Thursday 7 January 2021

URGENT HEADS UP: My website is down

 Hi peeps

Just letting you know my website has been down since yesterday. I only found out when a client tried to make a booking. I have informed my website hosts. by email yesterday. As of 10.20 am today I still have no reply from them. I have tried to phone them and no answer. I did ring the 1800 number and tried every option and no response. I will keep trying to contact them and I am sure thousands of their customers are already trying to contact them for an answer.

In the mean time to make an booking with me either go on to my Facebook page, send me an email at or phone me on 0474 286 636. Leave a text message if you cannot reach me. 

I have difficulty understanding people when they rattle off their phone number. Which sometimes makes it almost impossible to return the phone call especially if you have your number showing private. 

Thank you for understanding, have a great day everyone



My website is back up again. Mind you not a peep out of the website hosts. Same thing happened last year and I pay in advance.  No reply from them via email, messenger or phone.  


I just received an apologetic email from one of the technical guys and he advised me that some of the overseas staff were still on leave, (lucky things 😆) So he managed to get the server that covers my website fixed. I am so grateful to have this all sorted as it has been a busy and hectic past couple of days. All is well that ends well, as they say.