Saturday 30 January 2021

Flower petal dream

 I had a rather interesting dream last week, and I would like to share what I remember of this dream. It was a nice sunny day in the dream and both my husband and I were on a train with several carriages, there weren’t any roofs on the carriages, which was unusual. We were the only passengers on the train from what I could see. But we were enjoying the journey and I had a nice parasol with me. 

I suddenly became aware of lots of people standing along the railway embankment stretching for miles. They all looked Indian, and they were smiling and waving to us and offering their blessings. We smiled and waved back. I noticed during this train ride, people were showering us with flower petals. Marigold and white rose petals, I think there was some other type of flower petals too. I noticed a small bridge up ahead of us and people were lined up across the bridge and on the other side of the bridge too. Everyone was happy and smiling at us and again, showering us with petals. My husband and I got out of the train at a railway station and we got into an autonomous car. Now that felt weird. My husband lay down to have a sleep in the car and I panicked at first until I realised we were safe. 

The dream felt really nice, and we appreciated the lovely gestures from the people giving us their love and blessings.This seems to be a very positive spiritual message, however I can’t, at this stage, find anything relevant on the internet. So I have to rely on my feelings in the dream and what the individual flowers and colours mean. The parasol is similar to the symbolic meaning of an umbrella, spiritual protection. 

The white rose petals are a positive spiritual meaning too. Orange is a joyous and abundant colour, it also represents strong emotions. I take this dream to be a good omen as over the past couple of months, almost every night I have been having positive spiritual dreams. I have had so much worry in my life of late, and  this is spirit letting me know not to give up. Not that I have a choice. However it is a reminder that positive forces are protecting and guiding me forward. Yeah, and often have to dumb it down for me, 🤣🤣 

I am now more receptive to receiving goodness and abundance in my life, in order to help others. After 58 years of struggling, I am now entering a new phase in my life. Part of this is by going back to basics to something that was accidentally forgotten on my spiritual journey. Now is the time to focus deeply on it, from here on in, and not deviate from this vital and crucial intention for the rest of my life.