Saturday 26 November 2011

Medical Astrology

This is a very real field I suggest people take a look at this. This knowledge was around thousands of years ago. Why has it been rejected by modern man? I put it down to money and the Churches, but that is just my opinion, there is obviously much more involved. I can tell you right now the British royal family are very into this.

Krill Oil by Dr Mercola

Have a look at this

Friday 11 November 2011

11.11.11 We Will Remember Them

They shall not grow old, as we are left to grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn,
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning,
We will remember them.

Thursday 10 November 2011

Quantum Healing Solutions on the next NaturalNews Talk Hour

Baxter, same company that unleashed tainted avian flu vaccines, recalls 300,000 flu vaccines for serious adverse reactions

Yet another good thing about the Australian Bush Flower Essences, You don't have to worry about nasty things like this. They can help to remove toxins from the body though.

Want to quit smoking without any withdrawal?

If you are trying to give up smoking, and have failed every time. Good news is at hand, the easy way without suffering withdrawal symptoms and craving, is with Australian Bush Flower Essences.

My son has just come through this with no ill effects, I am glad to say. He has weak lungs and mild asthma. For the past 2 years he has been coughing like an old man, and only started smoking 3 years ago.

He was warned not to start in the first place. But since when do young people listen to their parents.

So I put him on the Australian Bush Flower Essences, which was recommended to me by a friend of a friend. This was just weeks before I decided to take up the study my self by the way.

To cut a long storey short, I went to the store and they made up the bottle containing, Boronia, Bottle Brush, Southern Cross and Emergency Essence. The Emergency Essence was to help with the withdrawal symptoms. Two weeks later and no coughing like an old man, no craving what so ever.

I now have my practitioners kit to make all my Essences at home. I am using them myself  to treat a long term health issue and am feeling the results. I shall not be treating the general public until my certificate comes in the mail of course. I shall advise the public as soon as I am qualified legally.

Please be assured that these Essences are in no way harmful, addictive, and have no negative qualities to them. They are spiritually charged, however, which is also highly beneficial to everyone world wide.  That is the most important thing about them.

You do not need to worry about them interfering with any medication that you are on either. Many doctors around the world are using these too.

They are also being used to help people withdraw from drugs too, with good results.

If you wish to learn more about these wonderful Essences please take a look at the website here.

They are the future in natural therapies, and what is also unique about them is they work on the subtle bodies or energy field/aura.
I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. We need many people to take up this wonderful therapy.

Ian White, is a very lucky man to have been given this gift from the spirit world to share with Humanity and the Animal kingdom.

Is yeast extract (a taste enhancing additive) lurking in your 'natural' foods?

Truth comes out: 2009 H1N1 flu pandemic 'deaths' of children were actually caused by MRSA

Tuesday 8 November 2011

Don't Give This to Your Daughter - Despite What Your Doctor Says

Yet another reminder of Gardasil, This message needs to get through to people. You may be able to detox from this by using homeopathic medicines or Australian Bush Flower essences.

These Essences are available world wide by the way. They are the best thing on the market, due to the fact that they work on the Aura/ etheric or subtle bodies (all mean the same thing as there are 7 layers to the aura). Please see a reputable natural therapist that has experience in removing toxins, do not try it yourself if you intend to try removing toxins from your body.

CDC and ADA Now Advise to Avoid Using Fluoride

No kidding, Why is it that we all knew this, and that they are the last to know (or admit it).
Now you can tell your dentist and the toothpaste companies where to stick their poison.

Sunday 6 November 2011

New Study Shows This Vitamin Helps Prevent Depression

 Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world We Australians are exposed to the sun every day, yet we are showing up with Vit D deficiency, even out door workers.

It makes me wonder if the tests are fake. Aussies are famed for the outdoor lifestyle. Gee, just 15 mins in the sun each day is enough sun exposure. Think about when you are hanging out the washing or watering your garden. Do not use the SPF sun screens by the way they do stop you getting vit D from the sun.

The smart thing to do is avoid the sun in the middle of the day, 11am to 3pm. Any other time is safe to get your dose of sun shine. To sit in the sun and tan for hours is crazy, you will end up looking 20 years older than you are, not to mention the risk of skin cancer. I know women that are younger than me and look like they are in their 40's or 50's from being in the sun too long. I am almost 50 and have few wrinkles. You just can't get the message through to some people though. Sun smart is the way to go, wear a sun hat or carry a parasol, they are back in fashion now.

Natural remedies help lymphedema

Again  include Australian Bush Flower Essences as they don't just address the physical body but the etheric. Herbs, vitamins, minerals and Homeopathic medicines don't go into the etheric bodies.

B vitamins and omega fat ratio are critical to prevent Alzheimer's disease

Sulphur is an important nutrient for optimal health

Please note that some people are allergic to sulphur and sulphur based drugs. My oldest son is highly allergic to sulphur. When I am fully qualified in Australian Bush Flower Essences I shall treat him for his chronic health problems, doctors don't seem to know what to do, other that fill him with drugs.

There is much more to the Human body than the Medical professionals know, all illness and disease starts in the etheric or astral bodies and then works its way into the physical body if not corrected.
There are 7 layers to the etheric body which are connected to the 7 main chakras. Not to forget the importance of intestinal health and probiotics. 

Half of all hospital rooms contaminated with deadly superbugs

Talk about primitive life forms eewwwww! This is how the 19th Century doctors behaved.
Trust me I have been in many hospitals over the years and  some of the health standards are disgusting.
Back in  1991, I took my 18 month old son in to a Western Sydney hospital's ER late one night  in respiratory distress, two days later he was re-admitted with gastroenteritis, which he contracted at that hospital during his over night stay. A baby can die from gastroenteritis.

When he was in the ward, the heating was up high, and carpeted floors, which is a great bacteria trap in a hospital. On top of that, children wandering around an infection ward without supervision.
Disposable diapers/nappies piled high in the garbage bin as well. All of this is highly infectious. Not to mention that a warm environment is a vector for viruses and bacteria. 

Did you know back in Medieval times sewerage was used as an early form of Biological warfare, so just think about that in the children's ward with a 18 month old baby. I didn't know that I was 6 weeks pregnant at the time either. I did get sick too, thanks to the poor hygiene in that particular hospital.

Visiting  a Sydney hospital this year I was disgusted to see the amount of staff and general public not using hand sanitisers that are placed everywhere. On saying that, I checked some of them and found them empty. I have always carried tissues and hand sanitiser gel in my hand bag, from the moment my children came along because I am quite aware of the lack of hygiene that many people exhibit.

We are talking about lazy people that are highly educated here as well as the general public visiting hospitals. There is no excuse for this lazy sloppy attitude. No wonder insurance premiums are so high  for some doctors.

I totally agree with J Benson on this. But again Olive leaf extract and black cumin seed oil can save your life too. So when you have infection think about using these along with the medications prescribed by your doctor, you must follow the doctors instructions. Please buy good quality refrigerated probiotics and take them during and after  the antibiotics too. This will speed up the recovery process and put back the good intestinal bacteria that one needs to maintain good intestinal health. The human body should be alkaline to stay healthy. When the acid levels rise illness happens.

Did you know back in the days of the Bubonic Plague they used garlic to kill off the infection. Garlic is still a great choice, cooking with garlic is a great taste and also helps fight disease as a blood purifier.  Just remember to eat raw parsley after eating garlic to take away the odour that many people find socially unpleasant. Why not grow some in your garden. Parsley is also high in Vitamin C and is a good blood purifier too.

People need to get back to basics on health issues. Grandma knew best with her home remedies after all she lived long enough to help you didn't she. So why not start a basic herb garden of your own be it in pots or right into the ground. It will save you time and money, not to mention it is a culinary accompaniment too.  I would be lost with out mine.

How to choose mycotoxin-free coffee

If you want something that kills fungus try Olive leaf extract, it is anti- fungal,anti-bacterial, anti-everything nasty. Just look at my blog post on Olive leaf extract in the archives to learn more.

Use juniper essential oil as a hair and scalp tonic

Highly  recommended, I use essential oils all the time, just google a wholesaler in your area that sells on line. That's what I do. In NSW, Australia, try     or any other one that you like. You will save money by buying from a wholesaler. I do not get any kick back from mentioning this company, it is one that I came across when looking for a wholesaler as my local shutdown. He is prompt too. The stuff is on my doorstep 2 or 3 days after placing an order. I might only buy 3 to 5 at a time.

Friday 4 November 2011

Free Energy

This is not new news, it goes way back to Tesla's time.

British Drugs Giant Fined £1.8bn In US Dispute

Scroll down and read the comments posted too. Keep up to date on these reports and don't forget to check on other websites that may have more information to add to your knowledge of what these guys get up to.

Thursday 3 November 2011

Cancer doctors lack empathy for patients

Well shut my mouth, there's a surprise .....NOT!

It's all about the money. You will find these people also have very poor interpersonal skills at the best of times too. To blame it on there busy work schedule is utter BS. The individuals just lack these warm human qualities period.

Take a look at how they are when they enter med school, and why they are there in the first place. That is part of the answer. Some people are highly intelligent and are high achievers, but don't have the warm and fuzzy thing going on. A Human being needs to understand emotions and have good communication skills, including eye contact and listening to the patients. Many Doctors switch off to what the patients are saying. They should not be any where near sick people period.

Speaking from personal experience, with different doctors over the years in different areas of medicine.
I feel there should be a psychology test to see who is suitable for pubic contact, and who is better suited to research or surgery etc. Some don't communicate with women as an equal, some think that they are above other people in general. In my young life I have seen doctors as a patient and also in a work capacity. Some are nice people, but the majority have an " us and them "mentality. My husband has been round them due to serious illness from the age of 21 and will need to be for the rest of his life.  

They do not like to be questioned about their diagnosis and prognosis. They expect people to be in awe of them. Now if that isn't a wee bit of  a God complex then I don't know what is.
I have seen some screw up and nothing happens to them. I personally have had surgery screwed up and  ended up being further out of pocket to have the surgery re done 12 months later, I wish that I could name and shame because I would in a heartbeat,  if I wasn't afraid of a rich bastard suing me for telling the truth.

As far as I am concerned each individual doctor must earn trust with each individual that the are treating. They need to learn that the world does not evolve around them. Doctors are the worst bloody patients too when they are ill, and are notorious for bullying nurses. Gee, just makes me think of the Canberra hospital.