Sunday 3 January 2021

Nearly 100 private security guards dismissed, stood down over protocol breaches including sleeping on the job

This is absolutely sickening to see. Lazy government is where the buck stops. Is it any wonder this is happening? Government personnel should be used only. Military, police, and whom ever else under the control of the government should be the only people used.  That way  if there are any screw ups we know who to hold accountable. 

If there were police or military personnel guarding the quarantined people there is no way in hell they would fall asleep at the post and no excuses either.  They would be severely punished, but  there is no deterrent for a mere security guard. We are taking about a bloody pandemic here not a cold. How many more screw ups does it take to get proper security done by responsible and actually accountable people? 

There have been some very questionable individuals doing security detail in the quarantine hotels, as we have already seen in the media over the past nine months. The longer this goes on we could end up like in the deplorable situation like the UK, USA and Europe are in. The premiers of each state and territory need to be accountable for not being firm enough on the public as well. This virus is not going to disappear anytime soon, but it will be harder to control if the public can’t be kept under control to stop the spread. People just can’t be trusted,  as we are shown in the news every day. If the public want this virus stopped then they had better knuckle under and do as they are told or suffer the consequences. 

On a personal level and because of selfish morons I still can’t see my father. Thanks to the Avalon beach outbreak and it’s subsequent spread, my only chance at seeing my father at Christmas was canceled, just like the last one in July or August last year due to people not doing the right thing.  I have only seen him three times this past year. And to drive for three hours, to only stay half an hour, as that is all he can cope with, due to his health.  

My dad has not set foot outside his nursing home since February last year, firstly with the bushfires and then covid . How bloody unfair is that? I am way beyond angry with people. I don’t know when I will see him again. He could pass away before I see him all thanks to selfish bastards. 

Actually I stopped face to face readings permanently, back in January 2020 for security reasons and health reasons because of selfish people, that gave no thought to my families welfare. 

This just reaffirms my belief that people are very selfish when it comes to not caring about other peoples health and safety. Hell, there have been people trying to get into Victoria via Canberra this week. No though of the laws, rules or public health and safety, go figure.