Friday, 29 June 2018

Saga America by Barry Fell pdf

Above is the expansion of the original book.

As I am busy at present I have not had the time to read this yet either, however I want people to be able to help themselves to the stuff that I come across and share with my readers.
I will get my head in to it myself as time permits 😀

 UPDATE  August 2020

Well I finally read this and what a waste of time. The article was written in 1980 and has now become defunct. Arrogance from so called educated experts, pffft ! There is ample proof now that even the ancient Celts from Ireland were in America long before Columbus  and the Vikings and the ancient Egyptians. The Vatican knew this but suppressed the knowledge. 

We know now of the large scale cover ups by the Smithsonian, the Vatican and other institutions. Much more physical proof has come to light since 1980 and some of it was suppressed. The Vatican and others have had a vested interest in keeping a lid on much of human history because it shows the truth. 

What about the bones found of the Tall Nordic humanoids in the US and various parts of the world, including New Zealand?  Then the red haired Celts that are found from Egypt, to China, to the US that are thousands of years old? Oh right they don't exist. Makes me wonder where all the  news reports come from with the photographs, lol. 

If people want to know more then research and read books on the hidden history. Anna Wilkes; back in the late 19th Century even mentioned the similar language between ancient Irish and the American Indian tribes and shows a comparison of their language in her book Ur of the Chaldea's (Irish). Not just that some tribes taught this language as the first language to their children.

Australia is also victim to this cover up, we do have archaeological evidence of ancient Egyptians  in the East coast of Australia up near Newcastle. The site is now off limits to the public, due to it being sacred aboriginal ground with cave art which depicts the ancient Egyptians.   

 Our dream time history also mentions Gods that came to the aboriginal people to educate them. This was well before the time of Jesus.