Friday, 29 June 2018

Atlantis from a geographic perspective by Ulf Erlingson's_Atlantis_and_Ireland_as_a_test_of_the_megalithic_culture_hypothesis

An interesting read for those that are interested in Ireland and Atlantis.
Ulf is not the first person to come to this conclusion,  lets not forget an other interesting book, Urr of the Chaldees by Anna Wilkes in the 19th century. Again pointing to the Irish people being the Chaldeans. There is so much of our history that has been deliberately hidden from us, but has been discovered by individuals that were put on this earth to uncover the truth, sadly some of them had their good names trashed by the powers that be.

That just tells you that something is being deliberately hidden from us. Now we live in a time where secrets are being exposed and held up to the light of day due to mounting evidence.

And like I said in other posts, as a child I had a deep knowing that Ireland was a sacred land and so to the British Isles. Now this from a very young primary school child, that was never exposed to books on the subject until I was much older. It was intuitive and felt very deep within me. I just accepted what my intuition told me and had no reason to doubt it. Only as an adult and doing a lot of reading on the subject did I have my intuition confirmed.

Now this below is an other example of hidden information. Of course the Vatican knew of Australia's existence centuries before 1788 and even before this bird was given as a gift. The ancient Egyptians were in  Newcastle region New South Wales (NSW) at least 2000 years ago, of which cave paintings depicting the ancient Egyptians with the Aboriginal elders are still clearly visible in rock art.

Which are now closed to the public by the government. This is on sacred spiritual grounds of our Aboriginal elders. The Vikings and Ancient Celts and Egyptians all were in the US at various times, and there were indigenous Americans that spoke Irish Gaelic hundreds of years ago. You will find much information in books as well as on the internet to back up what I am saying.

We are living in enlightened times where information is there should one want to look. Sadly the average person is not privy to much information, due to us not having the right contacts in the establishment to have access to the real serious information. We have to rely on those writers with a gold back stage pass so to speak. But there is still plenty to read up on.