Saturday 30 June 2018

Freaky Thursday

Alex Fulford International Clairvoyant Medium
Published by Alex Fulford3 hrs
I had a freaky other worldly experience on Thursday night. Hubby and I went to a local club for the first time in months. We sat in the out door area for 5 mins, due to hubby wanting a quick smoke. Hubby placed an ash tray on the table. All was normal for a moment and then suddenly the ash tray glided silently across the table, well it was just floating a few millimetres above the table. We both just sat there staring at it in disbelief.
Out of the corner of my eye I could see my father in law, sitting in the empty chair between hubby and me. He passed away 5 years ago. I could see him smiling and laughing.
I picked up the ash tray to see what made it move. it was dry, no condensation and the table surface was both dry and a rough surface. I slid the ash tray along the table and could feel the resistance of the two surfaces. Basically it made a noise and there was a very slight resistance.
I did this just proved to my husband and myself that it was impossible for the ash tray to glide without a sound, let alone float slightly above the table surface. This was my father in law just letting us know he is there and watching over us.
How is that for freaky shit on the weird shit o meter, lol.
Go to the club they said, it will be  fun they said!๐Ÿ˜†This is a cut and paste from my Facebook page.

Following on from this, lol. We had a tube of Clearasil go missing in the bathroom. I had just came home from the shops and had a heap of toiletries to put away. I scooped them up and walked from the kitchen bench to the bathroom. I put the items down and my son started putting his stuff in his cupboard. The Clearasil tube as on my bathroom cabinet next to the sink. When we looked back it was gone.

I searched the bathroom, the kitchen and the laundry and it is no where to be seen. I ended up going out to buy a new one the next morning. Go figure, lol. 

Friday 29 June 2018

Saga America by Barry Fell pdf

Above is the expansion of the original book.

As I am busy at present I have not had the time to read this yet either, however I want people to be able to help themselves to the stuff that I come across and share with my readers.
I will get my head in to it myself as time permits ๐Ÿ˜€

 UPDATE  August 2020

Well I finally read this and what a waste of time. The article was written in 1980 and has now become defunct. Arrogance from so called educated experts, pffft ! There is ample proof now that even the ancient Celts from Ireland were in America long before Columbus  and the Vikings and the ancient Egyptians. The Vatican knew this but suppressed the knowledge. 

We know now of the large scale cover ups by the Smithsonian, the Vatican and other institutions. Much more physical proof has come to light since 1980 and some of it was suppressed. The Vatican and others have had a vested interest in keeping a lid on much of human history because it shows the truth. 

What about the bones found of the Tall Nordic humanoids in the US and various parts of the world, including New Zealand?  Then the red haired Celts that are found from Egypt, to China, to the US that are thousands of years old? Oh right they don't exist. Makes me wonder where all the  news reports come from with the photographs, lol. 

If people want to know more then research and read books on the hidden history. Anna Wilkes; back in the late 19th Century even mentioned the similar language between ancient Irish and the American Indian tribes and shows a comparison of their language in her book Ur of the Chaldea's (Irish). Not just that some tribes taught this language as the first language to their children.

Australia is also victim to this cover up, we do have archaeological evidence of ancient Egyptians  in the East coast of Australia up near Newcastle. The site is now off limits to the public, due to it being sacred aboriginal ground with cave art which depicts the ancient Egyptians.   

 Our dream time history also mentions Gods that came to the aboriginal people to educate them. This was well before the time of Jesus.

A free pdf to read on the history of Ireland.

More interesting reading to save to your reading list :D

The British Edda pdf

I have been rummaging again, lol. I have not had time to read this yet myself, but just putting it up here for people to help themselves.

Atlantis from a geographic perspective by Ulf Erlingson's_Atlantis_and_Ireland_as_a_test_of_the_megalithic_culture_hypothesis

An interesting read for those that are interested in Ireland and Atlantis.
Ulf is not the first person to come to this conclusion,  lets not forget an other interesting book, Urr of the Chaldees by Anna Wilkes in the 19th century. Again pointing to the Irish people being the Chaldeans. There is so much of our history that has been deliberately hidden from us, but has been discovered by individuals that were put on this earth to uncover the truth, sadly some of them had their good names trashed by the powers that be.

That just tells you that something is being deliberately hidden from us. Now we live in a time where secrets are being exposed and held up to the light of day due to mounting evidence.

And like I said in other posts, as a child I had a deep knowing that Ireland was a sacred land and so to the British Isles. Now this from a very young primary school child, that was never exposed to books on the subject until I was much older. It was intuitive and felt very deep within me. I just accepted what my intuition told me and had no reason to doubt it. Only as an adult and doing a lot of reading on the subject did I have my intuition confirmed.

Now this below is an other example of hidden information. Of course the Vatican knew of Australia's existence centuries before 1788 and even before this bird was given as a gift. The ancient Egyptians were in  Newcastle region New South Wales (NSW) at least 2000 years ago, of which cave paintings depicting the ancient Egyptians with the Aboriginal elders are still clearly visible in rock art.

Which are now closed to the public by the government. This is on sacred spiritual grounds of our Aboriginal elders. The Vikings and Ancient Celts and Egyptians all were in the US at various times, and there were indigenous Americans that spoke Irish Gaelic hundreds of years ago. You will find much information in books as well as on the internet to back up what I am saying.

We are living in enlightened times where information is there should one want to look. Sadly the average person is not privy to much information, due to us not having the right contacts in the establishment to have access to the real serious information. We have to rely on those writers with a gold back stage pass so to speak. But there is still plenty to read up on.

Thursday 21 June 2018

Video 25: The Slow Boil of the Singularity

This is quite an important video, but please collect all of the videos as well as his WP Papers.
You may want to x ref things in a paper note book too as a quick go to tool like I do.

The important message here is how to reclaim your consciousness. If you don't  you are in deep trouble. Now how to teach our children and grand children how to do this. Reintegrating back into a proper functional society with a spiritual purpose and survival of the human race as spiritual beings not automotons.

Wednesday 20 June 2018

Video 23: Humanity's War on Orion is already Raging

I have been following Wes's YouTube posts and saving them to go over later.  However I think this is a interesting one to share here. Please read through the comments on his video for more information.
I would like to say again though I do not endorse anyone that Wes does.

That is up to individuals. I can feel and read the energy of people by just reading their names and I often do so with my clients when they give me a name. I will get a mental photo of the person and then describe the person's personality.

Sometimes I can be given a list of names ( sometimes it is photos) and I can tell the client a little on each person on the list or photos. So when I say that I cannot endorse people, I am doing so for spiritual  reasons.

I do not intend to cause any offence by this. I am just following my Clair's. I do enjoy Wes's YouTube posts as they are quite informative and like Wes I want people to have knowledge that will be very beneficial to them when they leave this earth at the end of their incarnation.

I am very grateful to Wes for this information that he has shared with the world. I have benefited from his work personally as in. I have learned who's who in the zoo in our cosmos and know how to leave the matrix. I already knew from childhood this was my last time here.

It was just a matter for finding out how to do this, and that is where Wes comes in. He is charged with a huge responsibility that has cost him a lot in this life. This is the general experience of spiritual people that come here with a special purpose. We know real suffering and real misery, but we have to just suck it up and get  on with it.

I take my hat off to Wes for all he has done and continues to do for humanity.

Saturday 16 June 2018

Millionaires, billionaires tighten their control of world's personal wealth

Have a read at the news item above, it's sickening for ordinary folk.Wealth is only possible through slavery of the common people. Did you consent  to this? I sure didn't.

Things will only become more difficult for the masses as time goes on. Lets not forget the fact that war is a lucrative industry. Ponder on something though, how does a communist country have wealthy people if every thing is supposed to be equal?

Yeah you are right, its a con job and a bloody good one at that, created by the Satanists like the Rothschilds and their friends over 100 years ago.

But did you know that the concept is thousands of years old? Yes indeed, if you read the Thomas More novel Utopia, which was written in 1516, he mentions it in the story. Modern sociopaths just put it in to action and it's here to stay. You only have the illusion of democracy in the western world.

We are all just commodities to be traded. If you don't heave your spiritual eyes open yet let me spell it out, HELL. The third dimension is hell and as I have said in other blog posts,  it is an artificial and locked frequency. A well established fact that the spiritually enlightened priest class have always known and wrote about for thousands of years.

The bombs never hit you when your down so low! Listen to the words of the song.

 By the way the singer of Midnight oil , Peter Garret is a Communist and he is not short of a buck. But of course, Peter is in  the senate these days, and doing a crap  job. Lets  not  forget he is a  barrister also. Not a poor unfortunate like the average Joe. Out of touch with the real suffering masses.

Friday 15 June 2018

Stay Safe And Break, Kangaroo On Road

Sad as it is, this is the safest option, I have seen many an accident with Roos on the road in and around Canberra. Roos move at a high speed like a car and will appear suddenly in front of your car.

It is not uncommon for them to come through the windscreen.
Stay alert and prepare for wildlife. Winter time they will come into the suburbs looking for food.

If you had to choose between hitting a tree or a brick wall, the brick wall is the safer option. A tree is solid and will not even have much damage, a wall will crumble. If you have a choice between them, you will  have a higher chance of survival hitting a wall, a tree is instant death. 

PDF The Celestial Ship Of The North by Emma Valentia Straiton

Just thought about sharing this with everyone,  this book was published in 1927.
It is a popular book in the spiritual community. I have put off reading it until the past week, lol.

I have read so many books that it does my head in. I  like to keep a little book handy when I read books to make note of the comments and page number, so that if I am talking to someone , I can give them my point of reference. That must be the Virgo side of me, nit picky and like to know the ins and outs of things.

Anyway, I hope you find the book interesting and useful. You will find this authors other books on Amazon and some as PDF's.

Wednesday 13 June 2018

Card Of The Month; June, Queen of Wands

Yes I know it's a bit late in posting, I have been busy and the old Fybro knocking me about :P
Any way, I just felt I was letting everyone down by not getting my little ditty on the blog.

The Queen of wands represents among other things spiritual growth, love, compassion and wisdom.
The energy is a loving motherly energy to all of humanity, the Queen of wands also represents a person that feels things very deeply. Very timely too for those suffering, especially those that are suffering loss at present, when a loved one passes to spirit.
This card reminds us to accept the love and compassion being offered to us.

Notice the Queen sitting on her throne, she is looking to the left hand side, which is the feminine side of duality and the mother goddess (divine feminine). In her left hand she holds a sun flower looking bright and radiant as the sun.  
The sunflower represents  the radiant sun's energy, life force, loyalty, longevity spiritual faith, healing, magic and focus.

In the Queen's right hand is a wand with fresh green sprigs of leaves. The wand is a natural conductor of energy, it represents wisdom , growth, expansion . The right hand side is male energy, which is evenly balanced with the feminine energy.

Notice the four lions in the image, two above her in the tapestry and two flanking her. As above so is below, representing the star sign and constellation  Leo. The royal sign which is often seen on a coat of arms which also alludes to the constellation of Leo.
Having four lions sitting in this position reminds me of the four cardinal points, north, south, east and west. The element is fire also summertime (northern hemisphere)

The little black cat in the forefront of the card represents feminine intuition. Kitty is guarding the Queen from danger too.
One other thing that pops into  my mins looking at the card is the number three. Notice three leaves on the sunflower, three mountains on her right hand side and on the wand there are three sprigs  of leaves all add up to nine.  Which is male energy and communication. It is a strong number. The Queen in other works is strong, she has her gentle side but cross her and you will be sorry, she is capable of crushing those that do the wrong thing. 

Looking at the Queens clothes notice the bright yellow robe matching her crown. This not just represents joy, it represents the sun, spirituality, wisdom and freedom. Her white cloak represents spiritual purity. She is the guardian and protector of her domain her on earth. The Queen has very strong moral and spiritual foundations, she carefully weighs up the situation before reacting. But the reaction is very carefully measured.

Now bringing it down to us personally, the card reminds us to act with the same virtues as the Queen of Wands. Stand up for what you believe in but be flexible. Show love and compassion to all life. 
June is a month for some to seek knowledge and wisdom, such as education or legal advice. Hey may be even asking your mum or grand mother for advice. It guarantees answers to current problems.

Lets hope it is a good outcome for everyone.

Blessings,  Alex