and distress.

In the hand out that I give to every client there is a couple of good websites listed showing the meanings of tarot cards.  Each card has 4 meanings and 4 sub meanings. on top of that I see hear an feel things. I see a little video in my head also.  When spirit is present some clients do feel them and some actually are also able to hear them. Yes I read for other psychics too.

A good reader is very honest, compassionate and will do what they can to guide you. We are not perfect, we are not god. We tune in to your energy and into the cosmic consciousness of humanity.

This ability can be a gift as well as a curse for many of us. It  should  really be only the path of those that are genuinely in the service of humanity and the animals. However the dark side has their own people here also. Please be aware of that. It is foolish to ignore that.

You have the right to be empowered and you have the right to truth and justice. Uphold these important rights.

One more important thing I must tell you is, never let someone tell you that you have a curse on you and that they can remove it if you pay them. The money is usually a staggering amount. Walk out of the reading immediately and do not pay any money. This is wicked  and criminal behavior which must be reported to the police and if they person is a member of a psychic organization report them to the organization too.

Sogyal Rinpoche and the abuse accusations rocking the Buddhist world

This is revolting. But I keep telling people, you are your own guide.

You do not and should not have a guru, master or any other ego telling you what to do. One would have to be brain dead spiritually to get in to this rubbish. Stop buying books on how to be YOU.

Stop throwing your hard earned money away. You do not need any of this garbage.
Listen to your own heart, for heavens sake. I do not advocate buying these books or any new age books, they are a money making racket.

I have no intention of writing a book. Anything that I have to say can be found here for free on my blog.  I just share what I have and what I come across. I m not out to exploit. I am here to teach you, to take your power back.

You are your own master and your own guide. Stop giving away your own spiritual power and spiritual authority!

Why are you allowing others to walk all over you and dictate what you should think and how you should act?

This is no different to any other religion. It is about control, nothing more. I will not say any more than that. If you have spent any time reading my blog and do your own research you will get my point.

I for on will not give away my power, sovereignty or any thing else to an other human being nor anything else in the non physical (unseen) world.

It does not cost anything to be spiritual nor honest. It does not cost anything at all to use your own head. Trendy  retreats are a money grab. Trust me, these do nothing other than give a slick warm and fuzzy feel and money grab. Not any better than organized religion.

If people could see what I see they would not be doing this at all. Do  you think you are going to heaven by doing this? Errr WRONG! it makes no difference, but your definition of heaven and mine are vastly different.

I am not fooled by the slick BS, I know where I am going at the end of this incarnation and I can assure you  these individuals will not be able to go there, nope they will just end up back in the soul tap back into the soup mix.

Saturday 23 December 2017

My New Handbag From Baba Studio

I just spoilt myself with an other nice little silk bag from
I now have three of these pretty bags. The main bag is made of silk, but the picture panel is synthetic
because that is how the picture is preserved without flaws.

Baba studio were in Prague, in the Czech republic  but have relocated to Ireland as that is where the owner comes from. Have a look at their website, it is full of beautiful merchandise. Over the years I have bought several tarot bags for my 10 decks of tarot cards. I have the Bohemian messenger bag with the tabby cat reading the tarot on the front which I use a lot and now three little silk bags for going out. I may just end up buying one of the clutches too, lol.

The above image is called Princess Hyacintha, by Alphonse Mucha   it has a silver backing. I can't wait to use it.

Wednesday 20 December 2017

Instagram Double up Ooops!

Sorry to be a pain in the bum peeps. A few months ago I decided to link my Instagram account to my phone. Bad move, lol. I ended up creating a new account. I have put a message on the dud one to direct people over to my proper one 😁 So in two days time I will delete the dud account.
I am sorry for the confusion, it confused me too, lol.

Never trust me with modern technology he he he.

The above link in the correct one. Plenty pickies for you to look at there.
Oh I came across a really cute mousy page on Instagram for all those that love all that cute stuff like I do, Mousegallery it's so sweet 😃 So many nice things on Instagram, like the Flower faries and Beatrix Potter, Jill Barklem's Brambly edge etc.

Have fun peeps xxx

Tuesday 19 December 2017

ACT Police: Safety And Security' Animal Safety

Rules about dogs locked in hot cars in the ACT.

Please read this but also factor in the time, from the moment that you see the distressed dog. Note the time, follow these instructions but remember, it only takes a very short time for a dog to expire in a hot car.

How long will it actually take for the authorities to arrive? Is it going to be too late? What happens if you make that judgment call and break the car window? What will happen if you don't?

There is an epidemic of idiots leaving dogs and children in cars in Australia at present. This has to be addressed properly and fines issued to the people responsible.

You do not get a second chance with this. This week alone I have seen three dogs in three separate cars, with the windows open a mere crack in one car, and completely closed in an other.

There seems to be a lack of thinking going on, common-sense is nowhere to be seen these days.
Keep vigilant for children and or dogs locked in cars, and note the time, it is crucial.

Space Lama's Or Just Et's

Finally someone, (Kenneth Grant), looking at the ET thing, and seeing Blavatsky as the evil creature she is. So many people think Blavatsky was something wonderful. I can literally feel her energy and see darkness and coldness. She was not a nice person nor honest.

What I find odd is, the comment in the link above that, Crowley thought Blavatsky was a fraud, but had spiritual realisation , recognised his own ilk more like. A questionable person lacks true spiritual realization or true spirituality in my opinion. Now having said that, when starting on a spiritual path, we learn and un learn, and learn constantly.

 Our opinions will change as we continue our journey. That's normal, but we need to be able to reflect on things and not follow like sheep. Question  everything presented to you. Just because someone of note says something, that does not make it correct or true to you or me.

 Being clairsentient , clairtangent, claircognisant and a clairempath, I feel the energy of a person or a situation. When someone tries to convince  me of something, and I know otherwise,  nothing will convince me they are correct. Honouring ones natural intuition is the key.

Keep an open mind and healthy dose of scepticism with anything that you read. Some people do have a vested interest in presenting information to the world, that may not be correct.

 I agree with Grant when he mentions  the ET involvement here. I have first hand experience with this myself, which has not been pleasant. That is one of the reasons that I tell people not to channel any entities. That also includes channelling ET's, you are courting great danger and will regret it later.

 When I became a vegetarian, for instance. I heard a very loud male voice saying,  " we do not eat animal flesh at the Lord's table". The voice sounded clinical and sounded as if spoken through a microphone. Then there was silence.

The feeling was very much just like switching something off. I have experienced this many times so I know the feeling quite well.

I knew who (what they were). I knew that I was being tricked. But I  did decide to go vegetarian that day (January 6th). But not for this reason. I did it because I believed it gives a better connection when working with spirit and because I love and respect animals. 

 People have no idea whom they are actually dealing with, when communicating with spirits or entities, not to mention the disguises employed in their deception, which usually involves the use of technology. 

A man that I know, was plagued by some evil ET's for many years. He had no idea who they were. These beings turned his life upside down and literally inflicted pain and marks on his body.
These beings, some of which are onto energetic beings (don't have a  physical or energetic body), feed us information that is presented as truth. They gain our trust and then take control of the individual.

Like I  say I have experience with this and have witnessed a  few startling things over the years. I have had people in the spiritual community tell me things that sent alarm bells ringing, and how easily they fell hook  line and sinker all because, it was channelled information.  You cannot always trust the source.

I must tell you that I am in no way trying to pass myself off, as an expert in anything.  No, I am just an honest individual. I am learning through many years of experience and research. Simply sharing what I know, as I feel a duty to my fellow human beings  to inform people and keep them safe.

One does not have to be highly educated, gone to the right spiritual schools etc, to be aware of the truth of anything mystical or spiritual. However,  one must be prepared to self educate, be open minded, honest, seeking  spiritual truth.

 Do not just accept anything that is spouted by a guru or expert, you must go within to find "your" spiritual truth, and  connect with your higher self only. Many so called teachers are very much flawed egos, so you are just as important and valid in your opinions as they are. Perhaps one day you may have more knowledge than them and will be able to guide others.

But truly one must go spiritually within oneself for ones own answers, you do not need anyone else. Claim and stand in your own power and never, ever give it away to anyone. That would be like giving your soul away and in some cases may actually be the case.


I am no longer a vegetarian since the lockdown in March 2020. It has made absolutely no difference  to my mediumship abilities, and I have had to revisit this post to correct this.  One thing that did make me go back to eating meat again, was to see if it made any difference to my energy levels and chronic pain with Fibromyalgia. Nope that is still the same.  So take it from me, if some one tells you that going vegetarian/vegan improves mediumship abilities, it is all in their imagination, and they could have no actual experience in the ability either. 

Hear say is not worth the paper it is written on, is the old adage that comes to mind, in regards to people offering advice on a subject that they have no real experience with. I was a strict vegetarian for 10 years too! Which means  absolutely no chicken or fish either. So it made not one bit of difference in my abilities. 

Parkway Veterinary Centre Tuggeranong Have Kittens Needing A Forever Home

Attention Canberra region, Parkway Vet Ccentre in Kambah ( next to  the Namadgi School and Domino's pizzas) have some kittens needing loving for ever homes. I saw the lovely little fur-balls yesterday. They are ready now I believe to be homed.

There is also a lovely cat called Bruce needing a forever home. Bruce has FIV and has one eye. But do not let that stop you adopting him. He needs a home without other fur babies and perhaps no human children too.

If you want Bruce or any of the kittens please call the wonderful staff at The Parkway Vet Clinic in Kambah on 02 6231 5129.  I think Bruce looks really sweet, if I didn't have my fur family I would have him in a heartbeat. He has such a sweet little face.  

Please keep in touch with the vet clinic via face book and ask if they have any fur babies to adopt. They often do have little bundles of love there needing to go to a loving for ever home.

I must point out that I am not advocating buying pets for Christmas. Definitely not, I am totally against that. It just happens that I was at the vet yesterday for Ruby's nail trim and saw the kittens and Bruce. There is another tabby cat there also. I think he needs re-homing too. So If you can share this post with everyone that you think would be suitable that would be wonderful.

Merry Christmas, Alex

Image may contain: cat

Hmm not sure why there is white around the text. I only copied the phone number and and the photo.

More Evidence Of Satanic Ritual Abuse In The Entertainment Industry

Remember the post I wrote about the occult with celebrities? Take a look, at this one. Though its not mentioned in the blog articale above, the song, Somewhere over the rainbow, is about mind control (Mk Ultra/ Project Monarch). Rainbows are a symbol for Lucifer also, as is the dove.

Nothing is what we think it is . This  is a subject that I try to avoid really, due to the heavy negativity. I do not want to draw this evil to myself,  so I try to avoid posting too much about this subject.

I do not know how much truth is in this actual post that I have  up the top here, but the fact is that it does goes on, it is evil and downright sick.

I can tell you that it affects the psychic industry very much, and in no way do I seek fame and fortune.  I prefer a family life and value my spirituality. My spirituality can never be taken from me.

I do not want to dwell on this, only to say that it is very real. I know many people in the Psychic industry around the world and I can honestly tell you that I have seen and experienced some things that have shocked me and served as a warning to stay grounded and keep as spiritually clean as I can. I cannot stress enough how important it is to do so.

There is definitely no going back when you go down this path, and I personally have had warnings. I listened and backed off.  The price paid is very high and that can include ones life and sanity let me tell you.

Do not invoke that which you do not understand, leave that to the dark ones like Hollywood. Holly wood, as in what a wizard's wand is made from. Yes, the name is no accident. It's all in the "spell -ing"  words just like numbers carry a vibrational frequency.

For an example of the dark-side of the industry, the tv show X factor, is a classic occult show. With the full on symbology.

Reality shows are not real at all or the standard must watch reality cooking shows, talent shows  etc. They are full of subliminal's and are energy harvesting also.
People do not understand this concept, because they are not "in the know" on how this works.  It is exactly the same deal with public events where everyone meets at a particular place, and the energy is given off by the public. Be it happiness or anger. Energy can be used and manipulated for any purpose what so ever and is thus  used in ritual magic.

Always say stay on the path of righteousness and you can't go wrong.

Friday 15 December 2017

Merry Christmas From Alex

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I hope everyone stays safe over the silly season.
Thank you to everyone that reads my blog, I am most grateful for your time and effort in reading what I post. It means a lot to me, to be able to reach out to people all over the world. If there is something that is very helpful or important to you on my blog , I am delighted. That is what it is there for 😃

Image result for christmas tree

Lots of Love

Alex xxx

Tuesday 12 December 2017

iBand+: EEG headband that helps you Sleep and Dream!

Can anyone see the danger here? I sure can, if this is not yet an other warning of the AI  (artificial intelligence) take over then I don't know what is. Your mind is private and is not meant to be messed with like this.

This is being aimed at the younger generations who will take to it like a duck to water. Not stopping to question how it works, what harm it can do etc.

If you have been reading up on AI then you will be aware of the possible dangers presented here.For years I have had a tight band  like feeling on my forehead which feels like being stretched and pulled outwards. It comes and goes, mostly at night time when I am trying to sleep. I know this is nothing to do with my higher-self because that comes from within.

I have told the being that are doing this to stop it, clearly this is not benevolent beings interacting with me. I feel their presence and it feels masculine energy. One supposed friend years ago told me it is spirit working with me.

 Well no it is not, it is inter-dimensional being/humanoids, and they have no problem violating cosmic law. I always tell them to stop what they are doing immediately and return any any energy that they have taken from me. I tell them they are violating my rights and sovereignty and I point out to them that I know they are deliberately violating my rights.

The feeling stops immediately, occasionally I hear a male voice saying, " we mean you no harm and we will leave you in peace". These beings will often pretend to be spirit beings but there is a subtle difference that one feels, to tell spirit from an inter-dimensional being using advanced technology way ahead of ours.

If you want to improve your sleep then meditate the proper way, take natural sleeping tablets or see your GP. If you want lucid dreams meditate, do not use technology that could possibly harm you.

Meditation strengthens your mind and also helps your intuitive abilities become stronger. I have pointed out in other posts the importance of only communicating with your higher-self. Do not be foolish and communicate with something that you cannot see.

The chances are it is not a benevolent being which does not have your interests at heart. I have also pointed out angels are NOT real, they are archons as are supposed " ascended masters "  and " master guides". If you have something like this speak to you stop what you are doing immediately.

Lucid dreaming comes natural and must not be forced, again relax and meditate to assist in lucid dreaming. There are no quick tricks to this. But head my warning stay right away from technology when working with the mind, body, spirit complex  or you will find yourself in danger.

You do not need gurus, they are just walking egos that one gives their personal power to, and money. Own your own personal power and respect it.

I am trying to teach people to be aware of the unseen worlds. I have nothing to gain from warning people of the dangers. It is my duty to warn people of possible dangers, and I take that duty of care seriously. That is why I have this blog and to share things to assist people.

For those that read my blog regular, take a look at the things that have happened in my house in relation to interdimensional. I do not want any one experiencing what my family has gone through and my neighbours. Some may not be able to cope with this, so take my warning on board.

Yes things have settled down in my house and so far the past couple of months are normal. I hope it stays that way. I would like to also say , my mediumship abilities were very tested by these beings. It was a struggle but as soon as I got rid of these "things" my mediumship was back to normal. A natural medium knows how they feel when functioning as a messenger from spirit. We feel "different" if something is blocking our abilities. It is a "knowing", that is the best way to describe it.

For those reading this and doubting what I say. Please read the entire Wes Penre Papers and the works of Anton Parks to get an understanding of what is going on. You will particularly find the eBook Synthetic super intelligence very informative.

At present this technology is in its infancy and presented to the public as a benign piece of equipment. In no way is this benign.  I feel this is an other by product of the TPP, and the baby brother of MK Ultra.

If you are interested please join the Wes Penre discussion board to see what people are saying on AI.

Please be aware though that the people posting are at all different levels of understanding. Just keep an open mind and stay flexible. I personally only join the discussions now and again due to work and life commitments.

This is a subject that I am trying to move away from, but every now and again something crops up. When I have been interacting on the WP forum/discussion board, that seems to activate these weird things in my home. So I am trying to keep away from this subject matter as much as I can.

Friday 1 December 2017

Slinky Comes Home

We finally got our precious Mr Slinky home last night. We should have had him back 10 days ago. However there was a mix up with our phone numbers at the emergency vet clinic. The old numbers had not been updated, despite the paperwork supplied on the day of Slinky's  death having all current information.

It has been a long unhappy wait for us, almost 3 weeks come Sunday. I cannot fault the care given to Slinky by the vet, she was very compassionate and loving and the wonderful nurses in attendance.

We finally have closure and our little man is officially home with us. Daisy and Garfield gave Slinky's urn a sniff of approval when they got to check it out. Slinky now takes his place with his other siblings in our china cabinet. Sad to say they were what we lovingly nick named " Le club hairy boy". All of them reunited for ever in love and peace.